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Seward Alaska Deep Sea Fishing for Halibut, Salmon, Rock Fish and Ling Cod!





Saltwater Charters

Come fishing with us for Salmon or Halibut! Lots of GREAT options to choose from!

All Day Combo Fishing 

Go after 'em all with the guys who do it day in and day out!

Our combo charters target all species, and we love what we do! Our 6 and 10 passenger boats keep you with your friends and family, and the full attention of the captain! We don't fish crew boats for our full day charters! We can however outfit your larger fishing team, as we happily partner with other fantastic operators in our area and have multiple vessels to choose from. We leave from our family homestead, 5 miles closer to the fishing grounds than the harbor, and have our own fish cleaning tables, included filet service, and the best view in town! Check us out! Lodging available on site!


Full Day Halibut or Salmon Charters

Want to focus on a single species? Come with us on a full day trip for Halibut or Salmon specifically! We include rock fishing as a bonus in both of our single species trips - available in Spring or Fall.

"Had a great time fishing with you guys. Been looking forward to this trip with my dad for a long time, and this made our trip perfect. You guys are pros.

Stay in touch. If y'all ever come down to Kauai, get at me.

Brian Harrier"













Combo Fish and Sightseeing 

Enjoy a custom day of sightseeing around the Kenai Fjords National Park and Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge area whilst getting in some world class sport fishing in Resurrection Bay & the Gulf of Alaska!

Avoid the crowds of the larger tour boats - we only allow 6-10 passengers on our standard charter boats - and have the immediate availability of your Captain guide for questions and information!  We travel West, to the largest tidewater glaciers in the Kenai Fjords National Park, viewing Sea Lions, Porpoise, Goats, Whales, and all manner of Sea Birds and Marine Life! It's a great, well-rounded day on the water. To learn more, click above!




"Hi Miller's Landing,

I just wanted to thank you all for an outstanding Alaska Fishing experience. Your entire staff was GREAT. My name is Dan Hollister and I was part of Steve Thompson's group of 12. Captain Chance Miller was absolutely wonderful. I have never seen a Captain work so hard. I look forward to my next Alaska Fishing trip, which will definitely be with Miller's Landing. Enjoy the photos.


Dan Hollister"



Stabicraft - Rental Boats for Self Guided Fishing

Know what you're doing already? Take our awesome aluminum chambered 20.5' Stabicraft out for the day or multiple days! Gear outfit available!

Our specially designed rental skiffs are amazing - self bailing decks, integrated bilges, fuel tank, bait table, fish box, rod holders - you name it!  These side console craft are built around taking between 2-4 adults out on the water at a time, powered by 90HP Honda 4 stroke outboards.  They're fast, comfortable, and equipped with VHF marine radio, Sonar, and GPS! Further, you don't even have to bring your own tackle with our gear packages! Pre-Season booking specials available, check it out!

Fishing Gear can be rented with the boats, including bait, salmon & halibut rods & reels, terminal tackle, and spares for a per person rate! 

Whether you'd like to go out and do your own sightseeing adventure, or try to catch a spring king salmon or halibut, these boats are stable, fast, and well fitted for the job! Multi Day Package rates are available, reservations highly suggested


Shore Fishing

Guided Salt/Freshwater fishing right here in Seward!

Our shore fishing guide JR is the best in town, and recently won the 2014 Silver Salmon Derby for largest fish caught from the shore! Whether it's snagging Reds, Fly Fishing, or tempting lunker Silvers with his homemade lures, he's got you covered from the basics to the finer points! JR Supplies all the gear you'd need other than layered clothing and lunch, check him out!


"To the gang at Millers Landing...
We had scheduled a one day salmon fishing trip with JR last Wednesday the 14th of August to helicopter to Little Johnston Bay.
I have to tell you, it was one of the best fishing experiences of my life.
JR's planning and attention to all of our needs was flawless.
JR called and reached out to us by email the day before to confirm the instructions.
He stopped by our hotel the evening before to be sure we had our fishing license and all of our personal equipment (clothing, lunch, drinks, etc.).
He met us for a quick breakfast on Thursday morning, before heading to the Seward Airport to meet with our pilot.
We had a wonderful flight over the glaciers and mountaintops into Little Johnston Bay. (Took at least 125 pictures on the trip over alone...)
The fishing experience was absolutely fabulous.
JR's instruction was very spot on. He was pleasant and took his time to be sure we were comfortable with the technique and instructions.
I have fished with many guides over the past several years, but I can assure you that I have not had a better guide/instructor.

Thank you again JR, and thank you Millers landing for putting this together for our group.

Kindest Regards

Chris Shively" 9/19/2013


River Charters

Have a fun filled day of river fishing on the Kasilof River or Kenai River! There are great many different operations to choose from, take your pick!