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Water Taxi and Charter Boat Captains

Charter captains may be available by request - just ask!

Captain Chance Miller

The son of captains Mike and Sherrie Miller, Chance got his Captain’s license at the age of 18, and was deck handing before that.
He is a lifelong Alaskan and was actually born right here in Seward! Prior to settling down, he spent his winters working on research boats both in the Arctic and Antarctic as a Marine Technician and Able Seaman. Chance has spent every summer of his life working on or running boats out of Seward specifically, without exception.
Now a proud co-owner at Miller’s Landing, Chance loves to guide clients both on Sport Fishing charters and sightseeing from the Water Taxi boats whenever possible. When he’s not on the water, he’s trying to keep the fleet running from shore and lends whatever advice he can to the other top notch guides running his boats!

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Captain Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller is the co-owner of Miller’s Landing and the son of Mike and Sherrie Miller. Tom Miller is an experienced seafarer who has been travelling in the Arctic and Antarctic regions for his work. He has worked in many capacities such as research vessels, tugboats and charter vessels.

Tom hails from Millers Landing, where he spent most of his childhood, and has stories from the before times. He is well-versed in the history of the area and is filled with optimism for the future. He is a firm believer in sustainability and has innovative ideas on how to make the industry better. A proponent of odd taxidermy, Tom can be found admiring the private market of obscurity anywhere he travels.




Captain Kevin Craig

Kevin is our ultra-amazing water taxi captain, transporting you, gear, kayakers and anything else we can fit on the boat from one destination to the next. Kevin started as a deckhand is coming back for his 9th season!

Kevin enjoys the cold. He spends summers in Alaska and his winters in the frozen north of Duluth Minnesota. Occasionally working on an Arctic research vessel. Kevin think fishing is “gross”, but loves schedules, logistics, safety equipment, organizing, the colour orange, and stainless steel hardware.

In his free time, he enjoys DJing, flying to weird places to eat food, boxing, and buying junk off the internet.

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Captain Paul Stephens

Capt. Paul “Bunyan” Stephens started at Miller’s Landing working on the outside operations crew. 

He worked his way up to deckhand, and got his captains license after crewing with Capt. Dustin, Capt. Bill, and Capt. Chance over the years. He was immediately successful running his own boat, and can be found driving the Salty, Michael A, and Fox Willie, but primarily operates the Thomasea for full day charter.

Paul is easy going and quick to laugh, but takes fishing very seriously, and gets results! He’s well traveled, and well read. Ask him about his time in space camp!

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Captain Dustin Harrison

Captain Dustin Harrison is half-fish. There’s no way else to explain it.

A recovering Texan, Dustin came to Alaska aeons ago and never left. Working as a deckhand for Capt. Mike, Capt. Chance, & Capt. Sherrie, Dustin learned the ropes and moved up to get his captain’s license. The only deckhand we’ve ever had that would work 18 hours on the charter boat, and then go fishing in the river or for a run right after work. We’re lucky to have him back after a break from fishing in the Virgin Islands for Tarpon, bonefish and all kinds of things. If you find yourself fishing with Dustin, get ready for a stellar day of tight lines and full coolers.

Captain Aidan Richardson

Captain Aidan grew up on Resurrection Bay and the surrounding waters.

His grandparents started charter fishing in Seward in 1962 until 2004. His first experience on their boat was at 6 months old. When he was eleven years old, he was volun-told to deckhand on his grandparents’ boat. He has been working on charter boats for over twenty-three years. He has been captaining for the past three years. He loves the water and can’t stay away!

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Captain Mike Miller

A lifelong Alaskan whose family homesteaded here in the 1950’s,  Mike has been a local guide, fisherman, and marine engineer all his life.

Captain Mike is a 3rd generation fisherman and one of the original fishing guides in the Seward area. He and his wife and business partner Sherrie are the original founders of Miller’s Landing, est. 1982. He retired from guiding in 2016, but still mentors the boat crews and can often be found on the grounds lending wisdom and expert advice.

If you have been fishing with Mike he’s no longer guiding, but you can usually find him at the landing to chat, or go instead with his son Capt. Chance!


Our amazing deckhands handle a lot of the back-breaking work on our boats

Deckhand Clay

Clay has been a part of the Miller’s Landing family for three years now and has left a lasting impression on all of us. Hailing from Nebraska, Clay was already an avid bass fisherman, but he was truly amazed by the incredible fishing opportunities Alaska has to offer. Clay’s enthusiasm, positive attitude, and strong work ethic have made him an invaluable part of the team. He has embraced the deckhand lifestyle and loves every minute of it!

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Bobby Dacuycuy

Nicknamed “chum bomb bob” and “Bobby dakine” by fans, you can always hear him mumbling “if you chum, they will come…”

Bobby Dacuycuy hails from Molokai has worked as a deckhand for us for several years. Dacuycuy has extensive experience in the maritime industry, and has even spent years working aboard an Arctic research vessel. He is a multi-talented individual who loves to surf and fish and is known for his great cooking skills. Bobby is beloved by the crew and those lucky enough to go fishing with him are sure to have a great time. Bobby’s knowledge of the sea and a keen eye for fishing and wildlife makes him a valuable asset for Millers Landing.



