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Aialik Bay Ultimate Overnight Expedition

Overnight Kayaking in the Fjords - Fully Guided!

Quick Details

Per Person
Additional Night (Per Person)

Kayak in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park

Our Ultimate Overnight Kenai Fjords Kayaking trip features full days in the park, and is facilitated by our very own fleet of marine assets.

The Trip includes:

  • Two days and one night camping in the Kenai Fjords National Park, Aialik Bay. This is the core trip – want to explore more? Add additional days as desired during checkout!
    • Water Taxi – Travel approximately 50 miles into Aialik Bay on one of our three custom built landing craft on a 1.5-2 hour boat ride and sightseeing tour!
    • Depart early, arrive early – Our boats leave the beach at Miller’s Landing at 6AM, and are landing in the park to start your adventure between 7:30 and 8:30AM, getting you into the action before most of the taxi fleet even leaves the boat harbor in Seward.
    • A full day of paddling the last day – Our boats have the flexibility to bring you back from the park later in the day, giving you a truly full final day to paddle and explore.  This tour returns between 6pm and 9pm, dependent on boat schedule, meaning you get extra time in this incredible place.
    • All Kayaking Gear – Paddle, Spray Skirt, Personal Floatation Device, Stable Double Kayak, Pogies, Paddle Floats, Hypo Kits, VHF Radios, and Satellite Communicators
    • All Camping Gear – Tents, Sleeping Bags, Ground Pads, Dry Bags, Cooking Supplies, Prepared Meals, Snacks, First Aid Kits, Wag Bags,
    • All Captains, Deckhands, and Guides – Our crew are licensed and trained on site to facilitate a safety-as-priority experience. We hire impassioned, fun and dedicated individuals for all facets of your trip!

Where we paddle:

  • Explore the Holgate Glacier, Aialik Glacier, and Pederson Lagoon area where we see the magnificent calving events, icebergs, pupping harbor seals, black bears and more. Our overnight trips can be led light and fast, allowing for different camping locations throughout a multi day experience, or via a base camp. We routinely visit and camp at a variety of locations throughout Aialik Bay, covering as much ground as the group desires during each expedition

About our Guides:

  • Our team of guides will prepare your meals and work to customize your trip exploring, photographing, hiking, or paddling all while following the rules and ethics established by the National Park. This area prescribes to Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, and we make every effort to do exactly that.  Kayak guides are trained in assisted rescue techniques, the areas natural history, first aid / CPR, and emergency response tactics. Miller’s Landing owns its own fleet of water taxi vessels – as a result in the unlikely case of an emergency we are uniquely positioned to establish prompt and unplanned egress from even the remoteness of the fjords.

Relax in the evening:

  • After a community meal, take in the breathtaking beauty of the fjords and the wildlife all around you. Enjoy discussion about the area and it’s natural history, the goals for the next day, and just relax! Our camp is always close enough to the ocean that sound of gentle waves lapping the shore and the unique sounds of the glacier calving will guide your sleep.

Heading back:

  • After another full day in enjoying the park, our taxi picks us up in the evening to maximize the last day of experience in the park, arriving back to Miller’s Landing between 7-9pm.

Please be sure to inform us if you have medical or ethical dietary restrictions. We plan meals for the “average eater.” Feel free to bring your own snacks! We really try to accommodate everyone’s diet, but please understand we don’t have enough room to pack a buffet in a kayak. If you would like to buy your own groceries, a $20 refund will be subtracted from your trip cost.  This trip is best for ages 12 and over!

Why Miller’s Landing?
Miller’s Landing has a deep respect and appreciation for our peers in industry. We are proud to work in a place where it is truly very difficult to make a “bad” decision when choosing an outfitter. With that said, our trips and the experiences we offer do very much differ.

  • Miller’s Landing is “Vertically Integrated” – Everything we do, we do ourselves – family owned and operated since 1982, we are now a third generation Alaskan family with second generation family ownership. As a result of decades of effort, we own our own boats and perform our own maintenance, have our own kayaking fleet and equipment, our own campground, cabins, booking agency, store facility, boat launch, heavy equipment, shop, repair facilities, parking lots, and all aspects of your experience are facilitated and managed in house. We do not sub out any part of your trip to contractors or third party service providers, and we have redundancies in place for all facets of our operation.
  • We start earlier and end later than any other operation for these trips, with departures as early as 6am, we often make it back to Resurrection Bay before other outfitters vessels have left the harbor.
  • Our second day pick up times are as late as 6:30-7:00pm, giving you a full second day in the park with a return to Miller’s Landing at 8-9PM. As a result your last day consists of more than simply breaking camp and waiting for the boat ride home.
  • We have both economy and luxury on site lodging for the day before or after your experience – walk across the street in the morning to the departure site.
  • All of our experiences depart from and return to our own facility – simply come to the store the morning, enjoy some free coffee, and walk onto our boats after our staff has loaded them.
  • We live and work on the same family homestead established in the 50’s before Alaska was a state that we have since 1982, we have a long and well vetted history working in all facets of this industry, nearing four decades.
  • Parking is free and available on site to our guests.
  • Miller’s Landing owns and maintains it’s own entire fleet of water taxi vessels, the captains and crew live on site, and we have 24 hour on call coverage. If something happens to one of our boats, we have another on site to cover for it.
  • Miller’s staffs upwards of 14 guides per season, we try to put additional guides on every overnight experience of 4 people or more to facilitate with meals, camping, and the needs of the group.
  • Miller’s Landing’s Office has a VHF marine radio high site that is manned from 5am to 11pm daily – longer than any other business in Seward. From an emergency response perspective, we have immediate access to and maintain operation of the best tools in the industry to access the remote regions you’ll be visiting, and the staff to utilize those tools live on location.  The US Coast Guard routinely calls us to respond to all manner of emergencies as a result – if something happens in the field at 1AM, we are more uniquely positioned to get there and get back than any operation in the area.
  • In addition to utilizing our boats to facilitate your trip, we provide water taxi and gear transport services ala carte, meaning we are in or near these areas every single day. If anything fails during your excursion, if you forget something critical, if you just had enough – we are able to respond and respond quickly.
  • Our guides are equipped with satellite texting devices paired to unlimited plans – their positions are tracked every 10 minutes and uploaded to a single fleet management system back at home base. Not only are they watching out for you on location, we have a team watching out for you back at home.
  • We make every effort to custom tailor our trip plans to your needs and interests – we do not have a set itinerary for every experience for this reason. The details are too numerous to list, but where you get dropped off or picked up, whether you base camp or stay in multiple places, how many miles a day you try to cover, or whether or not you have special needs to cater to all factor in to the itineraries we build for each experience.
  • We care deeply about your experience – while this is not something exclusive to Miller’s Landing, it is a critical truth that’s important for us to mention here. We offer something that is backed by a multi generational family run effort, and we know wholeheartedly that it all boils down to you. A fishing charter can’t be exclusively about catching fish, it has to be a great experience regardless. A sightseeing tour can’t hinge on whether or not a whale breaches in front of the boat – it has to be informative and enlightening and stand on its own. We intend for your trip to have a deeper value than what is opportune or fortunate, and we train our guides to appreciate and value this approach as secondary only to your safety in the field.

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