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This year, gift a Miller's Landing adventure!

Exclusive Overnight Best of Alaska: Fish, Sightsee, and Kayak in the Kenai Fjords National Park

  • Best of Alaska Overnight Trip!
Exclusive - Whole Boat (up to 6 passengers) Only available when boat is totally open
Exclusive - Whole Boat (up to 14 passengers) Only available when boat is totally open

The best Alaska has to offer in a two day one night experience! Kayak by glaciers, Fish, Camp and Sightsee - Exclusive for groups only!

Exclusive Overnight Aialik Bay Combo: Fish, Sightsee, Kayak and Camp!

Want to do a little of the best Alaska has to offer on an overnight experience? Travelling with children or the less physically able and still want to kayak and camp?

We have designed an overnight kayaking experience including glacier paddling, fishing, and camping (or glamping!) with your schedule, family, tour group and children in mind.  These 2 day 1 night tours are entirely catered to you and your needs, and feature a dedicated vessel exclusively for your group for the entire first day of the trip when the boat is in the Kenai Fjords National Park. Overnight back in Resurrection Bay, where our water taxi vessels can respond swiftly to any unforeseen scenario. If you wanted to have an overnight wilderness experience but are traveling with children, grandparents, are catching a cruise ship in the morning, or are generally needing unparalleled flexibility, this trip has been specifically built for you.

Camping in the Fjords comes with risks: A family unit with children and grandparents aren’t always a good fit for the extremities of the national park – these leave no trace wilderness areas are 2 hours from Seward in a fast boat, meaning emergency response in a perfect scenario has you 4 hours from home from the time of departure. Further, day trips and overnights are usually big days full of paddling and exploring in a myriad of weather conditions and sea states. Exposure to the Gulf of Alaska during access and return can mean delays or even cancellations for scheduled pick ups due to extreme weather events, which can and do come up unannounced.  We built this trip to mitigate those hazards, and to allow interested parties to have their cake and eat it too. During your first day, your group will have exclusive use of the boat, with the full attention of the captain, deckhand, and kayak guide. We can work with any interest or lack of interest your team has for any facet of the tour.  At the end of the experience, we bring you back to Resurrection Bay, where weather won’t be an issue with your pick up the next day, and emergency response is much, much faster.

Take our full-day fishing charter and water taxi boats out to Aialik Bay or Northwestern Fjord (captain’s choice!) for four hours of fully guided paddling in front of the calving tidewater glaciers at Aialik or Holgate. After your pick-up, the crew will zip you out to the fishing grounds to target silver salmon (when in season) and rockfish!
Parties 6 or fewer can opt to stay in the Humpy Cove Cabin (when available) for a night of glamping in style (included in price) or can opt to stay at Fox Island Spit.
Parties larger than 6 (max size 14) or those just wishing to camp will be dropped at Fox Island Spit to set up tents, enjoy a camp fire, and the gorgeous pillow basalt cliffs of the Resurrection Peninsula!
Wake up, breakfast, break camp, and explore Humpy and Thumb coves in your sea kayaks. A scheduled water taxi will pick you up at set times between 11 and 3PM (arranged at the time of booking to fit your day the best) and have you back to Miller’s Landing by 3:30.

This tour has been specifically designed to address those groups traveling on a tight schedule, with children, or people who are less physically capable. Exclusive use of our custom built landing craft/boat allows us to design any portion of the trip through the fjords to be longer or shorter as needed, without needing to consider the timelines of unrelated parties.  A fully crewed custom built landing craft outfitted with fishing gear, kayaks, and kayak guides will be standing by the entire time the group is in the fjords, allowing for parties to stay aboard during the kayaking portion of the trip if they aren’t up to or are too young to paddle. Our boats drop off as close to the glacial action as is reasonable, allowing for the entire paddling experience to be in the best place right from the start.  The dedication of the boat adds an unparalleled safety net for paddlers in general, but specifically allows families with younger children to participate on a trip that would otherwise be untenable for youngsters. Additionally, by doing our overnight portion in Resurrection Bay, you get the benefit of being in a gorgeous remote setting without having to risk weather coming up and delaying your return trip, or being outside of the speedy response of a water taxi in case of an emergency with the kids. Our marine facility doesn’t close until 11pm and is open again at 5:30am, providing a phenomenal window of risk management coverage for your group.  We have never had to cancel or delay a pick up during our main operating season from the locations in Resurrection Bay you’ll be staying in – your schedule is secure.

Want to spend more time looking for a puffin or a sea lion? Just ask. Someone totally over sea kayaking? The boat is standing by for the call to scoop them up. Want to set up that perfect photo, spend more time fishing, or paddling? We’ve got you covered.
All meals tackle, kayaking gear, camping equipment etc. are provided – dress in layers and bring the camera!
Due to the exclusive nature of this trip, it is only available when there aren’t any existing bookings on our marine platforms. Please call if you are having trouble finding dates that work for you!

Overnight Kenai Fjords National Park Sightseeing, Fishing, Kayaking & Camping Tour Features

  • Each trip includes approximately four hours of sightseeing on the water taxi (two-hour ride in and two-hour ride out)
  • Each trip includes exclusive use of the boat, guides, and kayaks for each part of the trip.
  • Approximately four hours of paddling with glaciers in the National Park
  • Approximately four hours of fishing for the target species before returning to the dock – we will filet your catch on board and transport your fish to the processor for you (processing cost not included in price).
  • Overnight at Humpy Cove Cabin or Fox Island Spit (depending on group size and desires)
  • All bookings 100% exclusive to your party – no other groups will be booked during your experience
  • All facets of this trip are aided by one of our custom built landing craft, dedicated to the marine transport of your group entirely. During the overnight portion of the trip, a boat capable of picking your group up from the beach is within a 35-40 minute response time to the remote location you’re camping at.

