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Seward is a small town 120 miles south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. 
We have multiple attractions to draw visitors: Fishing, kayaking, hiking, the fjords, glaciers,

Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park. Lots of things to see and do for all ages...

A little information about Seward for you....

     One of the most important things to know about Seward, Alaska is that it is quite remote compared to most similarly sized towns in the United States. If you wait until you are here to try and get the things you will need for your stay then you will find that many things are hard to get in Seward and when you can find them they will be very expensive. Anchorage offers a much wider variety of goods and services and you can get almost anything you might need there however it is still much more expensive than most other places in the United States. As such it is best if you try to bring everything with you that you will need for your time here.

     The climate here in Seward is much more moderate than in some other parts of Alaska. The close proximity of the ocean helps to keep temperatures much more constant so the winters are warmer and the summers cooler than in much of the rest of the state.  In May the average high temperature is 52°F (11°C) and the average low is 39°F (4°C.) By July the averages will be up to 62°F (17°C) for a high and 50°F (10°C) for a low. By the time you leave in September it will be back down to an average high of 55°F (13°C) and a low of 44°F (7°C.) During your stay here you can expect that it will probably never get warmer than 75°F (24°C) or lower than 30°F (-1°C) however the weather here can be quite volatile so be prepared for winter weather conditions (including snow and below-freezing temperatures) at any time of year.

     The other thing that the closeness to the ocean brings is a very large amount of rain. Be prepared for rain (and sometimes flooding) on an almost daily basis during the summer.  A waterproof jacket, pants, and a pair of water-resistant shoes are highly recommended. Wind is another common feature of the weather here in Seward so be prepared to face strong winds on a regular basis. 

     Given that you will need to be on your feet a lot we strongly recommend bringing extra socks shoes that are very comfortable to wear for long periods; given the amount of rain here we also recommend that your shoes always be water resistant.

     There are a few modes of transportation in and around Seward that you can use. For travel between Anchorage and Seward you have three options: first is the bus. The bus runs daily during the summer and costs $40 each way (2013 rates). The trip takes about three hours each way depending on the conditions . Your second option is the train. The train also runs daily during the summer and costs $79 one-way or $125 for a round-trip. The trip is about four hours each way and features stunning views with great wildlife spotting, room to walk around and relax, and a snack bar. Both the bus and the train will get you there but the train experience is vastly superior—of course it also costs more.  


     The other options  to get back and forth to Anchorage are to arrange for a car rental or RV rental or to use the Park Connection which goes to and from Anchorage twice a day.    There is an airport in Seward however it is undeveloped with no regular service.

     For transportation within Seward you also have several options. First is the bus which runs around the main part of town every 30 minutes or so between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM.   The bus is free to ride as much as you need to. The second means of getting around town is to take a taxi. There are several taxi services in Seward; here are a few of them along with their phone numbers: Mad Jack’s Taxi: 907-362-6055, Glacier Taxi: 907-224-5678, Mike’s Taxi: 907-224-6453, PJ’s Taxi: 907-224-5555. A taxi ride within the city is generally a flat fee of $5.00; trips outside of town are more.  Another other option is walking; Seward has paved sidewalks in most areas and foot travel is very plausible as long as you don’t need to go too far.

     It will be of great benefit to you to have a telephone that you can use here in Seward. There are telephones available at the grocery store and the general store including inexpensive ones for which you pay only by the minute with no contract which is what you would want to get. These phones are as little as $25 with airtime running around $0.10 per minute. We  highly recommend getting such a phone. Free internet access is available at the public library. Miller's Landing also has internet available for a fee.

    Seward has it's own Post Office. Sending a letter up to one ounce (28.35 grams) within the United States costs $0.46; international letters cost $1.10. You can get a post office box here to receive mail. The cost of a PO box is $65 for six months, however it is free for residents.  If you do not get a post office box you can still have mail sent to you here via general delivery. General delivery mail is held for you at the post office and you can pick it up at the counter during business hours. For general delivery have mail sent to the following address:

      [Your Name]
      General Delivery
      Seward, AK  99664

     There are a few other services in town to be aware of. First off there is the Safeway grocery store. This is the only real grocery store in town so if you need food you will most likely be getting it there. Also available are other household items like kitchen utensils, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and a number of other useful items. There is also a pharmacy in Safeway where you can get both over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Another useful shop is the True Value hardware store (also known as the Fish House) which is a general store and has all kinds of items including hardware, tools, home furnishings, furniture, clothing, office supplies, sporting goods, and a number of other things. The selection is limited compared to most of the United States, but you can still find many useful things here. Expect to pay a lot, though.

      If you need to do laundry then you will need to use the Laundromat. There is only one in town and it is extremely expensive.  We recommend coming to Miller's Landing and using the laundry facilities here which are less expensive and open 24 hours. If you come between 6 AM and 11 PM we also have complimentary coffee and a great view while you wait.   Should you need medical care, there is a small hospital here which provides both emergency and non-emergency care. There are also a few doctors’ offices and a dentist here in town should you require them.

If you have any other questions about Seward please do not hesitate to email us at  We love hearing from you and we will email you back!

Free Kids Activities (or Adults)

Adams Street Skateboard Park - On the waterfront, local skateboarders helped design this mini-course. It has moderate jumps, curbs & more. Bring your helmet*, pads* & board.
* Required gear

Walk to the Falls - It's about 2 miles down Lowell Point Road, easy walking conditions and gives you a chance to see what the animals are doing and who's catching what from the rocks. Hanging of the Catch - Be sure to be around Miller's Landing when the boats hang their day's catch. Almost Free - Worth the Cover Charge

Bike Riding - Hills & flatland, the trail along the waterfront starts at the Iditarod Memorial, bring your bike or rent one from the Bike Shop in town

Shore Fishing - Bring your own or rent a rod & reel. The culvert and the falls outlet will offer fishing action before the rest of the shore and Lowell Point beaches draw fish

Fly a Kite - On the beach, the air is usually moving around here, from slight breeze to whoa! South Beach has lots of sand to launch from and gently land on.

Pocket Parks - City of Seward
#1 - 3rd Ave between Adams & Washington
#2 - Ballaine Blvd behind the 4th Ave baseball park
#3 - Adjacent to the Skateboard Park at the waterfront

Almost Free

Earthquake Movie - Film of the 1964 disaster & it's effects on Alaska - Seward Community Library Memorial Day to Labor Day
Shown at 2pm - $3/Adult; 12/under free

Seward Museum - displays photographs of the quake's damage, model rooms and artifacts from the early pioneers, historical and current information on the Seward area. $3/Adult