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Employment Opportunities at Millerís Landing

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Kayak Guide/Instructor | Maintenance Man | Deckhand | Outside Person
Housekeeper | Cashier/Customer Service Rep | Reservation Specialist

Millerís Landing is a soft adventure company, specializing in adventures in Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park.

  We provide kayaking rentals, lessons, guided trips; boat rentals; fishing charters; water taxi services to remote kayaking, hiking and camping destinations; and book Kenai Fjords Wildlife and Glacier Tours, horseback riding tours, dog sled tours RV camping and more. We also have an oceanfront campground and cabin rental. There is a campground store/office that sells gifts, snacks, and provides information.
We employ over 32 seasonal employees and 5 permanent employees each year. A variety of fun and challenging jobs are available.

        Miller's Landing is an equal opportunity employer.

   We offer competitive wages throughout the company. Campground and land based positions are paid on an hourly rate with the average work week is 40 hours. Marine positions aboard our fishing and water taxi boats are based on a salary wage plus tips. Most marine schedules are an eight to ten hour day and a rotating five to six day work week. Kayak guides/instructors are paid on a per trip basis.

   Supervisory positions are available to the qualified 2nd year employee. The Alaska tourist season is May through September. In your leisure time there is an amazing variety of outdoor activities to take advantage of including hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife viewing and much more.

  We expect all employees to follow and sign our "grooming and dress code" policy. Certain positions might require a uniform to be worn while on duty. We will provide specific information concerning uniforms when necessary.

   Employee housing is available in the form of tent camping, wall tents, RV camping and Campground style bunkhouse rooms for a reasonable cost. Availability and personal space is limited. Housing policies apply to all occupants. RV and tent campering excludes electricity and water. RV's must be insured. Bathroom, shower, and laundry facilities are located centrally in the campground.  Employees must bring all of their own camping gear, cooking and eating utensils. Housing is available to Miller's Landing employees only, as such visitors are not allowed. Employees should not bring pets, but these have been approved in the past on a case by case basis.

   Affordable housing is difficult to find in Seward, though we encourage people to search for off site lodging - employees are in no way required to stay on the premises. Millerís Landing will provide a tent camping area in "tent city for employees " for $100 per month - whether the employee brings his or her own tent or uses one of our wall tents. We also have shared VERY basic bunkhouse rooms with a community kitchen for $200 a month. Rooms are given out by seniority. Some rooms may have up to 3-4 occupants. All employees must provide their own bedding and camping gear.

  RV/Camper space is available in employee designated locations in the campground for $150 a month. Vehicles must be registered and have recent tags and full insurance. Shower and laundry is available in our campground, and while Miller's Landing does not provide tokens for it's employees to use in these facilities (showers and laundry are paid by token) we subsidize the cost of living accordingly. All employees are responsible for their own meals. Housing is not available to relatives, family or friends in the bunkhouse or tent camping areas.

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Click HERE to see photos of the Bathroom, Shower, and Laundry facility

 Those employees utilizing lodging at Miller's Landing sign agreements stating lodging can be immediately revoked for violating terms and conditions set forth for valid health, safety, and liability concerns, such as and not limited to:

  • Use of drugs or alcohol on site
  • Untoward/distasteful social interactions towards other employees in their living space
  • Failure to maintain the sanitary status of community areas such as kitchen, bathroom, and lounge
  • 10pm "Quiet Time" as is the same for our campground users
  • Bringing guests of any kind not employed by Miller's Landing onto the premises

 We believe that all employees living on the property should feel at safe and comfortable in their lodging situation. Employees thus sign a waiver allowing Miller's Landing to reserve the right to immediately revoke the lodging privileges of any employee working at Miller's Landing for violating these rules in the interest of the mutual benefit of all parties wellbeing and safety.

   Employees are encouraged to experience all of Miller's Landing's activities and all activities/tours that Miller's Landing make reservations for. In your leisure time there is an amazing variety of outdoor activities to take advantage of including hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife viewing and much more.

   The additional benefits are valued over $1500 in free and discounted activities at Miller's landing and with other companies that we take reservations for. Such as kayak lessons, rentals, and or guided trips, water taxi, wildlife and glacier tours of Kenai Fjord National Park and Resurrection Bay, dog sledding, fishing charters and much more. We encourage our team to experience these activities early in the season on their off work time so they may be better educated about the area and what Millerís Landing offers their customers.

Capt. Mike Miller teaching
the new crew proper knots

Capt. Chance Miller teaching
the crew more knots


Kayak Guides, Deckhands and
Captain's Drills in their suits
   Employees are encouraged to bring a cell phone for personal calls and can only be used while off duty. Miller's Landing company phones are not available to employees for personal calls or messages. We have only one pay phone available to our customers.

   Employees will not be able to use the Miller's Landing computers for personal emails. Public e-mail access is available in our campground lodge.
   All employees are subject to policies and procedures set forth by Miller's Landing.

  Some positions may be required to submit to pre-employment and random drug testing. All employees will be required to submit a pre-employment investigation as well as "fitness for duty" evaluations if deemed necessary.

   Miller's Landing employees are expected to participate in zero tolerance for drug and alcohol.

Deckhand Kendall Practicing
man overboard drills with Capt. Chance

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES:  If you would like to be part of the Millerís Landing team, review the types of employment opportunities we typically offer below. When you are ready to apply you must submit our online job application form. After receipt we will arrange for an in-person interview where appropriate and/or a phone interview, if necessary.