Please note: No halibut may be targeted or retained on these trips.

Come fishing and kayaking with us for the best of both experiences in a fun-filled day! Enjoy a four-hour paddle in Aialik Bay at one of the two amazing tidewater glaciers, and four hours of sport fishing on the way home for salmon and rockfish. If you’ve only got one day to spend in Seward and want to do it up, this is the trip for you!

Our custom built boats make this a possibility – able to land on remote beaches as well as allowing us to store the our kayaks above the cabin and open up the deck for fishing!

The Aialik Bay area is located within the Kenai Fjords National Park – group sizes are limited to six kayakers per guide, with a total group size in the park not exceeding 14 total persons. Visitors must adhere to Leave No Trace wilderness ethics.  Aialik is home to three large glaciers accessible by kayak: Aialik being the largest, Holgate the second largest, and Pedersen the third largest (and a piedmont glacier).  Trips occasionally visit Northwestern Fjord as well – a stunning remote glacier filled area. The region is rife with wildlife of all kinds – it is common to see black bears, harbor seals, whales, sea otter, porpoise, and so much more while in the kayak or on the boat ride in and out.

Overnight back in Resurrection Bay at the Humpy Cove Cabin (smaller groups) or Fox Island Spit – enjoy the security of a prompt safety net: If the worst happens, our boats are 35-40 minutes from picking you up and getting you home safely, and operate between 5:30am and 11pm daily. The risks associated with staying the night in the national park are hugely mitigated, and the views of the Resurrection Peninsula are stunning for the night of camping and kayaking the next day.

Fun-Filled Alaska Fishing & Kayaking Adventure

  • No experience necessary: Fishing tutorial, tackle, bait, fish cleaning, and guide, all kayaking equipment, camping gear, and meals provided.  Dress in layers!
  • We depart Miller’s Landing at 6 a.m., fully loaded with kayaks and bait! Keep a lookout for whales, porpoise, sea lions, and more as we ride. Need a later departure? You’ve got the exclusive use of the boat, just let us know at the time of booking and we can arrange that!
  • The Thomas Sea or the Fox Willie ventures two hours to Aialik Bay arriving around 8 – 8:30 a.m., where the Captain and kayak guide determine the best kayaking destination, dropping you at Northwestern Fjord, Holgate, Aialik, or if the tide is just right, Pedersen Lagoon.  We kayak with ice floes and you can watch actively calving tidewater glaciers – the boat will be standing by! Guests not wanting to kayak may stay aboard, and view the calving glaciers from the boat.
  • After the kayak, we’re back on the boat and generally having worked up appetites lunch is offered to the group while the captain navigates through the often ice-filled fjords toward the fishing grounds.
  • Fish until 4-4:30 p.m. Catch fresh, wild Alaskan fish, like silver salmon (in season ~June 20 – Sept. 5, limit six per person in the bay, three outside the bay), black bass, yellow eye, and sometimes ling cod (after July 1, limit one per person and over 35″). Rockfish limits are four per person, one can be a yellow eye! Around 4 p.m., the captain calls for lines up, and we return back to Resurrection Bay. Note: We do not target or retain halibut on the fishing portion of these tours. The crew will filet your catch and allow you to pose for photos, have you fill out fish transport forms, and drop you, kayaks, gear and guides off at Fox Island Spit or the Humpy Cove Cabins for the night! The captain and deckhand will see to it your fish is dropped at one of the processors in town for vacuum sealing or flash freezing – processing is not included in the price of the tour.
  • Trips will drop off for the camping portion of the trip by 4:30-5:30. depending on weather and fishing success.
  • Set up camp/cabin, explore the beaches, and enjoy dinner and a fire! The next morning, rise to fix breakfast, break camp, and begin another day of exploring the area in sea kayaks!
  • Pick up will be in Resurrection Bay at Humpy Cove, Thumb Cove, or Fox Island Spit depending on trip plan and needs of group. We can schedule your return to Miller’s Landing as early as 11:30 or as late as 3:30 on the second day.
  • Each trip includes approximately four hours of sightseeing on the water taxi ride in and out
  • Approximately four hours of paddling with glaciers in the National Park  and another full day in Resurrection Bay the second day, built entirely around the groups desires and needs
  • Approximately four hours of fishing for the target species in season.
  • Exclusive bookings include the entire boat, regardless of your group size! Book the 6 person option for 1-6 people, or the 14 person option for 7-14 people. On exclusive charter bookings we may be able to arrange to leave at a later time, return earlier, or put preference on fishing or kayaking depending on your groups needs and desires.
  • Check out our blog about the Best of Alaska by clicking here!

*Fishing licenses are not provided but can be purchased online or at the Miller’s Landing Store prior to departure or even days before the trip. While we do hang your catch for photos back home and filet as part of the trip, we do not have a fish freezing and packaging facility on site – there are a few excellent options in town to pack your fish for shipment either via plane or FedEx – just check out our page on processing fish here!

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