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Halibut, Pheromones, and COSTCO – OR – Fast Fresh Fish for Families





How to turn Wild Alaskan Halibut into food, using COSTCO

If your go out on a Millers Landing fishing charter, odds are you have a lot of fish.
If you have a lot of fish, you’re probably going to attract a good looking person to share it with.
If you attract a good looking partner, you may have a child.
If you have a child, you probably have very little time, and keep a closer eye on your money.
If you have very little time and keep a close eye on your money, you probably do most of your shopping at COSTCO.
COSTCO, my friends, is amazing.

Organizing Your Alaskan Fishing Gear: Episode 1 – Pimping Out Your Jig Bucket!




Organizing your Alaskan Fishing Gear – Episode 1:

We get it.

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle finds it's home in the Jig Bucket

It’s a challenge every time! How do you keep all that gear organized?

What do you do when a single jig can weigh 3lbs? The hook is the size of your palm, the plastic bait a foot long, and you’ve got a dozen of them made up for that super productive but ultra painful pinnacle the current just rips over?
What about the Salmon Mooching Rigs you spent hours building last winter, or the circle hook leaders and big bait rigs?

The struggle is real. For us and other operators out there,  there are literally hundreds of set ups to crimp, tie, snell, set, and store each season, both beforehand and during the rush.  Equipment has to be organized, clean, accessible, and pre-made as much as possible so that when the fish are biting (and breaking) your rigs, you can get them back on – fast.  There are dozens of proven ways to do this, we’ll share some of ours, as well as some ways we’ve seen it done in our new series: Organizing your Alaskan Fishing Gear.

What to talk about first? What else – The Jig Bucket.

Living The Dream, 100 Days of Summer – OR – A Day in Operating an Alaskan Summer Camp

100 Days of Fishing, Kayaking, Camping, Water Taxis & More

Doesn’t sound so tough, does it? Enter a day in the life of Elijah, Miller’s Landing’s Operations Manager.

Your alarm goes off at 5AM. It might as well be noon, it hasn’t been dark at night for a month.

     Hopefully you got a good night’s sleep because hitting “snooze” is not an option. If you’re late, every single trip of the day will be late also. Get up! Let the dog out for a few minutes and head down the road to open up the office. Hopefully the grounds crew are already there – As you pull up you see Jean and Brad already hard at work, these guys are so dependable.

Fish, Kayak - first you have to wake up!

Fishing? Kayaking? Tours?
First you have to wake up!


     You ready for this? Mornings at Miller’s Landing are no joke! You open the office and start brewing some coffee – by the gallon. Free coffee for over 35 years sets a precedent, you really can’t make it fast enough.  Building a fire in the wood stove is second nature at this point, in moments eager anglers and kayakers are already crowding around with steaming cups of joe, excited for the day’s activities. By 5:30 the rest of the morning staff have arrived, the kayak guides, captains, and deckhands are already on the boats. Sometimes you have to give them a bit of a kick, but they’re pros and quickly get moving once they’re up.

Beautiful Sunrise!

Mornings are beautiful at Miller’s Landing! The sun over Resurrection Bay from the porch of the store shouldn’t be missed!

What is the Best of Alaska Tour? Kayaking, Fishing, Sightseeing in a day!

Miller's Landing has 3 landing crafts for safety, increased opportunity, and redundancy!

What makes the Best of Alaska Tour the “Best of Alaska”?

Fish, Kayak, and Sight See Glaciers - Best of Alaska Tour at Miller's Landing

Our Best of Alaska trip takes you to the glaciers for an ice specific paddle, provides a meal, fishing for 4 hours for rock fish and salmon (in season), and sightseeing to the National Park, all in the same day, in a small group setting. It’s definitely the best deal around!

It’s a bold statement. We get it. “Best of Alaska” is a big thing to claim. Why would we dare?
Well… There are a lot of logistical issues when you plan your trip to Alaska – tons of pros and cons to each decision made. Seward is a really dynamic place with a LOT going on that’s at the top of a lot of traveler’s lists. Planning is a huge issue for most groups and it often feels impossible to make everybody happy.  Sometimes you figure out how to make everyone happy, but then you can’t line out how to actually get them to each activity as they all leave at different times.
The Best of Alaska Tour isn’t just Glacier Kayaking in the National Park, it’s not just a half day fishing charter, and it’s not just a Kenai Fjords Tour through the Chiswells, Aialik or Northwestern. It’s all three, and it’s the answer to a bevy of group travel concerns and issues.

Landing Craft Load up for the National Parks

The Fox Willie and the Michael A, Miller’s Landing’s custom built landing craft, load up the night before with kayaks and gear for a day of adventure!

13 Reasons to consider the Best of Alaska Day Trip

2017 Was an Amazing Season – Thank You!

2017 was FULL of Fishing, Kayaking, Camping and Alaskan Wilderness Adventure!


Now that we’ve slowed down a bit and gotten close to weatherproofing most of our equipment, said goodbye to the last of our summer staff, and had a chance to breathe, it’s time to reflect back on all the excitement the season brought!

We explored, tested, and put into service some amazing new Fishing & Kayaking products and assets this season –
Check them out!

Miller’s Landing History & Lowell Point Activities

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Miller’s Landing at the Minnesota Sportsman’s Show

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What is a Fox Willie?

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Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Sweat puddled onto our mats, working out the soreness and stiff muscles from the intense, daily asana sessions that continued weeks on end.  My slick palms and soles dug into my rubber mat as breath surged through my body, reminding me of the sound of revving engines before the start of a nascar race.  That…