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Boat rentals FAQ






1. Can I reserve the boat?

All boats are first come first serve, sorry! 

2. Will a cell phone work in the boat?

A cell phone will work in most places in Resurrection Bay - exceptions include Humpy Cove and Thumb Cove, as well as anywhere south of Caine‚Äôs Head (Depending on provider) 

3. Does it come with fuel?

Yes, you're provided with a typical 5 gallon fuel can, more can be purchased for full day excursions.  

4. What kind of fish can I catch?

Depending on the time of year you can catch pelagic and non pelagic rock fishes, halibut, and different species of Salmon - Ask at the camp store for more information.  

5. What happens if I'm overdue?

You fill out a float plan prior to departure which illustrates visibly your intended track around the bay.  If you're overdue and we can't reach you via phone, we send another boat to come looking for you. The float plan is possibly the most important part of your check out process. 

6. Do the skiffs ever break down?

Yes, unfortunately. More often than not this is due to operator error, though sometimes there are unknown or unforeseen mechanical difficulties. This is a prime reason why we need all clients to have a communications device (phone or VHF radio) and a good float plan! 

7. What about Deposits? Surely there's something...

Yes there is - Your time is paid for prior to departure, and your card is kept as a deposit for extra fuel, props, damages and missing gear. Your card is returned - uncharged - pending safe return of the vessel.  Damage incurred from beaching or swamping boats due to ignoring the rules set in place for your own safety can potentially cost a lot! Please follow the rules and be careful!  

8. How many tanks of fuel do I need?

If you're going on a half day rental (4 hours) typically the tank of fuel provided is more than plenty.  If you're going on a full day, and plan on trolling or motoring a lot, we actually require you to bring a 2nd tank. If you don't use it, we won't charge you for it, it's just for your own safety.  If you run out of fuel, it's usually because you went past our published boating limits, which is not only against the rules but incredibly unsafe.  

9. What if I take two tanks of fuel and only use 1/4 of the 2nd tank?

The first tank of fuel is included in cost and no portion of it is refunded. 2nd tank of fuel will be pro-rated to the nearest 1/4 tank of fuel. 

10. How many of these boat rentals do you have?

We typically have 4 boats to rent at any given time.

11. Does tackle come with the pole rentals you have available?

Tackle does not come with the pole rentals, and it can't be rented either, but we do have gear available in the camp store for purchase. 

12. Can I take the boat somewhere else with a larger boat or vehicle?

Nope! Sorry. 

13. Can the boat stay out overnight?

Nope! Sorry.  

14. Can I land the boat and go hiking?  

Nope! Sorry.  

15. Do you have children's life jackets?

Of course!