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Sea Kayak Guide


Spend a summer outdoors and in the stunning Kenai Fjords National Park and Resurrection Bay; teaching, guiding, and enjoying all the amazing experiences Alaska has to offer. 

Miller’s Landing is a family run business that started operations shortly after Kenai Fjords National Park was established in 1980 and the tourism industry began to form in Seward. We work hard to provide every guest with a memorable experience, with a focus on safety, education, stewardship, and fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Being a guide with Miller’s Landing means choosing to be a leader and team player while serving clients and creating memorable experiences. You will be challenged with long, strenuous days in variable outdoor conditions while ensuring our guest’s safety. After training is completed, guides are then responsible for trip preparation, cleanup, gear repair, meal prep, abiding by Leave No Trace Policies, and providing exceptional customer service and safety to our clients. While this may be one of the hardest jobs, it comes with several benefits like experiencing our trips, engaging with other tour operators, meeting tourists from around the world, wildlife, and stunning scenery. As an employee, you have the opportunity to not only engage with these tourists but also educate them on our history, culture, and the natural history of the area. With the potential to impact their experience as well as behaviors towards the outdoors, guides can show them how amazing and important our natural environment really is. 

Hiring preference will be given to employees meeting our minimum qualifications. However, we offer all motivated persons willing to put in the work on a three-day introductory certification course. All kayak guides must demonstrate satisfactory rescue skills, and paddle float re-entries, and will be assessed on how well they perform in different scenarios. Our training takes place on the first of May, starting with the introductory class, and lasting two weeks. It’s incredibly fun, and challenging, and offers lots of growth opportunities.

We want to hire people who are kind, reliable, passionate about the outdoors, mature, hard-working, have a positive attitude, are natural leaders, or are looking to improve their kayaking or guiding skills. We expect you to be capable of handling Alaskan weather, waters, and hardships in a wilderness setting. Most returning guides love their work, the water, outdoors, and are seeking a true Alaskan experience. 

We are located three miles outside of Seward on Lowell Point via dirt road, while some employees live in town many opt to live on the property where we offer different housing options. A big part of the Millers’ experience involves communal living. Most employees will be living with and working as a crew for the majority of the summer, and the experience you will have will last a lifetime. 

 Qualities And Skills Necessary

  • Wilderness First Responder, we offer classes just before our kayak training: Wilderness First Responder | Miller’s Landing (
  • Prior leadership experience, preferably independently, or in remote locations
  • Does not get seasick, we use water taxis to transport clients and kayaks and for our Best of Alaska trips.
  • Communication and listening skills must be top-notch
  • Familiar with Leave No Trace, and has basic backcountry camping and/or survival skills.
  • Empathy, compassion, kindness, and concern for others
  • Patience when working with customers
  • Physically fit; strong enough to lift 50 lbs; load and unload kayaks on a water taxi boat and to shore for clients. Able to work outdoors for long periods in all weather conditions
  • Outdoor Education Background, passion for learning, and engaging others in an outdoor experience (preferred, not required)
  • ACA or BCU Certification, or kayaking experience is (preferred, not required)
  • One year of Guiding experience (preferred, not required)
  • Friendly, personable, outgoing personality
  • Natural history and interpretive skills are a plus!
  • Willing to do other responsibilities as needed such as outside work; equipment repair, maintenance, kayak repair, training etc.
  • Enjoys backcountry or campfire cooking (preferred, no required)
  • Available late April through early to mid-September

Miller’s Landing is committed to employing top-quality kayak guides dedicated to the training and education of Miller’s Landing clients, in an atmosphere of professional excellence.


We have several housing options, from dry cabins to bunkhouse-style accommodations. Communal living requires certain compromises to be made to ensure a high level of overall productivity and happiness for everyone involved. We ask that everyone living and camping communally on the property, take part in cleaning, maintaining the campgrounds and creating a safe, comfortable living environment. More information about our housing is available – just ask!


Guides are responsible for providing some personal gear such as PFD, rain and paddling jackets or suits, clothing, and boots or booties. We will give you great tips and even help when finding the right gear. Upon being hired, we share any pro deals and a detailed gear list. 


Your weekly schedule will contain several different trips and some tasks to help maintain our department. During the peak season, June 1st to mid-September,  expect to work six days, six to 12 hours a day, which will consist mostly of guiding, and some tasking. Longer days that have multiple trips are often filled with breaks in between, and days off generally follow your longer trip days and overnights. 


Training starts May 1st, with kayaking basics, we certify all guides with an ACA L2 certification. Then we apply all taught skills during a 5 to 6-day overnight trip spread across the area.

If the year calls for it, we run a second training session at the end of May, covering ACA L2 basics and some fun activities.