Deckhand Logan

Logan is our ultra-fantastic deckhand, who will be helping you reel in some fatties this summer. He started as a kayak guide, but then the boat crew drew him. He loves the comradery of the Miller crew and being able to spend every day on the water.

Logan is also a big fan of piña coladas, fond of getting caught in the rain and also likes that our landscape here is a combo of ocean, mountains and rainforest.

Oh! and glaciers…. he loves glaciers.

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Kayak Guides

Our amazing staff of Kayak Guides!

Abby Alexander- Senior Guide

Originally from Colorado, Abby grew up camping, canoeing and horse packing with her family. Her first guiding job in Wyoming as a naturalist was the start of her journey towards earning a BA in Natural Resource Tourism with Colorado State University.  Abby is passionate about sustainable tourism, creating connections between people and the planet, interpretation, and community-based conservation.
Abby first started working for Miller’s Landing in 2016 as a kayak guide, then went on to deckhand on the water taxi and fishing boats. When Abby isn’t taking out trips or planning, you can (probably not) find her foraging in the woods or relaxing in a hammock with a book.

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Ron Marsh

Ron is thrilled to spend his third summer season in Seward guiding with Miller’s Landing. Looking to further his passion for hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing – Ron moved to Seward in April 2020 with his wife Liz and dog Rambler in their self-built campervan. Originally from Metro Detroit, he spent ten years in Nashville, TN pursuing a career in music. If he’s not training on Mount Marathon or any other of Seward’s fabulous trails, you may find him recording anything from fingerstyle acoustic folk to synth pop in his van. Ron is thrilled to share the magic that is held in this special corner of Alaska with you!

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Mitch O'Brien

My name is Mitch and I am stoked for the upcoming season in Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park. As an outdoor instructor and guide in many locations, I can confidently say that this place is the most breathtaking of them all. The glaciers and incredible wildlife fill me with an incomparable level of joy. During the off-season, I am a Junior Freeride Coach on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe and ski more than 100 days each season!

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Amelia Mitchell

Amelia hails from Wisconsin where she grew up taking paddling trips on the wild and scenic rivers and lakes of Wisconsin. With a degree in outdoor recreation she had been spending her time working as a guide, in conservation and parks, and most recently working as a ski technician and shredding pow. My favorite memories of guiding in Alaska are always going to be the magical wildlife encounters and views of humpy cove and getting to share the epic nature of the Kenai Fjords with clients!

Elora Haywood

Hi I’m Elora from Utah! I spent this winter sweating in the heat of Australia, and am now thrilled to be back in the cool paradise of the Kenai Fjords. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I am eager to explore the area and experience the beauty of this incredible region again this summer. The Kenai Fjords are a sight to behold. From the stunning glaciers to the teeming wildlife, to the vast expanse of the sea, this area has something for everyone. I am excited to share this unique and special place with you.

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Jason Haywood

My name is Jason Haywood. 🤙🏻 I’m originally from Richfield, Utah. My wife and I spent the winter living and working in Australia and decided that we had to come back to Seward for the summer. I love spending my time outdoors and can say kayaking in Kenai Fjords is just one of the most amazing, wild and beautiful things you can do in this country and I just couldn’t miss out on it.

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Emily Secrist

Emily is excited for her second season guiding in Alaska after enjoying an incredible winter in Colorado’s snow-capped mountains. she originally hails from New Jersey, but her passion for the outdoors and the water led her to Colorado, where she began running rivers and exploring the incredible rapids in the stunning countryside.

Her journey eventually brought her to Millers Landing in Alaska, to kayak in the stunning fjords, and enjoy the endless adventure opportunities. She is looking forward to another season of guiding and exploring this incredible land!

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Jaxson Rose

Growing up in Utah I developed a great appreciation for nature. My passion for mountaineering, snowboarding, climbing, and anything outdoors is what attracted me to Alaska. Stoked to be experiencing my first season in Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords, and no better way to do that than sustainable tourism through sea kayaking! I spend my winters in Salt Lake City at a consignment gear shop where i can help make the outdoors more inclusive with cheaper gear and more sustainable with less waste of used gear.

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Kyle Smith

Hello fellow travelers!! I’m a nomadic soul from the desert of Colorado, drawn to the rainforests of Alaska. This is my first season out in Seward, and I could not be more stoked to be here! Experiencing Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park on a kayak is surreal. If I worked with you at all, I’d really appreciate you support here! If that’s a lot, a name drop on TripAdvisor or Google Reviews would be huge!! Thank you so much for paddling with us 🙂

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Rylee Bundesmann

Rylee is originally from Seattle, WA and grew up on the water. She spent many summers sailing, kayaking, and camping in the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound. When on land, she spends her time rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, and skiing. You’ll find her ski patrolling at Winter Park Resort in Colorado in the winters. Rylee is thrilled to be in Alaska for her first season and can’t wait to share this amazing place with you!

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