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Miller’s Landing Winter News 2013-2014

Miller's Crew hanging out at Potluck!

Miller’s Landing – Fishing, Kayaking, Adventure! Summer 2013!

There’s no doubt that this holiday season has brought a lot of work for the Miller’s Landing Crew.  Whittling away at all the boring season to season changes in rates and promotions, we have a great opportunity to preview our 2013 Summer season.  We owe it all to our fantastic crew, employees representing all parts of the globe came together to make it happen for us one more time.  These guys buckle down make it all work, and we’re grateful.

a group of people standing in a room

Miller’s Landing Crew chowing down at the Saturday Night Potluck

Occasionally, these guys make it out fishing with us! If you missed our recent newsletter release, there’s a great story of Christian’s first day as a halibut charter deckhand, and the awesome catch we managed. We hope they had a great time along the way, and while living and working at the same place can be stressful, it can also build a lot of camaraderie.

Our clients were also vocal about having a good time, which we are forever proud of.  They’ve been sending us photos of their experiences for the last few months, and the reminder that this work equals lifetime memories makes it all worth while.

a man holding a fish

The guys got ’em good the very first day of a 3 day trip!

We’re glad to have a good bunch of last year’s staff back for 2014, as well as a variety of new faces!

There’s no doubt that this Holiday Season has brought some awesome discounts for everyone. Recently, Kenai Fjords Tours let loose a 50% OFF deal for their super popular National Park Tour departing at 8AM!  We’re happy to book this for folks, and it won’t last long. Check out the tours section of the website and submit an order request today! It won’t last long!

   Thanks so much to everyone for a fantastic 2013 season, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

 – Miller’s Family