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Planning an Alaskan Destination Wedding

Photo credit to @kristianirey & @alaskaweddingphotography
Event Organizer @wildheartsevents

Are you hoping to elope or host a destination wedding in Alaska? This is the guide for you! On a budget? Even better! This guide will help you tie up the loose ends for planning your special day, including venue details, elopement options, accommodation, flight information, and activities including hiking, kayaking and fishing!

A wedding venue in Alaska can often cost upwards of 20k alone, for only 1 day access. Instead of going for a costly lodge or structure, consider wedding within a naturally beautiful setting, after all, you are in Alaska! The natural beauty of this great land speaks for itself, take your vows into the great outdoors! Alaska is full of beautiful campgrounds, remote beaches, and historical sites to consider. Miller’s Landing offers an affordable Beachfront & Woodland Venue where rugged mountain and ocean views are right out your cabin window. Looking to elope? Our Adventure Elopement Charters allow for you and your guests to be close to nature, yet still comfortable among modern amenities. Book a 2 night stay on our ocean front venue with cabins for up to 35 guests for only $5,500, or set sail on an Adventure Elopement Charter starting at $1,320. Need more space? Additional cabins, camping, boats, and RV spaces can be accommodated.


Photography by @kristianirey & @alaskaweddingphotography
Event Organizer @wildheartsevents

How can I afford it?

Miller’s Landing is by nature, family friendly. We are a family owned and operated small business. We understand you want to give your family and friends the opportunity to join your wedding without asking them to spend a small fortune on accommodation. This is why we have catered our Venue to suit the needs for large parties without breaking the bank!  Attending a destination wedding often doubles as a family vacation for many, Miller’s Landing offers competitive prices for families without compromising luxury or experience. Ask us about our payment plans!




For 8k, you can reserve 40 Forested Woodland Tentsites, 40 Riverside powered Sites, Beachfront Cabin’s for 35, and private beach access in one perfect location, at the mouth of the coveted Kenai Fjord Peninsula. You could suggest to your guests to purchase a waterproof tent upon their arrival (under $100), this greatly cuts back on their need to spend heavy on accommodation. And another great suggestion, often folks visiting Alaska end up renting a vehicle to ensure getting to all the fabulous locations Alaska has to offer, we recommend renting an RV, this takes care of your transportation and accommodation needs all in one! Not to mention, most RV’s come excellently equipped to store food and with great dining function, resorting to greater savings as apposed to dining out.


But what will I wear?!

Photography by @kristianirey & @alaskaweddingphotography
Event Organizer @wildheartsevents

Alaskan brides are often seen wearing the usual wedding gown but with a little secret under the skirt, Xtra tuffs and insulated leggings! You deserve to stay warm and functional! Alaska is indeed the last frontier, expect the landscape to be rugged, natural, rocky, and sometimes icy. Depending on the kind of wedding you’re having, a Nautical Adventure Elopement or a Classic Venue Toss the heels (or pull them out for photos sake only if you must), your bridal party will thank you! Scaling the wedding attire expectations down not only takes stress off your guests, but also invites a more casual atmosphere to your special day. Plus, you’ll have extra room in your luggage for wool layers, hiking socks, and puffy jackets!


What if it Rains?

a house with a mountain in the background

Photography by @Tanya.val

Seward Alaska is a temperate rainforest, we embrace the rainfall, it’s what makes this place so lush and enjoyable. Even when it’s raining, Alaska is still so awe worthy! But we understand the rain can put a damper on the situation when it comes to a wedding bash. Often times folks hosting a celebration with us will resort to renting a tent from a local dispenser, this saves you the hassle of raising the tent and taking it down. But if you aren’t afraid of a little DIY, we suggest checking out Costco, Lowes, or Home Depot located in Anchorage for a suitable canopy tent, gather a team within your wedding party to take on the task of erecting the tent on the big day. This will bring a bit of pride to your wedding party, you worked for your shelter! That’s the true alaskan way! Consider reselling your tent afterwards.

What else can we do?

a man riding a wave on top of a mountain

Photography by @Tanya.val

You’ve got all your favorite people in the same place, now what? Well, luckily you’re in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world! There’s plenty to do around Seward that can be done for FREE! Our venue is within 10 minutes walking distance to Alaskan famous, Tonsina Trail! This trail boasts splendid views of glaciers, mountain ranges, and even waterfalls when extended to Bridal Veil Falls. This trail is family friendly! Additionaly, there are many accessible and free hikes all around the great town of Seward. If you’d like to get more involved, Miller’s Landing offers a wide variety of adventure right from the venue grounds! We offer affordable Water Taxi to many great sites and trails within Ressurection Bay. Check out our incredible Glacier Kayak Tours and Fishing Charters. For some, Alaska is a once in a lifetime adventure, make the most out of your get together. We are happy to accommodate a large group and offer discounts on all our offered adventures.


Photography by @kristianirey & @alaskaweddingphotography
Event Organizer @wildheartsevents

How will I get there?

The closest international Airport will be located in Anchorage. When booked well in advance, round trip flights can be arranged for under $400 even in June, depending on where you fly out of. Try checking multiple flight booking services to get the best rates! Once your in Anchorage, you’ll need to get to Seward, which is about another 2 hours drive by car. Consider renting a car from an alternative platform such as Turo. Another affordable and classic way to get here is the train! The train arrives right in the heart of Seward! There’s also a few bus-line options, namely Seward Bus line and Red Eye Rides. Around the town of Seward you can find a few different local taxi services to choose from that will get you anywhere you need to go!

What will we eat? Who will take my photos?

Finding local vendors can be a hassle when you aren’t from the community, we are happy to help you find the trusted caterers, photographers, and other vendors you’re looking for. Give us a call anytime, any day, and we will put our best foot forward to ensure you and your entire wedding party has the adventure wedding of a lifetime, we are certain the memories will last. From our family to yours, congratulations! Thank you for considering us to take part in your special day.