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Marathon Helicopter Tours

Quick Details

15 Minute Discovery Flight
Glacier Landing
Mt. Marathon Dropoff (up to 3 guests)
30-Minute Bear Glacier Tour
40-Minute Eastbound Tour
45-Minute Icefield Tour
1-Hour Expedition Flight
Please Note: These trips run by Marathon Helicopters.  Any submission through Miller’s Landing is an information request; to get booked in, either give us a call at 907 331 3113 for an availability check, or book directly through the operator by following the booking link on the right of the page!

Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park at its most scenic!

Tours range from 15 minutes to and hour or longer!

Custom tours are also available! Want to see the mighty Kenai Lake from the air?  Want to fly over Cooper Landing to scout out a great fishing spot?  Care to experience the vastness of the Harding Icefield or the Pederson Glacier?  You can do all that and much more.  Call and tell us what you’d like to see and we can make it happen.

About Marathon Helicopters

  • Marathon Helicopters is located in Seward just two hours south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula.
  • We offer a variety of flightseeing tours and outdoor activities only available by helicopter.
  • Shortly after take off you will be soaring over massive glaciers, buzzing around icebergs the size of buildings, and viewing a variety of Alaskan wildlife from above!
  • Come join Pilot Mike and the crew at Marathon Helicopters, for an adventure of a lifetime!

15-Minute Discovery Flight

Your flightseeing tour takes off east from Seward Alaska Airport and heads across Resurrection Bay over the ridge of Mt. Alice and into Unlikely Valley. Soar above 4 Hanging Glaciers that continue to carve the area below. After exploring the glaciers you’ll pop over to Godwin Glacier and search for bears and goats along the way. The hills here are also well known for moose so keep an eagle eye out for one! $175/guest price includes all taxes and fees

Glacier Landing 

This 30-minute tour includes 15 minutes of flightseeing and 15 minutes spent at the toe of one of the glaciers here in Resurrection Bay! We will land the helicopter and disembark to explore a massive glacier, where you will take some the most amazing photos of your entire trip!
$195/guest price includes all taxes and fees

Mt. Marathon Helicopter Drop-Off 

We will fly you up to the Mt. Marathon bowl at approximately 1,800 ft. After being dropped off you’ll the explore the area at your leisure before hiking back down the mountain. Take in some incredible views of Seward, Resurrection Bay, and Cape Resurrection from a truly unique perspective! *THIS IS NOT A GUIDED HIKE. $225 TOTAL for up to 3 passengers, a great deal!
$225 per helicopter load, up to 3 passengers price includes all taxes and fees

30-Minute Bear Glacier Tour 

This flightseeing tour features land and sea on your way to Bear Glacier . You will fly south over Resurrection Bay along the coast where you may see whales, otters, seals, and a variety of Alaskan Sea Life. Your pilot will make a turn into Bear Glacier Lagoon which is filled with hundreds of icebergs, some the size of a grocery store! After exploring the lagoon it’s time to fly up Bear Glacier, the longest glacier off the Harding Icefield at over 10 miles long! After seeing crevasses and flying over a 2,000 foot thick glacier you will now be traveling through the Kenai Mountain Range. Here you’ll look for goats and bears! You will notice many additional Hanging Glaciers in this valley that are all part of the largest icefield in the US. After a birds eye view of Exit Glacier you’ll head back towards Seward flying down Resurrection River which feeds right into the Pacific Ocean. $315/guest price includes all taxes and fees

40-Minute Eastbound Tour 

Look for bears, moose, goats, and eagles! This eastbound helicopter flightseeing tour takes you towards the 2nd largest icefield in the United States, the Sargent Icefield. Fly close to at least 3 spectacular glaciers that are all part of this icefield. Explore remote Nellie Juan Lake where sometimes you’ll see large brown bears and herds of moose. Waterfalls and rolling meadows stretch far on this flight so have your camera ready. After a trip around the lake and meadows you’ll head towards Day Harbor passing over Elsworth Glacier where you’ll hover close to icebergs that are hundreds of feet across! You’ll then cruise into Day Harbor where you may get lucky and see a pod of Orca Whales feeding before flying up, over, and down Godwin Glacier on the way back to Seward. $355/guest price includes all taxes and fees

35-Minute Scenic Tour 

You will see a fair bit of ocean, glaciers, and all the beauty that the Fjords have to offer plus the rugged wilderness that makes Alaska pure and raw. You’ll start out by flying towards the Gulf of Alaska through Resurrection Bay. Watch for Whales! You will have chances of seeing Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Sea Otters, Sea Birds, Mtn. Goats, Black Bear, and more! This includes 35 minutes of flying with the destination varying based on weather conditions. $389/guest price includes all taxes and fees

45-Minute Icefield Tour 

This is an extension to the 30 Minute Glacier Tour. You will be rewarded on this flightseeing tour with a cruise into Aialik Bay. Here you will lay your eyes upon a glacier face over 400 feet high! This is one of the most active Tidewater Glaciers in the area and you may just see a large chunk of ice calve off during your flying experience. $420/guest price includes all taxes and fees

1-Hour Expedition Flight 

This 1 hour flightseeing tour includes everything the 45 minute Icefield Tour offers with another extension south past Pederson & Holgate Glacier, and then heading onto Northwestern Glacier. Another quite active Tidewater Glacier, so keep your eye on all that blue ice and watch some calve off! This tour includes more flying along the coastline where Orca & Humpback Whales are quite often spotted. You’ll head back for a birds eye view up and over the Harding Icefield while exploring the glaciers and valleys in the area. You will see up to 6 different glaciers on this flight. This is truly a trip of a lifetime! $525/guest price includes all taxes and fees

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