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Miller's Landing Campground

Miller's Campground

Miller’s Landing is accessed via Lowell Point Road, a beautiful 2.5 mile dirt road bordered by the mountain and Resurrection Bay.

It’s hard to drive down without spotting Stellar Sea Lion, Sea Otter, Eagles, and more! There are salmon of all species fished for and caught right off the roadway as well, and many areas to pull aside to take a photo along the way.

The dirt road does have it’s drawbacks – the City of Seward manages the maintenance for the road and the residents of Lowell Point, and after a heavy rain the road generally has potholes. It is narrow in some places and driving the road in a motor home can be slow, but many people do it every day in the summer.

The City is generally quick about it’s maintenance, though sometimes it can be a day or so before it is graded – be aware!