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One of our most popular services at Miller’s Landing is our water taxi. Water taxis are inexpensive, and are a great way to go camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking or sightseeing to remote areas only accessible by water. 

Water taxi in Seward

Seward: Miller's Landing: "Competent and safe" 

Date: August 14, 2003
Reviewer: A TripAdvisor User, Seward AK 

I haven't stayed at their cabins, though they seem comfortable, but I have used their water taxi extensively for two summers to get to an archaeological excavation in Kenai Fjords National Park. The captain of the Michael A (a water taxi) Sherri Miller, has a nice, calm demeanor, and her competence is obvious after five minutes on the water. No machismo, no bluster, just a sense of the water and the limits of her boat and what conditions are safe. She knows when to turn around.

She keeps track of all the details and is genuinely concerned for the her clients, especially if weather has prevented her from picking them up at the anticipated time. She is thorough and helpful.

This review is the opinion of a TripAdvisor user and not of TripAdvisor, Inc
We offer water taxi service to all points in Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park using large safe boats with enclosed cabins and U.S. Coast Guard licensed operators. Our vessels have heated cabins and plenty of room to haul kayaks, camping gear, mountain bikes and backpacks and can take up to 16 passengers at one time. We also occasionally use a big open skiff for short runs. Miller’s Landing staff can assist you in planning the ideal water taxi destination for your group.

All trips originate at Miller’s Landing on Lowell Point. Pets are welcome at no additional charge. We can drop you off almost anywhere, at hiking trail heads, camping spots, fishing streams, State or National Park cabins, good kayaking areas, and pick you up at a prearranged location and time. 

You can stay one or two hours, all day, overnight, or several days. We have single and double kayaks available to rent and can arrange a special guided kayaking trip custom designed for your group, to a water taxi destination of your choice. Round trip water taxi to most points within Resurrection Bay runs from $35 to $75. 











These are some of our most popular destinations, with descriptions of the area:   State Park CabinsCaine's HeadKenai Fjords National ParkFox Island SpitKayaker's CoveTonsina Beach

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Water Taxi Tours: Half Day Sightseeing or Ultimate Ride Along Tour

Why choose Miller's Landing Water Taxis?

  • Miller's Landing owns and operates three water taxi vessels, making it possible to transport you to the most beautiful pristine kayaking, hiking and camping spots... filled with wildlife and beautiful scenery! Our water taxi landing crafts are brand new, custom designed and five star rated for safety.
  • They are heated, comfortable, and have music! They are hands down the very nicest water taxis in all of Seward, maybe even all of Alaska! One vessel is a custom designed 24 passenger vessel built by Kvichak Marine in Seattle. Another is a custom designed vessel built by Munson. Our smaller six passenger skiff is also sometimes used when the other taxies are unavailable to prevent you from being delayed and getting everyone where they want to go on time!
  • There are no hidden charges for water taxis. We do charge State Park Fees where required and 3% Sales Tax.
  • As a result, we are able to offer our guests better prices, passing the savings on to you. We are often able to match best prices for any comparable tour. We offer custom tours if you ask and discounted group rates.
  • We offer free parking for our guests here at Miller's Landing while you are out and about.
  • Unlike other water taxi services, we have several boats going out all day long, offering you the most flexibility with your departure and return times.
  • We are a family run business and Alaskan homesteaders. We have been in business far longer than any other company, since 1983, and our family of captains are undeniably the most experienced operators in the area running watertaxi's in this regard. When it comes to getting people on to and off of the beach - we've got you covered.


Miller's Landing Watertaxi is also available to do all types of custom work - from safely transporting film crews to performing weddings to commercial marine assistance of all types.  

We've been hired to salvage disabled/sunken/beached vessels, officiate weddings, perform wet launches for kayaking expeditions, assist cargo transport for remote lodging, perform marine science, and even transport miners and equipment.  

If you have a custom need, we can likely work with you to reach your goals safely and effectively.  You would be amazed at what we're capable of accomplishing!