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Miller's Landing Annex Campground

The Annex Campground

We recently purchased the property North to us, which has a tent/camper/RV campground as well! Formerly the “Silver Derby” campground, we’ve named it Miller’s Landing North or the Annex.

This campground is bordered by Spruce Creek on one side, and the ocean on the other! It has a 4 person outhouse and is approximately 2 blocks or a 5 minute walk from the camp store and facilities at Miller’s Landing down the beach.

This campground does not have running water, some sites have 30Amp electrical hookup, and again is a 5 minute walk to our laundry/shower house and plumbed bathrooms. It offers fantastic views and great fishing, and we look forward to improving it as the years go on!

It is a great spot for tent camping and dry motor home camping, and we often rent out the whole area for weddings, family reunions, and events.