Miller’s Landing at the Minnesota Sportsman’s Show

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Minnesota Sportsman’s Show View this email in your browser Thank you for stopping by our booth at the Minnesota Sportsman’s Show in Saint Paul – our very first trade show! We appreciate your time talking with us, you may have been able to tell but Capt. Chance was…

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What is a Fox Willie?

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        Miller’s Landing welcomes an addition to the crew View this email in your browser We had to do it. Folks, all great things come to an end. Sometimes, that means an amazing opportunity for a new beginning and we think this is one of…

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Becoming A Yoga Teacher


Sweat puddled onto our mats, working out the soreness and stiff muscles from the intense, daily asana sessions that continued weeks on end.  My slick palms and soles dug into my rubber mat as breath surged through my body, reminding me of the sound of revving engines before the start of a nascar race.  That…

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Res Bay’s Greatest Hits


Our Office Manager Elijah loves taking pictures of Resurrection Bay, and it’s amazing how different the view from our office is from day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour! As he is fond of saying- ‘She isn’t known for her subtlety!’   ResBay1 ResBay2 Read More »

Miller’s Landing and the Bearded Beach Boy


IMG_1879.1 It sounds like the title of a Harry Potter novel, but in fact it’s just a poor play on words: Meet J.R, a guy whose real name is like a sealbomb: tossing it out around fish can have shocking results. A local beach fishing addict, J.R…

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scienceafe04dWe do everything at Miller’s Landing: From commercial marine assistance (need a tow? run out of fuel? can’t dock your boat?), freight transport (building a cabin somewhere?), to supporting the local marine science community: we’ll figure out how to apply our resources to your needs. Jen Questel…

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Contemplating Ice


Pederson LagoonYou’re doing it anyway. Even from armchairs and flat screen televisions and behind giant cups of coffee: We live in an age where you’re forced to have an opinion on… well… frozen water. Whatever your stance on climate change, these glaciers are beautiful, and they’re receding, and…

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Resurrection Bay looks different every day!

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Our office manager Elijah Wessel has a habit of photographing Resurrection Bay each day. It’s amazing how different the images are from day to day! Each of the photos was taken from the same spot over the course of the last two years!   aRead More »

Aialik Bay and Northwestern Fjord Are truly incredible places – But don’t take our word for it!

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A fantastic thing has happened in the way of some really great industry feedback lately. The ladies from Alaska Adventure Chicks have written a fantastic account of their day trip to Aialik Bay on the Michael A, and made a pretty fun video to boot! Check it out! Read More »

2015 Kayak & Gear Sales!


It’s time… Buy a kayak! 2015 Necky Kayaks for sale! 2015 Kayak & Gear Sales View this email in your browser We’re a Necky Dealer… But we can offer so much…

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