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Multi-Day Kayaking Trips in Seward, Alaska

Multi-day Guided Overnight Kayaking Trips in Seward, Alaska

Take your kayaking adventure to the next level on an overnight guided expedition with the pros at Miller’s Landing. Explore locations near Seward, Alaska such as Aialik Bay in Kenai Fjords National Park to Thumb Cove and Kayakers Cove. Along the way, see wildlife like birds, sea lions, whales, and more. Camp in the park for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Browse our overnight kayak trips and book yours online today.

Our Multi-day Kayaking Trips


Resurrection Bay Overnight

Our Resurrection Bay Overnight is the only overnight offered in Resurrection Bay. Camp at Caines Head State Recreation Area, Fox Island Spit, or in the stunning Thumb Cove with your guide. This trip also includes one water taxi ride, which means you can kayak farther, see more, and then get picked up at the end of the adventure. Our local bay is stunning, there are waterfalls, marine life, and a luxurious rainforest. As well as rich history, proven by Fort McGilvray and other WWII artifacts still found across Resurrection Bay. All of these you can explore with your guide, who will also work with your group to create the perfect float plan.

Kenai Fjords Overnights

Our most popular trip is our Aialik Bay Ultimate Overnight Expedition. It begins with a water taxi ride to Kenai Fjords National Park, passing stunning rock islands inhabited by seals, puffins, and other marine life. You then begin your adventure, following your guide, through this stunning glacial fjord toward a towering tide-water glacier, dodging icebirds and napping harbor seals. You then end your day by a warm fire or snuggled up in a cosy sleeping bag after enjoying a hardy meal and warm beverages prepared by your guide.

We also offer multi-day trips in the beautiful and rugged Northwestern Fjord.  The lush rainforests that bridle the glaciers in Aialik Bay are nowhere to be found here, not having had the time to encroach on the rapid recession of Northwestern’s giants. Here you will see amazing geological formations, stunning pink granite from oxidization, scarring in the sides of the bedrock from glacier ice, rock slides and towering cliffs sides filled with nesting sea birds.

Important Information About our Trips


Our Gear

Sit back, relax, and let us cover all the details so you can maximize your time in the national park. Our gear is well cared for, safe, and well-maintained. We put a lot of time into picking our gear so it not only lasts but can carry our guests through any adventure safely and comfortably. On the overnight trip, we will provide all the camping gear, including tents, shelters, sleeping bags with cozy liners, pads, cookware, bug nets, and safety gear. On top of the gear, we are also providing home-cooked style meals, prepared in our safe and certified kitchen.

We keep our PFDs clean and cared for, have nylon spraydecks to keep your legs dry,  very light carbon/fiberglass-reinforced paddles so you can enjoy your days on the water, pogies to keep your hands warm, extra splash/rain gear just in case, and even Thermarest sitting pads to keep your booty warm and comfortable.

What you Bring

We will send you a packing list as well as a short survey several weeks before you depart. We ask that you pack synthetic or wool clothing that keeps you warm and dries fast. We have a saying around here and it’s “cotton kills”. Cotton does not dry or keep you warm in our temperate rainforest and glacial fjords. Our packing list will have more details on how to dress and pack for this trip!

Want to bring your own alcohol? You are welcome to bring your own alcohol however; we ask that you keep the drinking to a minimum. In the backcountry, the conditions are always changing, so it’s best to always be safe and stay on top of all possible risks. Thank you!

Are you bringing a camera? We have dry bags available for you to use but also suggest investing in your own camera bag to best protect your gear. The chances of capsizing are super low, however, we still have rain and ocean spray, so be sure to bring everything you need to keep your gear safe. We also suggest a deck bag or strap to help keep the camera in front of you or accessible.

Want to bring your own gear? You are welcome to pack your own backpacking gear like a sleeping bag, just let us know, so you and your guide can go over any ratings and make sure you are going to be comfortable for the duration of the trip.

Meeting your guide

It’s important to us that you are prepared for your adventure, so we require that you meet your guide the night before the trip. This will happen at our main office at a time picked by you and your guide. During this time you will go over your float plan, and we will answer any last-minute questions that way you are ready bright and early. 

Leave No Trace

Miller’s Landing wants to help take care of our environment and protect Kenai Fjords National Park and other state parks in Resurrection Bay. While exploring, we follow Leave No Trace guidelines with the hopes to preserve and protect the outdoors. 

Additionally, to protect Kenai Fjord’s unique coastal habitat, we use “wag bags” also called human waste disposal bags. These bags contain a special blend of polymers to break down human waste and are safe for landfills, we also provide tissue paper and a sanitary wipe for your hands.  We want to take care of our ecosystem, as well as preserve its beauty, and packing our waste out helps us do just that.

Campfires can also cause lasting impacts on the backcountry, we use lightweight stoves for cooking and enjoy the never-ending sunlight and stars at night. Want to have a fire? That’s okay, fires are permitted with restrictions, however, because Miller’s Landing frequents the park so often, have chosen to only have fires in pop-up fire pits. This allows us to enjoy a classic staple of camping, while maintaining Kenai Fjord’s pristine beaches and ecosystem.

Custom or Private Excursions

Have a unique idea for a trip and need help making it happen? We got you! We are open to offering custom and private trips from themed overnights, LARPing overnights, a trip for your employees, base camping for multiple days, or you want a guide but have rented out a public-use cabin. Miller’s Landing wants to help you experience adventure the way you want.

Kayak camp in Alaska’s rugged yet stunning fjords

Please explore our different options for overnights, we also have full-day and half-day trips available. Reach out if you would like any additional information, we look forward to planning your next adventure!