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Living the Alaska Dream

Alaska Enters Phase 2 of the “Open Alaska Responsibly Plan”

Miller's Landing Logo The “Open Alaska Responsibly Plan” enters Phase 2! Yesterday the Governor of Alaska announced that we would be entering phase 2 of the “Open Alaska Responsibly Plan”. While all of this…

Weather Patterns in an Economic Storm: COVID-19, an Allegory

Starboard rail RVIB Nathaniel B Palmer, Drake Passage heading North from Antarctica At some point in the career of a mariner, the weather will catch up to them, and there will be nowhere to go but wherever they are. A situation exists to where it’s not…

Covid 19 and Miller’s Landing Services


Miller's Landing Logo

Covid 19 and Miller’s Landing Services

Hello Everybody;

Recently as you all very well know, the world was turned on it’s head by the COVID 19 pandemic. This has impacted every person and industry imaginable to no small degree. We sincerely wish all of you the very best in this difficult time.

For us, March is a heavy reservations month. Phones ring off the hook and emails come in by the hundreds, we hire on additional team members to help with the volume. We frantically wait for the ground to clear of snow and ice so we can get the boats, kayaks, cabins, and employee facilities ready for an upcoming season as soon as possible, upgrading, repairing winter damage, and generally cleaning up.

8 Things I Miss about Guiding – OR – Annual Solstice Delirium

An irish lord glares before being released

Captain Chance Miller176lb halibut and Captain Chance on the bow of the Thomasea Winter is a time to reflect For me this means thinking about being on the water.  “The sun came up upon…

The Heartbeat of the Harbor OR Reflections in the Future





 Jon Tippit always said the Seward Small Boat Harbor was the Heart of Seward.

That you can tell when town is thriving, and even feel it’s energy by looking at the hustle and bustle of the tour boats, crews, and anglers. I like Jon, I worked for him one summer. I don’t think I did a very good job for him, but he put up with me long enough to make it through the season.  He and his Capt. Phil taught me a lot (and tolerated me to boot) and as a result, I’ve always recommended them when we were booked up – they’ve got a really great outfit called Alaskan Summertime Charters.
 You could go further into Jon’s musings and say that part of the peacefulness of the long winter is also attributed to the harbor. With the summer boats winterized in their slips or on the hard nearby, the fresh inches of snow makes them all look faultless in the dusk-like light of January. It reminds me of those paintings of troops besieged in some cold mountain pass, or  watching a working horse put to bed; brushed, wrapped, and stabled after months of driving stock in the wild. It’s thrilling to me, to see all that potential bridled in one spot. A ticking time bomb.

Wintertime Peace

Taking Your Kids Fishing at Miller’s Landing

While most of the anglers who visit Miller’s Landing are adults, you are welcome to bring your children along and introduce them to fishing during your stay. Fishing is a fantastic and healthy hobby that helps people connect with the natural world, and it gives you a great way to bond with your youngsters while enjoying some of the best scenery on earth.

But you can’t just hand your child a rod, point them at the water and expect them to be successful. In fact, you’ll want to help introduce them to the sport so that they can catch a few fish and enjoy themselves – otherwise, they’re likely to find fishing boring and dread future trips.

This isn’t exceptionally difficult to do, just follow the tips and tricks listed below:

“Alaska is too expensive” OR “Lies you can stop telling yourself”

Fish, Kayak, and Sight See Glaciers - Best of Alaska out of Seward, AK Tour at Miller's Landing

“Alaska is too expensive”
“Someday, when we can afford it, well go to Alaska”
“I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, but I hear its really pricey”

These are a few of the things I hear when talking to people about what I do for a living.

It irks me, because it’s not true. It’s really not!   Many people assume that traveling to Alaska and going fishing, or kayaking by a glacier, or watching whales involves mortgaging the farm, or selling that dented but loved ’97 Dodge Neon in the driveway. The truth is it can cost about the same as going anywhere in the lower 48 – sometimes even way less.

How to make food using tiny bits of Alaska – Smoked Salmon Dip

Smoked Salmon Dip & Sliced Baguette

After a successful Fishing Charter – Smoked Salmon Dip

A lot of people hoard their smoked salmon, it is precious stuff after all! But unless you’ve got a ton of it, it’s hard to justify putting out at a party or gathering. It gets gobbled up super fast (usually by the person serving it), and it’s often not everyone gets to try it.  There’s a trick however to spreading out the delicious smokey magic, a conservationists approach to serving smoked salmon, a real salmon saver: It’s Dip.

Halibut, Pheromones, and COSTCO – OR – Fast Fresh Fish for Families





How to turn Wild Alaskan Halibut into food, using COSTCO

If your go out on a Millers Landing fishing charter, odds are you have a lot of fish.
If you have a lot of fish, you’re probably going to attract a good looking person to share it with.
If you attract a good looking partner, you may have a child.
If you have a child, you probably have very little time, and keep a closer eye on your money.
If you have very little time and keep a close eye on your money, you probably do most of your shopping at COSTCO.
COSTCO, my friends, is amazing.

Organizing Your Alaskan Fishing Gear: Episode 1 – Pimping Out Your Jig Bucket!




Organizing your Alaskan Fishing Gear – Episode 1:

We get it.

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle finds it's home in the Jig Bucket

It’s a challenge every time! How do you keep all that gear organized?

What do you do when a single jig can weigh 3lbs? The hook is the size of your palm, the plastic bait a foot long, and you’ve got a dozen of them made up for that super productive but ultra painful pinnacle the current just rips over?
What about the Salmon Mooching Rigs you spent hours building last winter, or the circle hook leaders and big bait rigs?

The struggle is real. For us and other operators out there,  there are literally hundreds of set ups to crimp, tie, snell, set, and store each season, both beforehand and during the rush.  Equipment has to be organized, clean, accessible, and pre-made as much as possible so that when the fish are biting (and breaking) your rigs, you can get them back on – fast.  There are dozens of proven ways to do this, we’ll share some of ours, as well as some ways we’ve seen it done in our new series: Organizing your Alaskan Fishing Gear.

What to talk about first? What else – The Jig Bucket.