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Captain’s Choice Kenai Fjords National Park Kayaking Tour

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Party Size (3 or fewer people)
Party Size (4 or more people)

Kayak in Aialik or Northwestern Fjord 

Kenai Fjords National Park is home to many amazing sites, making it hard to choose where to go. So, let us choose for you! 

Aialik and Holgate glaciers are some of the largest tidewater glaciers in the park and will leave you speechless as you witness immense blocks of ice calving from their majestic faces. With the longest day trip offered by any other outfitter in the area, we ensure you have ample time to explore the hidden gems of either Holgate or Aialik Glacier.

Return to geologic antiquity in Northwestern, where the glacier has only receded in the last 100 years. See exposed bedrock, new plant growth, and the Harding icefield peeking out from above the peaks. This fjord has three tide water glaciers all of which you may see during your paddle.

Throughout the day we provide frequent breaks, allowing you to soak in the beauty surrounding you, indulge in a leisurely lunch on a picturesque beach near the glacier, and maintain a steady pace as you navigate the pristine waters.

As you paddle alongside your knowledgeable guide, prepare to be mesmerized by the abundant wildlife, awe-inspiring views, enchanting waterfalls, and captivating rock gardens that will capture your heart. Gain a deeper understanding of the unique natural history and fascinating facts about this unparalleled ecosystem. Our comprehensive kayaking tour covers an extensive area, allowing you to also discover numerous other stunning highlights of the Kenai Fjords National Park.

For more information on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, please find details below.

Essential Details


Clothing and shoes: Be sure to pack comfortable shoes that could get wet, and good layers. It’s never a bad idea to pack extra socks too, and to avoid cotton for longer kayaking trips, especially if it’s raining.

Packing: There is plenty of storage in the boats for spare layers, and other items if packed into small bags around 25 oz. Each guest also gets a dry bag to use during the trip if needed. Reach out if you have questions about gear.

Bringing a Camera? We use sit-in kayaks for this trip, you can have your camera around your neck or in a dry bag. Which can sit in front of you, on the kayak, under bungie cords.


It best to dress warm and in layers so you can add or take away as needed. Be ready for different weather conditions and avoid cotton. It’s okay to bring extra items, there’s plenty of storage inside the boats.  Below is a list of important items to bring on this tour.

  • A water bottle
  • Medical necessities
  • Synthetic/wool layers
  • Rain Gear
  • A water-resistant or proof shoe is ideal. But tennis shoes work okay. We pull and launch your kayaks from shore so you should not be stepping into any water.
  • Depending on the weather consider bringing gloves, beanie, sun hat, extra socks, sunglasses, sunscreen.


We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day. All carefully prepared in our own cafe.

Our sit-inside tandem kayaks are stable and well maintained. They come with a rudder for steering, spray skirts, life vests and paddles. Your guide is also fitted with necessary safety and first aid equipment.

Let your guide know before the trip if you need:

  • Extra rain gear
  • Pogies to protect your hands (paddling mittens)
  • Neoprene Booties
  • A dry bag
  • A butt pad


We utilize our own private 36-foot landing craft that can carry up to 24 passengers. With a 5-star safety rating and music, a heated cabin, windows for viewing the landscape or wildlife, and comfortable seating.

The water taxi ride generally takes 1.5 to 2 hours depending on weather, tides, and if we see any wildlife. While the water is usually calm, it can sometimes get bumpy if weather comes in. We do our best to make the ride comfortable, but we can’t control the weather!


This trip is easy to moderate.

This kayak trip takes place on calm waters in a protected bay. Be ready to kayak anywhere from 8 to 15 miles a day, with breaks and a long lunch as well. During that time your guide may provide a shelter, hot beverages, and may lead the group on a beach walk. Be ready for various weather conditions as this trip is in the outdoors and all day.

Aialik or Northwestern

On this tour you will be dropped off in either Aialik or Northwestern Fjord. You will kayak by a tidewater glacier in either location and see sites like waterfalls, harbor seals, the Harding icefield and much more. This is a great trip for folks who can’t decide between the two different locations.

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