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Self-Guided Boat & Gear Rental

Self guide on our bareboat rentals!

Per Day 8am to 8pm Boats must be back by 8pm daily, up to 4 passengers

Stabicraft Boat Rentals – Self Guide your Fishing and Sightseeing adventure! 

Are you an experienced fisherman or boat operator? Take one of our new in 2017 Stabicraft rentals out for a fun day on the water! Seating for up to 4 adults, additional youth passengers permitted on approval.


  • Landing Net
  • Gaff Hook
  • Fish Bat
  • Anchor
  • 90hp Honda 4 stroke outboard
  • Life Jackets, Flares, Basic First Aid Kit
  • VHF Marine Radio
  • GPS
  • Electric bilge pumps
  • Sonar
  • Garmin INREACH Mini with communications subscription – allows you to text the home office from outside of cell reception, tracks the vessel if overdue.
  • A bag of ice (if desired)
  • Basic vessel check out and orientation
  • Up to 4 Salmon/Halbut Rods + Reels
  • 40 gallons of fuel*
    *Rental includes 1/2 tank or 20 gallons – extra fuel used will be charged out at the end of the day. Since we’ve been renting these boats, we’ve never had anyone come close to running out of fuel. Please note: We don’t want to charge people for extra fuel, we are more interested in encouraging renters to operate the engine at economic speeds and remaining within operating areas than charging for fuel – the additional usage surcharge is based upon this premise. If it’s close enough, it’s close enough

Doesn’t Include:

  • Coordinates to fishing locations
  • Foul weather gear or equipment – dress warm and in layers! We may have some raingear to loan for free, but this is not intended as part of the rental.
  • Extensive boat operations training (We expect our renters to have the basics at hand)
  • Fishing Tackle or bait 
  • Harpoon
  • Coverage for fines or actions taken while on the water : You are responsible for operating the vessel prudently and following state and federal regulations or if you are fined by the ADF&G or USCG for operating under the influence or illegally harvesting fish.
  • Coverage for damage resultant from negligent or reckless operation of the boat – hitting rocks, damaging propellers, losing anchors, cutting oil seals with fishing line – we do not charge for labor to repair these things, and we only pass on the material cost of repair (a new propeller, the actual oil seal, an anchor).
  • Overnight capability (we do not allow you to land the boat on beaches, or keep the vessel out overnight at a remote lodging or camping area)
  • Trip insurance / guarantees on weather – our stabis are limited by the marine weather at the time. If you arrive for rental and there is dense fog, high wind and wave warnings, or general concerns about operational safety, your departure time may be delayed until these factors are mitigated, or the range of permitted travel

Rental Criteria

  • Previous boating experience
  • Renters are not permitted to guide others for pay from these boats – these boats do not come with a CHP – we strictly prohibit this.
  • Assumption of responsibility for damages and safe operating practices
  • Assumption of responsibility for following all area laws and regulation associated with fishing and operating a vessel.
  • Courteous operation of the vessel in and around marine life, other vessels, and PWC
  • Consideration for any weather moderations, tides, the safety of all crew on board, and the safe operation of the vessel
  • An effort to self educate fish and wildlife regulations as well as local hazards to navigation, and the use of the onboard electronics and safety equipment
  • A full passenger agreement that no firearms, alcohol, or illegal drugs/mind altering substances are permitted aboard.

We do require the operator to have prior boating experience when renting

This includes a vessel check-out before use. All renters sign safety waivers and agree to not land the boat on any beaches, not consume alcohol or other mind-altering substances while aboard, and maintain operating limits based on weather.

These boats are custom-designed for four people to optimally fish for salmon, halibut, rockfish, or lingcod.