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Kayak Rentals

Single Kayak ($125 per calendar day) 2 day minimum
Tandem Kayak ($185per calendar day) 2 day minimum

Kayak Rentals in Miller’s Landing

Please read about our rental process and policies here before considering renting from us. If you are looking for a day paddle or are new to kayaking we recommend picking one of our guided day trips.

We rent to experienced or certified kayakers

We require every paddler to fill out our short-out application to ensure they can perform a wet exit and paddle-float-re-entry.

Why do we have a screening process?

Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park are far from civilization and present numerous dangers, we want everyone who rents from us to be confident and safe. Miller’s Landing reserves the right to deny rentals to any guest, for any reason.

We also offer single-day lessons where you can learn a paddle-float re-entry and all you need to know about Resurrection Bay or Kenai Fjords from one of our guides.

We only rent for multi-day expeditions and paddlers staying in public-use cabins.

We do not rent single-day use kayaks or walk-ins. We strictly rent to folks staying in the cabins at Thumb Cove, Derby or Calisto Cabins, Aialik and Northwestern multi-day camping trips or cabins. When using our water taxi we will load the kayaks with your gear, you must rent for your full say at whatever location you are staying at, we will not deliver or pick up the boats early. Each day the kayak is out counts as a rental day, even if it is returned in the morning – keep this in mind for multi-day trips.

We do not allow our kayak rentals on other water taxis or charter boats without our permission for insurance reasons.

Your safety is our priority!

Miller’s Landing kayak rentals include:

  • Tandem or single kayaks
  • PFDs
  • Spray skirts
  • A paddle for each person, and an extra for every couple boats
  • Paddle float
  • Map with safety information
  • Beldge pump.
  • We also provide a marine radio and spot beacon for kayakers headed to Kenai Fjords National Park.

To ensure your safety and a smooth departure we ask that all renters arrive early, or set up a time with our kayaking crew to set up your spot beacon and check all your gear before your departure.

Upon rental, we also will provide tips for packing, planning, and information on different camping locations so you are confident and ready for your adventure!

Available Addons

We also have a few available items for rent in addition to the gear listed above, like our rentals these items also have a two-day minimum:

  • Neoprene Pogies $25 for two days –  $10 per additional day
  • Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad $25 first two days – $10 per additional day
  • Two-person tent $100 first two days – $10 per additional day
  • ALPS 30 Sleeping Bag (comes with clean liner) $50 first two days – $10 per additional day
  • Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad $40 first two days – $10 per additional day.
  • 20-25L Dry bag $30 first two days – $10 per additional day
  • Bear Spray $24 flat rate
  • Wag Bag $5 per bag
  • Dry suit (comes with booties) $400 flat with a $100 repair fee if damaged in addition to the cost of the repair (find details below).

Please take care of our gear

When renting from us you are responsible for caring for the gear and kayaks, we understand mistakes happen, however, we will hold the right to charge you if we believe there is any foul play or excessive damage to a kayak. You are also responsible for cleaning out all trash and gear from kayaks after your trip. A fee will be applied to your rental cost if the kayak returns in poor condition. This might include broken paddles, kayak paddles, holes in the kayak, beer cans or trash left in the kayak.

Foul play, irreparable damage to the boat or gear (Cost of replacement)

Trash-filled, extremely dirty, or any minor damage to the boat ($20 charge)

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