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Wedding & Event Hosting

Quick Details

Whole Grounds Pricing
Exclusive use of entire facility including cabins for 1 day Whole grounds 1 day April 1 - Sept 30
Exclusive use of entire facility including cabins for 2 or more days Whole grounds 2 or more days, per night April 1 - Sept 30

Hosting an event or wedding?

Planning a wedding?  Family reunion?  Corporate event or retreat?  Need a big space for a class or gathering?  Or do you just need/want a lot of space or privacy?
The Miller’s Landing North campground space includes:

Rental of entire space is only available if we don’t have existing bookings – please call email or fill out the form below to inquire about space availability.

Have a questions or an idea? Give us a call!!

Special 50% off rates from October 1st till May 1st!

Photos Taken by Bare Bones Creatives

Photos Taken by Tanya Val

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