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This year, gift a Miller's Landing adventure!

Winter Resurrection Bay Water Taxi

Round Trip

Person - Round Trip 4 fare minimum
Additional Person over 4 pax

Water taxi on the Michael A to various locations in Resurrection Bay. Winter taxis run from 09/15-04/15.

Winter Resurrection Bay Water Taxi 

Get dropped off within Resurrection Bay for a winter adventure!  Water Taxis over the winter are $125/person round trip, with a 4 fare minimum.  If you have more than 4 people in your party, additional guests will be charged at $100/person for the round trip.  Please give us a call to get booked in!  Schedule below; check in time is 30 minutes prior to 11:30am departure.

Departure of Harbor: 11:30

Thumb Cove 12:00
Humpy Cove 12:15
Kayaker’s Cove 12:30
Fox Island Spit 12:45
Caines Head: 1:10
Callisto Cabin / Derby Cabin: 1:25
Tonsina Beach: 1:35

Return to harbor: 2:00

Please be aware that the marine weather in Resurrection Bay can be highly variable over the winter!  All parties are encouraged to pack emergency food and fuel, and in containers light enough for an individual to carry (don’t overload coolers, action packers, duffels – slips trips and falls are likely during storm surge loading when moving heavy equipment). Good communication and a plan to remain on site for additional time, or cancel the departure of the trip altogether due to a foul long term forecast is expected for every winter water taxi client.


East side of the bay – Thumb Cove, Humpy Cove, Kayaker’s Cove, and Fox Island Spit will only be serviced after guests acknowledge they understand the weather concerns for their booking, which is as follows:
  If there is a surge on the beaches due to an offshore storm, it is entirely possible that we will have to delay or cancel pick ups until the surge subsides.  In most of these locations, there is limited cellular phone service if any, no line of sight for clear VHF communication from a hand held, and as such a “Spot Beacon”, “Garmin In-Reach”, or other satellite communicator is encouraged.  Additionally, these areas are protected in general from the fetch of the bay – it may appear calm in the immediate vicinity, but prove challenging or impossible to actually reach that area due to weather outside of your view from the shoreline.


West side of the bay – Caines Head, Derby Cove, Callisto Cabin, and Tonsina Beach will only be serviced after guests acknowledge they understand the weather concerns for their booking, which is as follows:
  If the weather forecast is greater than North 15 Seas 3 we will not be servicing these areas at all. Weather can delay a pick up, or cancel it entirely; cell phones will have generally have service at all of these locations, but you should be be fully prepared to hike out.

Cancellations & Rescheduling