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This year, gift a Miller's Landing adventure!

Northwestern Fjord Extended Kayak Trip

Each Additional Day

Beautiful trip across Kenai Fjords National Park to the best kept secret in the park where it is rare to see more than yourself!

Kenai Fjords National Park’s best kept secret

  • Two-day/one night – can add extra days
  • Minimum number of people: 2
  • Departs 6:30 a.m., returning approx. 10 p.m. in evening
  • Includes camping gear, water taxi, kayak, and guide
  • Meals are included in the price
  • Please be sure to inform us if you have allergies or need special attention with your diets at the time of your reservation
  • Group rates for parties of four or more
  • Six clients to one guide, we keep our group sizes for our guided kayak trips in Alaska small

Please be sure to inform us:

  • If you have medical or ethical dietary restrictions. We plan meals for the “average eater.” Feel free to bring your own snacks! We really try to accommodate everyone’s diet, but please understand we don’t have enough room to pack a buffet in a kayak.

Return to geologic antiquity:

  • With our Northwestern paddle. Cruising aboard the our custom built 24-passenger aluminum high speed landing craft we take a two and a half hour ride through Kenai Fjords to Northwestern Lagoon. On the water taxi we commonly see and stop to view sea otters, Dall’s porpoises, Steller sea lions, bald eagles, and humpback as well as orca whales. Puffins and seabirds are also in abundance as we pass through the Chiswell Islands, the most prolific roosting grounds in the region.

Rugged coastline:

  • Folds into five tidewater glaciers. Enjoy opportunities to view black bears, coastal birds, and a host of marine mammals.

This overnight Kenai Fjords kayak trip:

  • Goes to one of the least visited fjords in Kenai Fjords National Park, rarely seeing more than two boats a day. Meals included.

The boat ride alone is adventure enough for some folks, which as a sightseeing tour alone is worth upwards of $200 dollars per person (if the kayaking trip isn’t your thing, we’re happy to book a tour for you). The day continues as we cross the sunken terminal moraine and into Northwestern Lagoon, where the ocean depths shoot from over 400′ on the outside, to 24′ at the crossing, and then down to 600′ on the other side! Mountains scoured by recent glacial recession shoot out of the water in every direction, and the staggering landscape is immersed in ice and wildlife.

Here, you disembark for two full days (the pick up is at 7 p.m. the next day, or the day after that if you opt for a longer multi-night excursion). You and your group explore the park, moving from place to place as our camping system is designed to fit within the kayaks – we are not confined to a base camp!  Your guide provides meals, gear, camp management, and regional expertise. Trips travel at the pace of your group, whether you’d like to cover as much ground as possible, or rest on a beach with your journal or camera trying to capture the feeling of awe when a piece of glacier the size of your home falls into the ocean in front of you, throwing up waves riddled with floating icebergs dotted with harbor seals.

The Tidewater Glaciers in Northwestern are more vertical than the tidewater glaciers in Aialik. While Aialik is expansive and gorgeous as well, the glaciers are massive and slowly lope up valleys.  In Northwestern, the glaciers shoot straight up the cliff sides and to the Harding Icefield.

On your pick-up day, enjoy a full day of paddling and exploration on this one-of-a-kind overnight kayaking tour before your boat arrives to shuttle you home – our overnight trips are designed to be two full days. It is a fact that our boats are arriving in Northwestern for the drop-off and the start of your kayaking adventure when the other companies are still leaving the harbor in Seward, although shorter trips are possible and can be arranged if needed, if time is a consideration.

Group sizes for these overnight excursions always remain small and concise unless you have a larger group and wish to remain together.  Trip sizes max out at 14 persons per the National Park regulations, so groups larger than 12 need to be split up into separate camps to minimize impact on the park. All excursions practice leave no trace wilderness ethics, are capable of managing (almost) all diets, and are more flexible than any other excursion in Seward.

In fact, our operational capacity in Northwestern is more economically priced and logistically capable than any other outfit in our area.

Gratuities are not included in original sale price, a suggested 20% guide tip is greatly appreciated!

Cancellations & Rescheduling