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Fishing Charters

Seward, Alaska

41 Years of Charter Fishing Excursions in Seward, Alaska

So you have plans to be in Seward. That’s great news! There’s so much to do here! Below is a list of our fishing charters, as well as other great fishing trips in and around Seward.

At Miller’s Landing, everyone is welcome aboard our vessels, whether you are new to the sport, or fish Alaskan waters regularly, we are here to help guide you no matter your goals. If you have questions, feel free to email us at, (or give us a call), and a real live person will be happy to help.


A Family of Fishermen

We are a proud Alaskan and family-owned business that really knows its stuff.

Operated and owned by 3rd generation fishermen and still located on the family homestead, we have been fishing in Alaska’s cold waters before the company was even born. Start your fishing trip with the confidence that your captain and crew are equipped with all the knowledge or tools at our disposal.

Check out our crew!

Fish Processing

Let us do all the dirty work

We fillet or prepare your fish as you like, rinsed, skinned, and ready to freeze. Then we store it or you take it to our local processor where it can be frozen, vacuum packed, shipped, or stored for a longer period of time.

Find more information here: Fish Cleaning, Freezing, Processing & Shipping Information

Our Fleet

Fish on one of our unique vessels all well-maintained and loved by our crew

We have various vessels ranging from a 32-foot Munson design landing crafts like Thomasea, to a custom catamaran landing craft called the Fox Willie. All of our captains and deckhands are experienced and certified.

Learn more about our fleet!

Our Gear

We take pride in our gear, from the custom fishing poles by Thrasher Rods, to jigs made by us using molds and plastisol

No second-hand, old, or beat-up rods and reels here folks. We maintain and replace our gear so that you are using the best and most reliable rods, bait, reels and jigs we could muster.

Learn more about our gear!

Other Great Fishing Trips in and Around Seward

Located in one of Alaska’s Premier Sportfishing Destinations

A popular fishing destination for visitors and locals, the waters here offer a variety of fishing opportunities from deep sea charters to river fishing trips. 

We offer a variety of saltwater/ deep sea fishing charters that range from all-day to half-day, as well as Guided Shore Fishing for our land-lovers. We also have some great choices for freshwater fishing with our local partners; whether you are looking to fly fish the Kasilof River or explore the Upper Kenai.

Fishing Limits

a person holding a fish

Pelagic Rockfish

This includes dusky, dark, widow, blue, yellowtail, and “black seabass.”

2024 Nonresident season limits: Two per day, no size limit

a person standing next to a body of water

Non-Pelagic Rockfish

These cool fish are also called yellow eye rockfish or red snapper. They average around 10-12 lbs but can get up to 32 lbs, and may live to be over 100 years old!

2024 Nonresident season limits: One per day per person

a group of people standing next to a body of water


Pacific halibut is the most desired and largest fish in our fishery. They average around 20-50 lbs, however we have caught 300lb halibut.

2024 Nonresident Season Limits: Each person is allowed two halibut, only one must be less than 28 inches long.

Non-Halibut Wednesday: Halibut fishing is not permitted on Wednesdays per Alaska fishing regulations 2024.

a man holding a fish in the water


Lingcod season opens July 1st, and they actually aren’t Cod at all. They are part of the Greenling family. The legal size is 35 inches, we don’t keep them unless they are over 36. They can grow to be over 80lbs.

2024 Nonresident season limits: 1 per person, caught only after July 1st, must be over 35 inches.

abby holding a fish in the water

Silver Salmon (Coho)

Silvers in our area average 7 to 12 pounds, they usually appear mid-July, but we have seen them arrive as soon as June. In Seward, there is an annual Silver Salmon Derby, with the opportunity for cash prizes and guaranteed fun!

2024 Nonresident Season Limits: Three fish per day outside of Resurrection Bay. Six fish per day, within Resurrection Bay. No annual limit.

a person holding a fish

Pink Salmon (Humpy)

Pink salmon average between 3 and 5 pounds and about 18 inches long. They are the smallest of the salmon and can be caught from the shore right in front of the Miller’s Landing office in late summer.

2024 Nonresident Season Limits: Three fish per day outside of Resurrection Bay. Six fish per day, within Resurrection Bay. No annual limit.

a person holding a fish

King Salmon (Chinook)

This is the largest of the Pacific Salmon, averaging around 12-18 pounds and about 35 inches long. We tend to see the most kings in June. These require a special stamp on your fishing license, so if you plan on keeping a King Salmon, you will need that stamp.

2024 Nonresident Season Limits:  (2024 limits have not been released) Each person is allowed one a day, 28 inches or greater, with a limit of four salmon each year.

Derek Norris kayak guide holding a fish

Pacific Cod

Also known as Alaska cod, Gray cod or True cod, these fish live up to 20 years, and grow up to 6 ft in length. These funny-looking fish migrate as far as 490 miles in a year from the Gulf of Alaska to the west coast of Norway. Cod is quite healthy like most fish and is great cooked in butter on a hot skillet.

2024 Nonresident Season Limits:  No limit as of now for the 2023 season.

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Fish and sightsee in the stunning Kenai Fjords National Park

Have the personalized attention of your captain as you immerse yourself in the stunning Fox, Hive, and Rugged Islands barrier chain, or venturing to the Chiswells. Target fish like halibut, rockfish, ling cod or salmon when in season. So, what could be better than a day doing a little bit of both?