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  • Self Guided

Hiking to Tonsina


An Easy Hike for Great Fishing and Beautiful Seward Scenery 

There is a good salmon stream there with pink and chum salmon in it from late June through September.  There is also good beachcombing there.  You should allow about one hour to hike from Miller’s Landing to Tonsina.

The first mile and a half of the trail is all upland, through the woods.  It starts near Miller’s Landing and goes to Tonsina Beach Bridge. You will know you are there because that is the first bridge you come to.  There is also a picnic shelter there. In late June, July, August and September, there are also salmon spawning in the stream.

You can fish from the beach here for salmon in late June through September for pink, chum and silver salmon.  Dolly Varden are also caught here.  Silver salmon are caught here also, in late July and August, even though this is not their normal spawning grounds. Remember to read the fishing regulations because you cannot fish for the salmon in the streams.  You have to fish from the beach into the salt water.  The salmon are schooling up in the salt water, getting ready to return back to the streams that they were born in.  It is very easy to catch the salmon from Tonsina Beach.

There is a picnic shelter area at Tonsina. Often people like to camp here (there is no charge for camping).

There is also good berry picking along the trail to Tonsina in late July and August!  Always be alert – there are bears around and they may feel a need for berries or a taste of salmon (yours or theirs).

Miller’s Landing also does water taxi drop-off and pickup services here, both one way and round trip.  Some people enjoy hiking out and like to have a water taxi pickup here so they don’t have to carry all those salmon back!  The limit is six salmon per person per day.  The pinks generally way about 2 to 6 lbs., and the chum salmon weigh about 8 to 13 lbs.

The two most popular lures for catching salmon are a pixie (usually orange or pink) or an Alaskan Snagging Hook (legal in our area).  Miller’s Landing campground store has both lures for sale and also sells fishing licenses too. There are also salmon fishing poles for rent for a half day or a full day.

Or take the Miller’s Landing Water Taxi….  If you want to hike one way only, you can water taxi to or be picked up from Tonsina by water taxi.

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