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alaskan charter

8 Things I Miss about Guiding – OR – Annual Solstice Delirium

176lb halibut and Captain Chance on the bow of the Thomasea Winter is a time to reflect For me this means thinking about being on the water.  “The sun came up upon the left, Out of the sea came he! And he shone bright, and on the right Went down into the sea.” -The Rime…

Organizing Your Alaskan Fishing Gear: Episode 1 – Pimping Out Your Jig Bucket!

      Organizing your Alaskan Fishing Gear – Episode 1: We get it. It’s a challenge every time! How do you keep all that gear organized? What do you do when a single jig can weigh 3lbs? The hook is the size of your palm, the plastic bait a foot long, and you’ve got…