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Can rent up to 7 days! Great for those who are experienced fisherman and just need a vessel.

Stabicraft Boat Rentals

Are you an experienced fisherman? Take one of our new in 2017 Stabicraft rentals out for a daily adventure of fishing in Seward, AK. The range of the boats should be more than adequate to get you and your friends out and about on your own self-guided fishing adventure! We can provide salmon and halibut gear, landing nets, fish bats, bait – the whole outfit. While we don’t send the boats out with guides or with on-the-water fishing expertise, we do provide a general “how to” on the use of the tackle and fishing techniques.


  • Landing net, gaff hook, fish bat, ice, and cooler to keep the catch cold and fresh.
  • Check-out/Orientation including familiarization with local hazards and areas to avoid
  • Instruction on how to pull the anchor and use safety equipment on board
  • Life jackets, flares, emergency equipment, and emergency contact training
  • 20 gallons of fuel per day (there’s a 40 gallon tank on board) – extra fuel used will be charged out at the end of the day. Please note: We are more interested in encouraging renters to operate the engine at economic speeds and remaining within operating areas than charging for fuel – the additional usage surcharge is based upon this premise and if it’s close enough to 20 gallons that’s fine with us.

We are SO EXCITED to be able to offer these new rental platforms

Stabicraft is building Miller’s Landing four of these robust, simple, industry proven fishing platforms! We are starting with 2 for 2017, equipped with 4 stroke Honda 90HP outboards.

The boats are set up with a bait cutting station, plenty of storage for gear, an anchor and buoy, navigational equipment, sonar, electric start, in gunnel rod holders, and four bucket seats.  The steering control station is to starboard and forward in the boat, the deck is self bailing aluminum diamond plate.  These boats are very simple: designed to be safe, seaworthy, and utilitarian.

We do require the operator to have prior boating experience when renting

This includes a vessel check-out before use. All renters sign safety waivers and agree to not land the boat on any beaches, not consume alcohol or other mind altering substances while aboard, and maintain operating limits based on weather.

These boats are custom designed for four people to optimally fish for salmon, halibut, rockfish, or ling cod.

  • Chevron down Available with the tackle rental package
    • One Halibut Rod & Reel lined with low stretch 80lb or heavier braid & heavy duty brass corkscrew swivel
    • Two sets of 16oz leadhead jigs with big ugly lure scampi’s on them, crimped with ~4-6′ of 300lb monofilament leader
    • Two sets of circle hook bait rigs, crimped with 300lb monofilament leader with 16oz cannonball weights and corkscrew swivels
    • One Salmon Rod & Reel lined with 30lb or heavier monofilament & medium duty brass corkscrew swivel
    • Two sets of mooching rigs made with 6o Gamakatsu Octopus hooks, ~3′ of 40lb maxima chameleon leader, and 3oz crescent weight
    • Two sets of light 3 1/2oz jigs on 6′ of 100lb monofilament leader
    • 10lbs of Frozen Herring Bait per set of gear.
    • Read more about our tackle and gear here

    Please Note: One set of tackle per day is included as terminal tackle – if you lose gear excessively by not minding the gear or continually fishing in hazardous structure, you will be required to pay for the replacement tackle. If you break off a bit of line, that’s understandble – if you spool a reel, you will be required to pay for the replacement line. We want to be as fair as possible about all of this – treat the gear with respect and be careful – everybody wins!

    We make the gear ourselves and the cost is much less than purchasing it in a retail shop as we buy these things in bulk.  If your crew brings their own jigs or tackle they would like crimped up with leader, we can likely do that on site for you – just ask the day before you head out. Tackle – specifically lead, has a real value – we can’t stress enough to be careful with the gear!

  • Chevron down About the boats
  • A non-conventional design, these aluminum chambered boats provide tons of reserve buoyancy, high sides, and wide gunwales.

    The aluminum chambers act as the inflatable sponsons on a Zodiac, except they’re rigid.  The wide point of entry and broad gunwales make for a soft, dry ride.

    These boats will have a longer range than our existing fleet of rental skiffs. Operators can expect a boat orientation and vessel handling class, and trip insurance is required for multi day rentals and reservations.The range of the boats should be more than adequate to get you and your friends out and about on your own un-guided fishing adventure! We can provide salmon and halibut gear, landing nets, fish bats, bait – the whole outfit.  While we don’t send the boats out with guides or with on-the-water fishing expertise, we do provide a general “how to” on the use of the tackle and fishing techniques.

  • Chevron down Pros and Cons
  • First of all and most obvious – The rental platform is not guided. You will have to work on your own to find and land the fish, though there are always people happy to help you filet and direct you where to process them once you get back to the landing. Additionally, you are held explicitly responsible and liable for the safe and legal operation of the boat and the people on board.  The boat does NOT come with pre-loaded GPS waypoints for fishing spots – you have to find the fish on your own!

    In exchange for this however, you are not governed by the same fishing regulations of a charter vessel, which limit halibut specifically to a 4 fish annual limit, maintain harvest closures on Wednesday (as of 2017) and Tuesday (as of 2018) and mandate if 2 halibut are harvested the same day 1 has to be under 28″.

