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Fish Cleaning, Freezing, Processing & Shipping Information

Let Us Do the Dirty Work

If you are fishing with Miller’s Landing for Halibut, Salmon, Ling Cod or Rock Fish we will clean and fillet your catch as part of your fishing charter.  There is no charge for cleaning the fish, and this task is performed by the Captain and Deckhand together.  We often get asked what a customary tip would be for a fishing charter: Our captains and crew do work hard, and tips are always appreciated and never expected. That said, tipping is a large part of the income a Captain and Deckhand earn, and happy patrons will often tip 15% to 25% of the total cost of the fishing charter.

You will receive your filleted catch in a plastic bag from the crew, rinsed and skinned and ready to freeze. Some clients bring their own vacuum sealers and vacuum sealing bags in their luggage.  These don’t usually weigh much and can come in handy – however a days catch can be anywhere from 20-200+ lbs per person, and processing this on your own can take a LONG time.

Miller’s Landing will provide complementary frozen fish storage for one night for customers who fished on our boats*. This is recommended for people travelling with catch from another fishing excursion. The best way to keep your fish is to have it vacuum packed and flash/blast frozen.

*Note this is providing there is space available.  We almost always have space available.  If you need additional nights of freezing it is $10 per night per average sized box of fish.

Capt Paul and a Butterfly Silver
Filleting a day's catch of rockfish. View More:

How To Take Care Of Your Fish After You Catch It

  1. Have your fish processed, frozen, stored and shipped (to arrive on any day you wish) using “Captain Jack’s” or “J-Dock” fish processing companies. These are excellent services, which portion, pack in industrial grade vacuum bags, and blast or flash freeze your fish for you, and then either pack it for you to take on the plane or ship it via fed ex to your home when you arrive. Scroll down below for more information on both processing companies.
  2. Ice your fish at Miller’s Landing for transport home if you or family live locally to process there. While we do have a walk in freezer for guests, it’s a very poor choice to pack and freeze your hard earned catch on your own in zip locks or plastic bags.
  3. If you choose to store fish at Miller’s Landing, you are required to write your name, number, and count of boxes on your cooler or fish box prior to storing.
  4. Pack your clothes in a cooler on your way TO alaska, and on your way home, check the cooler full of fish. The most expensive part of fishing in Alaska is often getting your catch home! Bringing it on the plane with you ensures it arrives with you, and saves costly overnight shipping. NOTE: No dry ice may be used – though gel packs are readily available in Seward and Anchorage in supermarkets.
  5. If you do self pack, using newspaper to wrap each package is an excellent trick to help keep your catch in transit frozen.
  6. There are cold storage facilities in and around the Anchorage Airport – just ask!
  7. If you are not catching the plane right away… You can usually find a cold storage facility in Kenai, Anchorage, Soldotna, Homer, etc.  Try locating these facilities before you go on vacation and ask them where they are; how to get there and how much they would charge to keep your fish frozen while you are in their city.

Info About Fish Processing And Costs:

Using Captain Jack’s Fish Processing Company To Ship Your Fish Home

After a successful day on the water you will surely want to preserve your fresh Alaska halibut or salmon to savor throughout the year. Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker provides the finest Alaska fish processing service and can take the hassle out of dealing with your catch. We will cut your fish into meal sized portions, vacuum package, blast-freeze, and box your catch for you to take home, allowing you to relive the memory of your Alaska fishing trip by simply opening your freezer door.

Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker, located on the docks in Seward, is Alaska’s premier full-service sport-fish processing plant.  We are recommended by charter captains and sport fishermen throughout Alaska and the U.S.  We offer the finest custom Alaska fish processing available for your fresh fish.  We understand the value of your Alaska catch and Captain Jack’s guarantees the fish you receive are the fish you caught.  Our sophisticated customer tracking system follows your fish from initial weigh-in all the way to your freezer!

Prompt service insures that within hours of being caught your fish is cut, vacuum packaged, and blast-frozen to seal in the finest texture, flavor and pristine freshness.  Captain Jack’s Seward, Alaska fish processing plant uses only the finest industrial-grade vacuum packing equipment and state-of-the-art commercial blast freezers to process your fresh Alaska halibut and salmon.  Our experienced and dedicated staff is the key to Captain Jack’s reputation for delivering the highest quality Alaska fish processing service available.

Overnight delivery via FedEx from our freezers to your front door ensures your fish arrives frozen and on the day you choose.  Your fish is packed in seafood industry boxes which have been tested by delivery services for holding temperatures and approved for airline travel.  Captain Jack’s Alaska fish processing service also provides fish storage and can arrange for delivery of your frozen, boxed fish to the Anchorage Airport to meet departing flights.

Locally owned and operated, Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker, was established 1997.  We are the only locally owned Alaska fish processor on the docks in Seward.  We take great pride in caring for your fish and making sure your order is done right.
Captain Jack’s offers meal-size (1.5 – 2lb) packaging using 5 mill commercial polyethylene vacuum pack bags.

The faster fish is frozen the better flavor and texture it will have when thawed.  Captain Jack’s commercial blast freezers operate at 40 degrees below zero and holding freezers at 20 degrees below zero.

J-Dock Seafood Company: Processing & Shipping Feed Schedule