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The Hook Brings Me Back

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

Millers Landing becomes home away from home to a multitude of folks in search of adventure, year after year many come from near and far to take in the serenity of Lowell Point and beyond. Additionally, Miller’s Landing becomes a fixed home to many during the short season, a few stay all year, but most follow the sun leaving in fall to return in the spring. If you’ve ever been to Miller’s Landing, surely you get it, if you know you know. It’s hard to find words describing the hook that keeps us all coming back, but in an attempt to explain what it is, we asked a few of our returning employees, “What keeps you coming back to Miller’s Landing?” Here’s what they had to say…..


Dez, Deckhand, 3rd year 

“The fishing is nice and different than fishing in Florida. It’s great meeting new people. I love the returning fishermen, some folks come back year after year requesting me and Captain Bill, they feel like friends rather than clients. I’ve been fishing with one kid since he was 12, he already scheduled his trip for next year when he turns 14! I like seeing people form a relationship with the fish and the bay.”

.   .   .

a person standing next to a body of water

Patrick, Grounds Crew, 2nd year

“Coming Back feels magical, Seward is magical, I love Lowell Point. Tom & Chance are fantastic owners, I love working for them, best management ever, they Let me be me and trust me to get my job done.”

.   .   .

Maggie, Reservationists, 2nd Year

“I really enjoy the relaxed environment, the other workers, the perks of the job, and the locals insights.”

.   .   .

a man standing in front of a building

Cole, Welder/Deckhand/Groundscrew, 2nd Year

“I love it here, and I like Seward. When I leave Alaska I have a very strong desire to come back.”

.   .   .

a man standing next to a body of water

Paul, Captain, 6th Year 

“The scenery & the job. I love going out on the boat everyday, working here provides that. I love always having new people to meet and see, there’s enough transient folks that you kinda’ feel like you’re traveling.”

.   .   .

a person sitting on top of a snow covered mountain

Clay, Deckhand, 2nd Year 

“Paul! Just kidding. The love of fishing, I’m going to be a captain! The Miller’s are really good people, they treat me like family.”

.   .   .

Tristan, Reservations, 2nd Year

“The beauty of Resurrection Bay, The included housing, the relaxed atmosphere, the positive work environment, the location, the independence, the likeminded coworkers, the inclusivity of Miller’s Landing and the room for growth.”

.   .   .

a man wearing sunglasses taking a selfie

Josh, Reservations, 5th Year

“Mainly the very unique experiences I can’t get anywhere else. Plus as a bonus, of course, the hiking and scenery and such.”

.   .   .

a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Abby, Kayak Manager, 5th Year

“The simple answer would be I get to fill my afternoons with foraging, hiking, cooking, fires, camping and sleeping.
The more complicated answer is that the work days are often long, but it’s all worth it. This area is beyond beautiful and part of my job is to share it’s secrets to travelers, guides, or others hoping to change their perspective, educate, or even listen while immersed in Alaska’s unique and sadly climate sensitive landscape. Every year I see changing landscapes, people changing, I see values shift, guides grow, friendships form, and others get closer to their life goals. For many, change takes effort, but Miller’s Landing will change you. You may loose balance between risk, predictability, and excitement, which could be seen as necessary. To leave behind comfort allows someone to become stronger, adapt to change, and to begin living not surviving. I hope to see and be apart of the change Miller’s Landing has been striving for.”
.   .   .
a man wearing a hat and a body of water
Tom Miller, Captain, 20th Year

“It’s a legacy.  I’m still not sure if I can give it what it deserves, but I try.  Even when it was offered constantly I didn’t feel worthy of it, and frankly still don’t.  It’s a lot.  It’s amazing, and can even still pop the ceiling on what amazing is.  I had sorta’ worked my way up in a life that really needed to take 1 of about 3 different paths, the Miller’s Landing road had held true the whole time, it felt right, it felt like home, and it had waited for me.  It was easily the hardest and most risky of the choices, but also the safest, somehow, at the same time.  The way that home is safe.  And love, it is my home.  I have the majority of my forming memories picking up rocks at low tide, doing farm stuff with my grand parents, throwing pine cones at squirrels.  Trying to convince my dad that I was up to the bigger boat tasks.  Trying to manage the people and jobs better than my mom.  And familiarity.  Any tree older than 80 years old within two miles I probably have a visual memory around at one time or another.  It’s my home. As much as it’s a family legacy, it’s much more of a general legacy that’s being constantly written.” – Tom

a couple of people standing next to a body of water
Chance Miller, Captain, 38th Year
“Miller’s Landing is more than a business or a place, it’s a feeling and an emotion. It’s been a starting place for so many lives and careers- we don’t just hire locals, in a way we kind of create them. It’s where you can do what you think is right, or what you need to do, and however ridiculous it can sometimes be, it generally seems to work out. I think it inspires creativity, is supportive, full of imagination, and has limitless potential. It’s never taken the path of the blatantly obvious or easy way out. It constantly defies, and somehow it succeeds. I love the people I work with, I love the opportunities it offers my son, even just conceptually, and I am grateful for the chances to fail repeatedly and still be accepted as I learn and grow personally. I also like to guide, go boating, and I like the idea that I’ve helped to pass on the likely incredibly flawed way that I know how to fish to other crew now out there in the world, or even still working for us. I’m incredibly proud of our maritime crew.”
.   .   .
a woman sitting on a bench next to a forest
Sophie, Hospitality Manager, 2nd Year

“I guess it’s my turn. Hi, I’m Sophie, a recovering Vegabond. I never forgot my first season with the Millers, I wanted to recreate the experience. I moved overseas and couldn’t keep the Miller’s legacy out of my mouth. I kept telling friends and family they should go work there, or at the very least visit. I guess maybe I always knew only once wasn’t going to be enough. When I ask myself the big question, ‘why do you come back?’ I guess my answer goes something like this. I’m a close friend and advocate for natural chaos, you know, the chaos that keeps earth spinning, planets rotating, volcanos exploding, weather weathering, water moving, mountains forming, earthquakes quaking, so on and on and on – Much of it disastrous and incomprehensible but all of it supposedly necessary and undeniably awesome at the end of the day – Well, I feel like Miller’s Landing embodies all of that in a business and community. Being a part of it feeds my soul. Plus, Miller’s Landing’s chaos cuddled up alongside Mother Nature’s chaos, well, that pretty much seals the deal for me. The people that show up to take part here are usually complex, interesting, and charismatic. The communal work/life style here inevitably results in getting to know these people in some of their wholeness, beyond ‘coworkers’.  I find that in getting to know these people more fully, I come to know myself more fully, and for me that’s what it’s all about. Beyond magical chaos, I really like the Miller’s, they truly are ‘good people’. I’ve worked enough places around the world where my time felt wasted, utterly wasted. Being that Miller’s Landing truly is a small family owned and operated business, I feel a great deal of pride working alongside these business owners who have 2 feet firmly planted in reality and family values. I enjoy the diversity accepted here, we are all wildly and widely different from one another, but the show goes on because we all somehow manage to get it done together. Sometimes, I can’t believe it, but I guess that’s why I keep comin’ back.”

You might get lucky and come across one of these returning Team Members, if you do, don’t hesitate to tell them how awesome they are, because they truly are! We thank all our first year Team Members, all of our returning Team Members, and all our Team Members from years past that are out there on the loose, no doubt with wild stories from our dwelling.

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