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Aialik Bay Ultimate Overnight Expedition

Overnight Kayaking in the Fjords - Fully Guided!

Quick Details

Per Person
Additional Night (Per Person)

Kayak in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park!

Our Ultimate Overnight Kenai Fjords Kayaking trip features full days in the park, evenings spent around a fire or relaxing in your tent enjoying the rich views. Our overnights are unique, specially designed for every clientele group, and facilitated by our very own fleet of marine assets. 

Where We Paddle

Explore the Holgate Glacier, Aialik Glacier, and Pederson Lagoon area where we see the magnificent calving events, icebergs, pupping harbor seals, black bears and more. Our overnight trips can be led light and fast, allowing for different camping locations throughout a multi-day experience, or via a base camp. We routinely visit and camp at a variety of locations throughout Aialik Bay, covering as much ground as the group desires during each expedition.

About our Guides

Our team of guides will prepare your meals and work to customize your trip to maximize your experience. Enjoy exploring, taking photos, hiking, or paddling all while following the rules and ethics established by the National Park. This area prescribes to Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, and we make every effort to do exactly that.  Kayak guides are trained in assisted rescue techniques, the areas natural history, first aid / CPR, and emergency response tactics. Miller’s Landing owns its own fleet of water taxi vessels – as a result in the unlikely case of an emergency we are uniquely positioned to establish prompt and unplanned egress from even the remoteness of the fjords.


     Meeting Time

     Ending Time

  Meeting Place


5:30 am

Plan to arrive at 5:30 am to check in, pack up, meet your guide. The water taxi will depart at 6 am sharp to Aialik or Northwestern Bay on a two-hour water taxi ride

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Between 6 – 9 pm

Expect to be back at Miller’s landing between 6 and 9 pm your last day. Return time is dependent on our boat schedule for the day, and cannot be guaranteed at a specific time. We do offer morning pickups, getting back between 10 and 11:30 am

Meet at the main office, 13880 Beach Drive Seward, AK. Check in a day before to meet your guide, ask questions, and pre-pack any gear you have ready. We understand travel plans are sometimes tight, please make time the night before to meet your guide, they will reach out to you via phone or email

Age Requirements


What We Provide


What to Bring


This trip is best for ages 12 and up.  Feel free to contact us with questions!


  • Kayak, PFD, spray skirt, pogies
  • We provide snacks, a small breakfast on the boat the first day, lunches and dinners for every day you are in Aialik.
  • Freshly cooked meals
  • Sleeping bags and pads are available
  • Dry bags for gear
  • Shelters



  • Warm and waterproof layers
  • Extra Layers
  • Medical Necessities
  • Water bottle
  • Warm socks, preferably wool
  • More Items are listed on our packing list (will provide later)
  • Consider bringing your favourite snacks along!

   Tips for a Great Trip



Bringing a Camera?


Be sure to pack comfortable shoes that could get wet, good layers, and snacks for the ride home. It’s important that you have good rain gear and warm layers to ensure your comfort throughout the trip. Reach out if you have any questions about gear



This kayak trip takes place on calm waters in a protected bay, so it’s good for newer paddlers. Be ready to kayak anywhere from 8 to 15 miles a day, with some additional beachcombing or hiking as well. Let your guide know what interests you the most!


We use sit-in kayaks for this trip, you can have your camera around your neck or in a dry bag. There are water-tight compartments in the kayaks, but they are difficult to access while on the water


More Information

  • Price includes approximately two hours of water taxi time watching for wildlife in each direction!
  • On this trip, depending on the number of nights you stay, you may either see Holgate Glacier or Aialik Glacier. There is also a small possibility, if tides are right, of travelling into Pederson Lagoon
  • Visit calm, serene, pristine emerald-green coves and glaciers that feed into the ocean. This is a great trip for beginner paddlers who want a lot of time on the water in one of the most gorgeous places on earth
  • All kayaking gear and instructions provided
  • Gratuities are not included in the original sale price. A suggested 20% guide tip is greatly appreciated! (Suggested tip $100 to $200/person)
  • Please note: All participants paddle tandem kayaks. This paddle is appropriate for children aged 12 and over. This paddle is approximately six to eight hours in length
  • Our excursion is the only kayak tour in Seward long enough to typically access both Aialik or Holgate AND Pedersen Lagoon (tidal-dependent entry) on a single trip.  Pedersen can only be entered 1 hour prior to high tide.
  • Includes round-trip water taxi cruise to the Kenai Fjords National Park on our custom-built water taxi boat, all gear, food, and guide!

General Itinerary

Your day begins with an early morning departure at 6 a.m. on our comfortable, US Coast Guard inspected water taxi for a two-hour wildlife tour and transport to the Kenai Fjords National Park. We see Steller sea lions hauled out on their exposed ocean rookeries, watch horned and tufted puffins skip across the wavelets, and view passing Dall’s porpoises dance with the bow wake of our boat. We often view feeding humpback whales and orcas passing by, diving cormorants, bald eagles, mountain goats, sea otters, and more!

We land  8-8:30 a.m. in the heart of the Kenai Fjords National Park on one of many beautiful pristine beaches.  Your guide talks you through your kayak and gear, provides paddling advice, and raises situational awareness. No experience is necessary — our guides are there for you! Once you’re properly acquainted, you begin paddling along the beautiful fjords and coastal rainforest of Aialik Bay. Enormous calving glaciers are viewed up-close and personal from the perspective of a paddler at true sea level but within a safe viewing distance from both land and sea. You paddle at a leisurely pace around magnificent icebergs, watch curious harbor seals on ice floes, and often enjoy black bear viewing from the safety of the water. Don’t worry! You aren’t going kayaking nonstop — we break along the way for a hearty lunch, snacks, and small hikes along the beach.

Set up camp along the beach or tucked away in the forest, depending on your guide’s float plan you may have a base camp or will move to different camping locations. Our camp is always close enough to the ocean, so let the sound of gentle waves lapping the shore and the unique sounds of the glacier calving guide you to sleep after a warm meal with your guide.

The water taxi boat picks you up in the late afternoon, and the crew loads your kayaks and gear. The return trip explores the Kenai Fjords all the way back to Seward, keeping an eye out for the many whales migrating and feeding through our area.

*Earlier departures are possible from Aialik Bay pending group size — if desired, just ask!

Please be sure to inform us if you have medical or ethical dietary restrictions. We plan meals for the “average eater.” Feel free to bring your own snacks! We really try to accommodate everyone’s diet, but please understand we don’t have enough room to pack a buffet in a kayak. If you would like to buy your own groceries, a $20 refund will be subtracted from your trip cost.  This trip is best for ages 12 and over!


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