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Taking Your Kids Fishing at Miller’s Landing

While most of the anglers who visit Miller’s Landing are adults, you are welcome to bring your children along and introduce them to fishing during your stay. Fishing is a fantastic and healthy hobby that helps people connect with the natural world, and it gives you a great way to bond with your youngsters while enjoying some of the best scenery on earth. But you can’t just hand your child a rod, point them at the water and expect them to be successful. In fact, you’ll want to help introduce them to the sport so that they can catch a few fish and enjoy themselves – otherwise, they’re likely to find fishing boring and dread future trips. This isn’t exceptionally difficult to do, just follow the tips and tricks listed below: 1. Consider one of our shore-fishing packages when fishing…

Organizing Your Alaskan Fishing Gear: Episode 1 – Pimping Out Your Jig Bucket!

      Organizing your Alaskan Fishing Gear – Episode 1: We get it. It’s a challenge every time! How do you keep all that gear organized? What do you do when a single jig can weigh 3lbs? The hook is the size of your palm, the plastic bait a foot long, and you’ve got…