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Water Taxi and Charter Boat Captains

Charter captains may be available by request - just ask!

Captain Bill Moore

Since 2007 Captain Bill has guided Saltwater Charter and run the water taxi boats here at Miller’s!

He’s energetic, fun, and quick with a joke or rock solid fishing advice. Bill operates all of the boats here at Miller’s, and typically runs our full day fishing charters on the Thomasea or Fox Willie. A proud father, Capt. Bill winters in Florida running charter boats and truly lives the dream guiding clients year round!

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chance and halibut
Captain Chance Miller

The son of captains Mike and Sherrie Miller, Chance got his Captain’s license at the age of 18, and was deck handing prior to that.
He is a lifelong Alaskan and was actually born right here in Seward! Prior to settling down, he spent his winters working on research boats both in the Arctic and Antarctic as a Marine Technician and Able Seaman. Chance has spent every summer of his life working on or running boats out of Seward specifically, without exception.
Now a proud co-owner at Miller’s Landing, Chance loves to guide clients both on Sport Fishing charters and sightseeing from the Water Taxi boats whenever possible. When he’s not on the water, he’s trying to keep the fleet running from shore and lends whatever advice he can to the other top notch guides running his boats!

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Captain Mike Miller

A lifelong Alaskan whose family homesteaded here in the 1950’s,  Mike has been a local guide, fisherman, and marine engineer all his life.

Captain Mike is a 3rd generation fisherman and one of the original fishing guides in the Seward area. He and his wife and business partner Sherrie are the original founders of Miller’s Landing, est. 1982. He retired from guiding in 2016, but still mentors the boat crews and can often be found on the grounds lending wisdom and expert advice.

If you have been fishing with Mike he’s no longer guiding, but you can usually find him at the landing to chat, or go instead with his son Capt. Chance!

Capt Paul and a butterflied Silver
Captain Paul Stephens

Capt. Paul “Bunyan” Stephens started at Miller’s Landing working on the outside operations crew. 

He worked his way up to deckhand, and got his captains license after crewing with Capt. Dustin, Capt. Bill, and Capt. Chance over the years. He was immediately successful running his own boat, and can be found driving the Salty, Michael A, and Fox Willie, but primarily operates the Thomasea for full day charter.

Paul is easy going and quick to laugh, but takes fishing very seriously, and gets results! He’s well traveled, and well read. Ask him about his time in space camp!

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micah photo
Captain Micah Kauffman

Captain Micah runs our half day fishing charters and occasionally will do water taxi runs.

Micah grew up on a farm in the great state of Delaware! He has had a passion for Alaska since he was a kid and finally had an opportunity to work in Ketchikan for a few summers as a deck hand…where he fell in love with boats and being on the water. He decided to get his captain’s license as soon as possible so that he could make this passion a career! Micah commonly operates the Avery H running half day fishing charters and can also be seen driving the Salty on Water Taxi runs.

Micah is fun, adventurous and detail oriented! If you get the chance to have him as your captain you are sure to have a blast!

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tom photo
Captain Tom DuHoux

Captain Tom started his adventure as a captain in 2007 on his own boat the Triple H. He worked together with the Millers and crew, and now operates some of Millers Landing boats. But usually runs the Avery H on half day charters. He has been working here for a hefty 12 years. When not fishing in Alaska, he’s fishing or hunting in South Dakota where he and his wife Maria reside.



Deckhand Clay

This is Clay’s first year here at Miller’s Landing and he’s already made a huge impression on all of us! From the state of Nebraska, Clay grew up bass fishing and was immediately amazed with how awesome fishing in Alaska is. With his fun, positive, and hard-working attitude he fell in love with everything being a deckhand has to offer!

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Kayak Guides

Our amazing staff of Kayak Guides!

Charlie Bloede

Charlie is a first year guide at miller’s landing and is very excited to be working in Alaska. Her favorite trips to guide are humpy cove and northwestern. Charlie is originally from Chicago, but is currently attending Kansas State University. She is studying printmaking at K- State and has been making works based off the Alaska scenery. Our Salty Captain Shop carries a variety of her work. In her off time, she can be found hiking and at Resurrect Art. Her favorite hike here is Seward is the primrose trail. She cannot wait to guide you in one of the most beautiful places she’s ever been.

