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*What’s it like to work at Miller’s Landing?


What’s it like to work at Miller’s Landing?


a group of people in a tent

Photography by @jason.haywood

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Photography by @jason.haywood

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As we prepare to open the gates for new applicants to join us in our 2024 summer season, we thought you like to read a bit more about what a summer spent at Miller’s Landing is really like. So read on friends, and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Miller’s Landing Homestead prides itself with it’s rich history and diverse hired staff from all around the U.S. Our team’s age ranges from freshly graduated folks to elderly folks, we welcome all to apply! Day to day favorite activities for our team members include hanging in our beachfront cafe which features Wi-Fi and live music, s’mores around the fire with the crew, taking a hike on Tonsina or Exit Glacier hiking trails, enjoying some sun (or rain) at the black sand beach right down the road, enjoying an art walk downtown, responsibly enjoying the legendary pubs & diners in town, photographing local wildlife, cold plunging, taking advantage of discounted adventures (read below) with neighboring business’s and so much more! In the coveted adventure town of Seward, adventure is quite literally at your doorstep! In every direction of this town there is some amazing view to discover. Sadly, you likely won’t be able to pack everything into your first summer, but that’s what your second summer is for!  Even If you didn’t plan a single adventure all summer, we are certain you’d still enjoy the surrounding scenery just spotting whales, orcas, seals, sea lions and eagles right from the beachfront office!

a bird swimming in water next to a body of water

Photography by @jason.Haywood


Let’s jump into some frequently asked questions:

1) What kind of work is available?

2) Where would I live?

3) Do I need a car?

4) How do I get there?

5) What are the perks?

Numero uno, what kind of job opportunities are available?

Miller’s Landing work team is essentially made up of 6 wildly different departments; Boat Crew, Outside Crew, Customer Service Crew, Housekeeping Crew, Kayaking Crew and Cafe Crew! There’s something for everyone looking to experience an Alaskan summer! Most jobs require little to no experience, with an open mind and a dedicated work ethic we are happy to train you for the position you’re interested in. Kayaking and Deck-handing usually do require some previous experience and/or certifications, and we can help you get them! Often times we see 1st year employees taking office, cafe, housekeeping or outside-crew  work, then returning for a 2nd year to join boating/fishing or kayaking crew. Every job at Miller’s requires hard work and the ability to work well with our guests who have traveled many miles to spend time on our homestead. Read more about each job description by clicking HERE


#2, where would I live?

Miller’s Landing is proud to be one of the few business in this coveted sea town who offers employee housing. Each eligible employee will be invited to live in one of our onsite employee cabins with shower & kitchen access. We have a large variety of living situations including shared cabins, private cabins, communal condo’s, private rooms and even space for you to park your van or RV if that’s your thing!  Regardless of which situation you reserve, every room is located close to your work, set within an old growth forest and within just minutes to world class hiking trails! Our 1st year employees pay a small amount of rent, and we offer free rent for all returning employees! Reach out for more information on our available housing.

a group of people in a forest

Photo by team member @gabbymoen

#3, My Lord (Shrek).  Do I need a car?

The quick answer is no, you absolutely do not need a car to work with us. In fact, the majority of our team members do not have a car. As mentioned, your housing is onsite, so your commute to work is a lovely walk through the forest, over the puddles, and voila! Our property is located a couple miles outside of the main town of Seward. There’s a few options for you to get back and fourth to town. You could walk, and many do. The walk to Seward takes about 35 minutes on foot, you walk along a stunning oceanfront dirt road where whales, seals, and dolphins can be spotted. You could rent/buy a bike, Seward has a local bike shop where you can find a sweet cycle for the summer! You could carpool! Many team members band together to make the commute to town a group effort, you’ll feel like family by the end of the summer! You could Taxi, Seward has 3 different taxi businesses servicing this small town.

#4, how would I get there?

Lowell Point, where our homestead is situated, is about a 2 hour drive from Anchorage, which is where the Ted Stevens Airport is located. We suggest booking your flight at least a few months in advance for the best deals. After you’ve arrived in Anchorage, there’s a few options for finishing the journey. You could take the train, the Alaska Railroad train service departs daily from Anchorage and can bring you right into Seward! There’s also a great daytime bus with Seward Busline. Red Eye Rides bus service offers a night option. Most of these options are more affordable than you’d think, and all of them include a gorgeous ride through the very scenic Seward Highway. Ask your hiring manager for potential deals on transportation services.

Lastly #5, What are the perks?

We offer plenty of perks! One of the sweetest perks that come with being part of our team is the opportunity to experience world renowned Kayaking & Fishing Charters as our thanks to you! Reel in a fat Halibut or ship home some Salmon to your family! Kayak and fish among glaciers, witness NatGeo scenes take place right in front of your face, casually! Miller’s Landing offers team members killer discounts on meals and drinks at our waterfront cafe! Many employees love to plug into the free cafe Wi-Fi to chill out and feast on fresh caught fish & chips, salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. Plus we serve fresh coffee, beer on tap, kombucha and more. But that’s not all! As a team member you can enjoy major discounts on gear with our ProDeals codes, build up your adventure gear while you’re working with us. But that’s not all! Dozen’s  of neighboring businesses such as Kenai Fjord Tours, Major Marine Tours, Mt. Marathon Helicopters, Brady’s Trail Rides, Iditaride Dog Sled Tours, Stoney Creek Canopy & Zipline, Forest Tides & Treasures, Kenai Backcountry Adventures, and Alaska Sea Life Center (just to name a few) offer free or discounted options for Miller’s landing Employees to enjoy! With the right planning, you will absolutely be able to take advantage of all the things. Sometimes you may not be able to join a specific charter simply because you’re scheduled to work, or the trip is fully booked. Other unique  factors might prevent you from joining a specific trip, so It’s important to coordinate alongside the management team when planning your trips. Ask your hiring manager for more information about our perks!

a small boat in a body of water a group of people sitting on top of a mountain

At Miller’s landing, we do expect hard work all summer. With competitive wages and housing provided we expect our staff to show up with their A-game, willing to safely take on wild challenges. We are here to support you and will be working alongside you all summer long!

So what do you say? Do the thing, apply for the job, book the ticket, and dive into a once in a lifetime Alaska working holiday! Our management team is standing by to answer any questions you may have along the way. Click here, or go to the employment tab on our website to read more, apply online or email us directly!

We can’t wait to meet you!