“Alaska is too expensive” OR “Lies you can stop telling yourself”

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“Alaska is too expensive”
“Someday, when we can afford it, well go to Alaska”
“I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, but I hear its really pricey”

These are a few of the things I hear when talking to people about what I do for a living.

It irks me, because it’s not true. It’s really not!   Many people assume that traveling to Alaska and going fishing, or kayaking by a glacier, or watching whales involves mortgaging the farm, or selling that dented but loved ’97 Dodge Neon in the driveway. The truth is it can cost about the same as going anywhere in the lower 48 – sometimes even way less.

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Miller’s Landing History & Lowell Point Activities

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Miller’s Landing Campground History and Lowell Point Activities View this email in your browser What is a “Miller’s Landing”? Miller’s Landing is located in the small secluded community of Lowell Point just 2½ miles south of Seward. It has very special and unique Alaskan charm, and is literally the…

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Miller’s Landing at the Minnesota Sportsman’s Show

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Minnesota Sportsman’s Show View this email in your browser Thank you for stopping by our booth at the Minnesota Sportsman’s Show in Saint Paul – our very first trade show! We appreciate your time talking with us, you may have been able to tell but Capt. Chance was…

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What is a Fox Willie?

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        Miller’s Landing welcomes an addition to the crew View this email in your browser We had to do it. Folks, all great things come to an end. Sometimes, that means an amazing opportunity for a new beginning and we think this is one of…

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