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lindsey portrait
Lindsey Hutchins

Lindsey is a first year kayak guide at Miller’s Landing. Growing up on the eastern shore of Maryland, Lindsey spent most of her summers kayaking the bays surrounding the small coastal town of Ocean City. She received her Level 2 ACA Instructor Certification in Coastal Sea Kayaking in St. Augustine, Florida. She came to Alaska because it was one of her dreams to see a wild orca whale. Lindsey loves being out on the water and can’t wait to show you around Resurrection Bay!

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wes photo
Wesley Bates
Wesley hails from New Hampshire and is excited to be continuing life’s adventure as a kayak guide this summer at Miller’s. While it may be his first time in Alaska, he has extensive experience working and playing outdoors. From backpacking Yosemite, paddling the length of the Buffalo River, or competing in the world’s largest schooner race on the Chesapeake, Wesley finds enjoyment in all forms of alfresco living. Recently, Wesley completed his Masters of Education and works as a 7th grade science teacher in Laconia, NH.
Wesley is looking forward to sharing the great Alaskan wilderness and wildlife with his guests this summer out on the water!

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ron photo
Ron Marsh
Ron is thrilled to spend his second summer season in Seward guiding with Miller’s Landing. Looking to further his passion for hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing – Ron moved to Seward in April 2020 with his wife Liz and dog Rambler in their self-built campervan. Originally from Metro Detroit, he spent ten years in Nashville, TN pursuing a career in music. If he’s not training on Mount Marathon or any other of Seward’s fabulous trails, you may find him recording anything from fingerstyle acoustic folk to synth pop in his van. Ron is thrilled to share the magic that is held in this special corner of Alaska with you!

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katrina photo
Katrina Cicerello

Katrina is a first year guide at Miller’s Landing.  Originally from Florida, Katrina is no stranger to trying new places.  Over the past 2 summers she worked for a  whitewater rafting company in Montana, and during the winter you can find her ski bumming in Alta, Utah.  The drive to have a summer outside is what lead her to Alaska.  Fellow guides call her K-Train, and in her off time you can find her hiking and exploring in and around Seward.  Katrina has a degree in geography and geospatial analysis as well as environmental policy.  One of her guiding goals is to educate as many folks about positive environmental stewardship as she can. Another is to see as many whales as possible. Katrina is looking forward to an amazing summer on the water!

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bridget photo
Bridget Kroetch

Bridget is a first year kayak guide here at Miller’s Landing! She is from Colorado originally but lives in Utah for the winter at Alta ski area! She loves all things outdoors and I am so very excited to take you all kayaking!

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erin photo
Erin Kroetch

Erin’s desire to explore more of her beautiful country is what brought her to Alaska. As a first year kayak guide, Erin hopes she can share Alaska’s never ending beauty with you as well. She hails from the colorful state of Colorado and as a recent graduate in International Relations, she stays up to date on current news and Russian language. While on her trips, you can expect her to point out beneficial flora and fauna as well as recount Resurrection Bay’s interesting military history. When she’s not kayaking, she’s hiking and running. If you feel this guide did more than just take you from A to B, please feel free to leave gratuity.

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tyler pic
Tyler King

Tyler is super duper stoked to be spending his first summer in Alaska, with the wonderful crew and guests at Miller’s Landing, no less. Born and raised in Maryland, Tyler studied Environmental Science and Policy in undergrad at UMD. Post graduation, Tyler promptly found his way to Taipei, Taiwan where he taught English; after returning home he traversed abroad again this time to Berlin, Germany. Tyler enjoys travel and meeting people from all walks of life but his true passion is Zoology, so ask him any animal questions you might have on your next trip! When not guiding tours you’re likely to find Tyler rollerblading around town in Seward or hanging out with the rest of the crew at Miller’s Landing.

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