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This year, gift a Miller's Landing adventure!

Bear Glacier Heli/Kayaking Adventures

4-5 Hour

The most scenic experience in the Kenai Fjords! Enjoy sightseeing as you travel to the Bear Glacier area by helicopter.

Operating June 1st, 2020 to September 15th, 2020.

Kenai Fjords National Park at its most scenic!

Enjoy an Alaska sightseeing tour by helicopter as you travel to the Bear Glacier area. Paddle from our cache located on the ice-filled lake, and listen to the ice crystals releasing compressed air that was trapped due to the weight of snow over time. View the intense blue colored icebergs as they float in the lake, and watch as they sometimes roll due to the melting that occurs.

Spot the harbor seals that are always present as we paddle through the glacial lake on this one-of-a-kind kayaking tour. Bear Glacier is simply one of the most dynamic and interesting areas in the Kenai Fjords National Park. Bear Glacier Lake is the result of Bear Glacier retreating from the terminal moraine which actually was the beach at the ocean. This site is a photographer’s dream! This area is home to some of the largest black bears, goats, harbor seals, wolves, wolverines, and a multitude of other wildlife. This area is also abundant with wildflowers and Alaskan berries.

We enjoy lunch near the glacier depending on the weather at the time.

This lake are is generally cooler than that of Seward and we encourage everyone that visits Bear Glacier to prepare for a cooler, sometimes wet experience.

You experience:

  • Wildlife viewing
  • Unmatched flight seeing opportunities
  • Very flexible schedules for your convenience

4.5 Hr. Bear Glacier Adventure

$600 ea + tax
Morning trip (8 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.)
Afternoon Trip (12:00 p.m. – 5 p.m.)
(two-person min. for a trip)

Bear Glacier Overnight Helicopter-Kayak Camping Trip

Fully guided and outfitted


Trip departs 8 a.m.
$925 ea + tax.
(two-person min. for a trip)

Note! Our Kenai Fjords tour includes heli transport, snacks, lunch, guide, and a small group size (up to six).

Cancellations & Rescheduling