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This year, gift a Miller's Landing adventure!

Full Day Salmon Fishing Charter

Book the Boat 6am - 6pm: 10 anglers & 6 passengers max Exclusive use of the boat for up to 16
Book the Boat 7:30am - 5:30PM 6 anglers max Exclusive use of the boat for up to 6

Full-day salmon & rock fish charter! Offered August - September

Full-Day Salmon Fishing Charter in Seward, Alaska

Our Full-Day Silver Salmon Charters depart at 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. and are offered mid-August through early September. Boat running time can be 15 minutes to an hour and a half to the fishing grounds, depending on where the best fishing is! During the bulk of our season, we only sell combination fishing charters for all species due to the high demand and the amazing produce of our local fishery!

We focus on harvesting the full daily limit for silver salmon and rock fish on these Seward fishing trips, and enjoy great success! Filet of your fish and a private hanging station back at the landing for photos is included in your adventure. Enjoy world-class silver salmon fishing in Alaska using purpose-built, made in the USA fishing rods from Thrasher Rods and all hand tied gear in house.

Silver Salmon

Salmon start their annual return to their freshwater streams in mid-July and August but can be caught in outer coastal waters starting in late June. Silver salmon average 8 to 20 lbs. and are a lot of fun to catch. They put up a great fight on medium to light tackle and are exciting and fun to catch. The limits are six silvers inside the bay (an invisible line between Cape Resurrection and Cape Aialik) or three silvers outside the bay. You may have six salmon outside the bay, only three of which may be silvers (so you could have three silvers, two chum, and one pink for example).  Or, you can catch your three outside the bay, and come inside the bay to try to catch your additional three to fill the limit.

Depending upon the weather, tides, location, and time of year, we normally fish for salmon in water depths from a few feet offshore to 90 ft. offshore. Usually “mooching” (drift fishing with bait or lures) provides the best results. Captain Mike is an avid salmon fisherman and has great knowledge and successful fishing techniques that he shares with you. His extensive knowledge of our area gives him an edge on finding the right combination of techniques and location for finding salmon and getting them to bite.

The Seward Silver Salmon Derby

This Seward fishing derby runs from the second Saturday in August and ends the following Sunday at noon. There are thousands of dollars to win in prizes daily; from the mystery fish to the largest and tagged fish. The entry fee is $10 a day or $50 for the entire Derby. Seward Silver Salmon Derby Rules require everyone on the boat to have a Derby ticket if they are fishing the Derby. Therefore if you would like to participate in the Derby on a fishing charter for silver salmon, please tell us at the time of the charter that you want to participate in the Derby so we can be sure to group you with other Derby participants on the boat you will be fishing from.

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