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Seward Winter Kayaking Adventure

Quick Details

Person Group of 4 or more

Kayak during our shoulder season!

Bundle up and make your way down to Miller’s Landing to have a unique and serene adventure in Resurrection Bay during our shoulder season. We are offering short kayaking tours along the coast so winter travellers can enjoy some time on the water.

Late fall, winter and early spring is a magical time in Seward. The light can be soft all day which makes for some amazing photographic opportunities!

Depart Miller’s Landing’s main office for Tonsina Beach, kayaking along the jagged cliff lines and under our stunning snow-covered mountains. Learn about local and natural history while looking for wildlife with your guide along the way. Continue along the coast or explore the local beaches and trails with your guide for small treasures and memories, almost always found along the Alaskan coast. Let your guide know what you are comfortable with and we will do our best to plan an enjoyable winter kayaking experience for you.

This trip will include snacks, a warm lunch and beverages, poggies for your hands, a dry suit and other kayaking gear, as well as a guide to show you the way. We suggest wearing your warmest layers like wool, fleece, puffer jackets, a beanie, long johns, and gloves and bringing any extra layers you might need. Keep in mind your jacket and pants need to fit into a dry suit, snow pants, ski jackets as well as extra puffed jackets may not fit

Essential Details


This trip is easy and includes a mellow nature walk. Start by kayaking with your guide, hugging the shoreline watching for wildlife. Paddle roughly 2 miles to your destination, there you will get out and go on a short nature walk on a maintained trail. After the walk, return to Miller’s Landing with your guide by kayaking. We provide gear to keep you warm but ask that you layer properly with clothing that fits under a dry suit.


When kayaking in the winter, it’s important to wear multiple layers, that are synthetic or wool. Dress as if you were about to go snowboarding, skiing, snow shoeing or walking your dog in cold weather, and make sure your layers fit under the dry suit, which acts like a large shell. So bulky snow pants and massive puffy jackets will not work. Bring gloves, you will wear pogies on the water, but gloves are needed for when we are on land. Make sure to also wear a hat and warm socks.


We provide lunch, snacks and hot drinks on this trip. All carefully prepared in our own cafe. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, let us know.

We provide drysuits to keep you warm and dry. As well as personal floatation devices, spray skirts that keep your legs nice and dry, light weight paddles, safety gear, stable tandem kayaks, shelters and other gear to keep you safe and comfortable.


It best to dress warm and in layers so you can add or take away as needed. Be ready for different weather conditions and avoid cotton.  Below is a list of important items to bring on this tour.

  • A water bottle
  • Medical necessities
  • Warm synthetic/wool layers
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Neck Gaitor
  • If you have sensitive eyes, wearing ski goggles when it snows can help but is not necessary.

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