    A person taking their own unguided boat out can harvest 2 halibut of any size any day of the week with no annual limit.  Also, you pay less – A full day combination charter for 4 people at $350 per person is $1400.00 + sales tax.

    There are lodgings or RV sites within walking distance of the departure area at all price points. When planning for 4 people, our rates allow for a completely outfitted vessel for $200 per person, per day. Pre-season booking incentives include lodging as well, making the value greater.

  • Chevron down Where to Fish
    • While we can’t tell you where to fish, we can help you do some homework to increase your success and safety on the water!
      • Check out this great PDF from the Department of Natural Resources highlighting Resurrection Bay and the surrounding areas! Click HERE for the link!
      • Where are you going to fish? The boat comes with a GPS but don’t expect to see pre-loaded fishing spots in there! You’ll have to find them on yoru own – Here’s a link to the NOAA chart of Resurrection Bay (dont’ forget to zoom in!)
      • How do you find and catch a Halibut anyway? You can search online outdoors forums and formulate a plan, Google itRead a book,  or you can join a fishing network like Fishbrain.  Just remember they do things differently for the halibut they fish for in California or Washington!
      • What type of gear do we use? You can see what we use HERE.

More Information

  • Chevron down What are the fishing regulations?
  • Fishing regulations change each year- for the most up-to-date information, please see the ADF&G website, at and the Southcentral Region, specifically linked HERE

  • Chevron down Buying Fishing Licenses and King Salmon Stamps Online
  • Buy your fishing and hunting license online at: – these can be printed out ahead of time, but must be on your person whenever you fish!

    Alaska Department of Fish and Game Fishing License

    *2016 Fishing Regulations Online – Full Sport Fishing Regulations for State of Alaska
    *2016 Fishing Regulations Online – Sport Fishing Regulations for Seward Area (North Gulf Coast)

  • Chevron down The Seward Halibut Derby
  • Runs from June 1st-30th.  Miller’s Landing will be selling tickets for the Halibut Derby from their campground store.

    The Seward Silver Salmon Derby runs the 2nd Saturday of August every year, and is not only Alaska’s oldest fishing derby, but also the highest-dollar cash prize fishing derby in Alaska. You can buy tickets right at the store, and it’s a blast!

  • Chevron down Cancellation Policy
    • A $10 cancellation fee is imposed for all reservations cancelled.
    • Cancellations must be received by email only to [email protected] The cancellation notice date is the date the email was received at [email protected]  Phone cancellations will not be accepted.
    • Cancellations received by email 30 days prior to the first day of the reservation are charged a $10 cancellation fee and you will receive a refund of 90% of the total amount of the reservation.
    • Cancellations received by email 15 to 29  days prior to the first day of the reservation are charged a $10 cancellation charge and you will receive a 75% refund. of the total amount of the reservation.
    • Cancellations received by email 14 days to zero days prior to arrival are charged a $10 cancellation fee and you will receive a 50% refund only if we are able to rebook  your camping, cabin, fishing, kayaking, watertaxi, shuttle, lunch, or activity. If we are not able to rebook your reservation then no refunds will be issued and. You must call or e-mail Miller’s Landing post date of cancelled stay in order for us to research whether or not your site booked. Sites that were booked of course qualify for the 50% refund, sites that were not unfortunately do not.
    • In some situations a raincheck worth 75% of your reservation may be issued at the discretion of Miller’s Landing management instead of the applicable cancellation charge. If this option appeals to you please suggest this at the time of cancellation. Rainchecks are good for one year and may be used for activities, camping or lodging owned by Miller’s Landing or towards the cost of hats, tee shirts, gifts, etc. sold in the Miller’s Landing store or items sold online. For items purchased online the customer is expected to pay for the cost of postage. Rainchecks may NOT be transferred to another person.
    • A 100% refund will be issued for any activity that was cancelled due to weather by Miller’s Landing. Miller’s Landing reserves the right to determine weather cancellations. Rain does not constitute cancellations.

    Please note:  Miller’s Landing encourages only guaranteed prepaid reservations. Unlike many other states, Alaska has  a very short tourist season which can make it  difficult for us to rebook when we have cancellations without ample notice.  

    If you are booking a charter and lodging and your charter , water taxi or kayaking is cancelled due to weather you are still responsible for the lodging or camping reservations and the normal cancellation policy applies. All of our activities are possible during rain, so rain does not constitute a cancellation.  Miller’s Landing is not responsible for vehicle break downs, personal emergencies, flight delays,  health issues or other unforeseen hardships.  We will try very hard to work with you but the cancellation policy will need to be applied  if we cannot issue a raincheck or find an alternative solution that appeals to both parties.

    Please understand that Miller’s Landing also incurs a hefty financial merchant fee from our bank  for the cost of charging your credit card and again for the cost of refunding it, and there is also a cost involved for the time involved in processing and refunding your reservation in employee costs. Our goal when taking your reservation is to have a solid, guaranteed prepaid reservation. We strongly discourage the practice of making reservations without having an airline ticket or making tentative reservations.  Thank you for your understanding.