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Alaska River Adventures – Kasilof River

Quick Details

Please Note: These trips run by Adventure 60 North.  Any submission through Miller’s Landing is an information request; to get booked in, either give us a call at 907 331 3113 for an availability check, or book directly through the operator by following the booking link on the right of the page!

Kasilof River – Full Day

Alaska’s Kasilof River gives you the rare opportunity to try your hand at fishing for the mighty King Salmon. Kings are the largest of the salmon species but come in runs measuring in the thousands verses their fellow salmon varieties which measure in the millions.

Fishing for one of these trophy salmon is always a challenge, or as we call it “high risk, high reward.” You can sit for hours waiting for a strike and when one comes you need to time the hook set perfectly.

Once the hook is set your work begins and even then there is no guarantee that these big fish will find the net. They might just take off across the river and strip all the line off your reel as you watch helplessly, or you might triumph over nature and land that fish in the boat, where payoff is a high adrenaline rush, high fives from the witnesses in your boat, and the greatest fishing story of your life!

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