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Boat Captain

Fishing and or Water Taxi Operations

Fishing and or Water Taxi Operations

General Description of Duties:

  • Ability to work the entire season from April 1st to September 15th
  • Punctuality, we expect you to arrive 1 hour prior to departure for full-day trips, 45 minutes for taxis and half day trips
  • Boat Maintenance, boats must always be fueled, clean, and left ready to work the next trip
  • Maintenance of fishing equipment and tackle
  • Education and Value, Miller’s Landing wants all staff to go beyond the activity, providing value-changing educational experiences to our customers. We expect you to educate yourself on the local history and natural history you work around. Species of fish, birds, mammals, rules and regulations, facts about gear and vessel
  • Respectful management of all crew members working with you
  • Fish handling, fileting, and identification. You will provide your own foul weather and filet gear commensurate with the industry: commercial-grade rain gear and guide clothing
  • Maintain a clean appearance and comport yourself to a zero-tolerance alcohol and drug policy
  • Be ready to work at a moment’s notice when on call; same-day trips are booked frequently
  • Perform routine oil changes and remain responsible for keeping up with repairs to occupational damage
  • Ability to lift 75-100 lbs safely and routinely
  • Maintain a valid captain license and guide license following all ADFG and USCG regulations
  • Perform daily logs for the vessel and fish retained for NOAA/ADFG
  • Remain on the job until the job is done properly and duties are finished each day
  • Accept responsibility for fishing successes or failures as a guide
  • Maintain a positive demeanor during difficult scenarios with clients, fishing, and weather
  • Learn and reference daily the reservation software and crew manifests in Fareharbor
  • Conserve fuel and engine use whenever possible while operating charters and taxis
  • Err on the side of caution, considering what is best for the business (and clientele) when making decisions on the water
  • Perform routine safety drills, and inspect the vessel thoroughly and test systems, repairing defects
  • Accept responsibility for issues occurring during your operation of the vessel, notifying administration when they occur, and taking immediate steps to fix them
  • Operate vessels at their safest and most efficient speeds whenever possible as set forth by the company
  • Act respectfully as a representative of the company with a positive demeanor whilst on the water or in the community when interacting with other guides/operations/boats
  • Keep a manifest of all passengers dropped off to include float plans, pick-up time and location

Detailed Description of Duties:

Captains are expected to be available and ready to work/depart for the boats on the moorings no less than 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the trip or tour, preferably 1 hour before departure time.

Miller’s Landing has a zero tolerance alcohol and drug policy for captains and deckhands. We expect crew to arrive clear headed and energetic for the days excursion.

Crew are to arrive clean, composed, and dressed for the role.

The vessels operated are expected to always be clean and in working condition: it is the responsibility of the captain to always ensure the vessel is presentable, mechanically sound, and ready for clients. If maintenance work to be done is outside the scope or skill of the skipper, the captain is responsible for arranging the work to be done with qualified team members or area on call technicians with the assistance of management.  If something fails during the course of the trip, the crew are expected to use all resources available fix the issue prior to the next mornings departure.

Captains must be able to work with deckhands with general civility and mutual respect. It is expected that the captain assist them in their duties cleaning fish, and the boat, helping on deck with clients, and maintaining equipment.

Tips are to be appreciated and not expected- Miller’s Landing will not tolerate chasing down clients for tips. Tip jars and tasteful signs are permitted on board.  Tips are expected to be split 50/50 with the deckhand.

Clients are to be treated with respect and patience – not everyone is a mariner or an experienced fisherman and it’s your responsibility to educate yourself about the natural history of the area you work, the fish you are attempting to catch, and the gear you utilize to do so, and be able to share that with the people aboard every day.  You are in charge, there is no reason to be rude, yell at clients, blame them for lack of success, et al.

The season is short and busy, and you are expected to be there for it – you may be scheduled for work the next morning as late as the night before, and while this can ruin tentative plans or cut a night out short, it’s something captains need to understand and accept from the start.

Water taxi captains will be expected to keep the schedule and operate as a tour and not just a transport platform – engaging the clients, and sharing natural history information and information about their destination is part of the position.  You are a tour operator, not a bus driver – take time to learn area facts and details about the flora and fauna you encounter, as well as state and national park rules and expectations.

Captains are expected to operate the vessels in a safe manner compliant with all weather events and published USCG requirements regarding to operation if any.  Gear is to always be secured prior to transit. Client management aboard is clearly crucial, and the captain will make all efforts to minimize client injury. Clients are to remain seated when underway, and hold on when moving about the vessel.

Miller’s Landing currently utilizes a digital scheduling platform called Fareharbor. Crew will be assigned to trips within this system, and you will be provided with a login. You are expected to learn to navigate this software from your phone or tablet, and be able to reference the manifest therein in order to always know you’ve got the right clients and trip plan. While there is a printed schedule for you to take each morning, you are still required to double-check the days work against Fareharbor.

For a more detailed job description please reach out to us at