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Seward Airplane Flightseeing Tours

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Bear Glacier Tour
The Aialik Bay Tour
The Wildlife Tour
The Northwestern Glacier Tour
The Prince William Sound Tour
Please Note: These trips run by AA Seward Air Tours.  Any submission through Miller’s Landing is an information request; to get booked in, either give us a call at 907 331 3113 for an availability check, or book directly through the operator by following the booking link on the right of the page!

From the Bear Glacier to Prince William Sound, Fly High Above Seward, Alaska!

With several trips to the Kenai Fjords National Park, AA Seward Air tour can even take you as far as Prince William Sound! Do you want to land on the glacier? See the bears catching Salmon on the river or the Orcas from the sky? Need an Air Taxi to see a property or go to a remote location?. Call and tell us what you’d like to see and we can make it happen.

About AA Seward Air Tours

  • AA Seward Air Tours is a local company two hours south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula.
  • We offer a variety of flightseeing tours and outdoor activities only available by Airplane.
  • Shortly after take off you will be soaring over massive glaciers, buzzing around icebergs the size of buildings, and viewing a variety of Alaskan wildlife from above!
  • With only a few roads and highways, an Air Taxi can help connect Alaska and get you to your next destination on time. Service to multiple locations including Anchorage, Homer and Talkeetna. Ask about our Beach Landings!

  • Come join Pilot Joey Smith and the crew of AA Seward Air Tours, for an adventure of a lifetime!

The Bear Glacier Tour

Bear Glacier is one of the longest glaciers in the Kenai Fjords National Park. Just minutes from the Seward airport, the Bear Glacier Tour is a 30 minute flight. The glacial ice descends in a long sweeping
highway of ice to the sea, then ends at a large glacial vivid blue lake filled with icebergs up to 100 feet high. The lake is separated from the Gulf of Alaska by a long beach where local surfers frolic, as much as frolicking is possible in heavy wetsuits and 50 degree water! The flight tour takes in the landscape all around Bear Glacier then works its way over the edge of the Harding Icefield on its way back to the Seward airport.$129 per person 2 person minimum 

The Aialik Bay Tour 

This tour lasts for 45 minutes and takes you over Bear Glacier to the face of Aialik Glacier, a 600 foot dramatic wall of blue ice that frequently calves and splashes down into the ocean bay. Harbor seals lounge on chunks of ice below us. From there you’ll climb up over four thousand feet to the top of the Harding Icefield, a 40 mile expanse of age old ice and snow that fills the high country like a dammed up reservoir of frigid wilderness solitude. Along the way you’ll see Pederson Glacier and Exit Glacier and jagged ridgelines of the Kenai Mountains on our way back to the Seward airport. $194 per person 2 person minimum 

The Wildlife Tour

The Wildlife Tour is an hour long overflight of several glaciers and the Harding Icefield. Along the way you will almost certainly see harbor seals on ice, mountain goats and bears – sometimes even whales. The hour trip gives the pilot time to scout the animals’ locations and to circle them for pictures. You will see at least Bear Glacier, Aialik Glacier, Pederson Glacier and Exit Glacier.*  $259 per person 2 person minimum 

*Note: animal availability for viewing is subject to Mother Nature and not controllable by the pilot

The Northwestern Glacier Tour 

The Northwestern Glacier Tour is an hour and a half long trip that combines all the shorter tours and extends its reach into the fantastic basin of Harris Bay. This region looks like an enormous amphitheater of ice and snow with 5000 foot high walls lined with hanging glaciers. Plus the presence of Northwestern and Southwestern Glaciers. You’ll fly into the basin at 1000 feet or less and fly along the massive vertical granite walls. You’ll see beautiful beaches, vanishing remnants of melted glaciers, golf course like wilderness terrain and jagged peaks and ridgelines different and uniquely scenic from the rest of the Kenai Fjords National Park. $389 per person 2 person minimum 

Prince William Sound Tour

This tour covers the most scenery and territory. You’ll depart from the Seward airport and spend two hours heading east up the south fork of the Snow River to Nellie Juan Lake and then up to the Sergeant Icefield. Sliding down past massive Chenega Glacier you’ll overfly the village of Chenega Bay which was relocated after the devastation of the 1964 earthquake. You’ll see commercial fishing boats and hatcheries working one of the most productive fishing habitats on the planet. You’ll hear about the intrigue and history of Montague Island and see the entrance to Prince William Sound, pathway of the endless arrivals of oil tankers headed for Valdez. Turning back to the west we’ll cover the glaciers, fjords and Harding Icefield as featured in the other shorter tours. $498 per person 2 person minimum 

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