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Res Bay’s Greatest Hits

Our Office Manager Elijah loves taking pictures of Resurrection Bay, and it’s amazing how different the view from our office is from day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour! As he is fond of saying- ‘She isn’t known for her subtlety!’


ResBay1 ResBay2 ResBay3 ResBay4 ResBay5 ResBay6 ResBay7 ResBay8 ResBay9 ResBay10 ResBay11 ResBay12 ResBay13 ResBay14 ResBay15 ResBay16 ResBay17 ResBay18 ResBay19 ResBay20 ResBay21 ResBay22 ResBay23 ResBay24 ResBay25 ResBay26 ResBay27

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