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  • Best Resurrection Bay Paddle!

Full Day Across Resurrection Bay

Quick Details


Kayak the Best Parts of Resurrection Bay!

On this paddle, your guide will choose your route. From secluded coves to stunning the Fox Island, many guides count this kayak trip as their favorite in Resurrection Bay. Start by taking a water taxi ride from Miller’s Landing across the bay, and enjoy flat waters and gentle winds that make this a relaxing all-day trip. Plan to see anything from alpine glaciers, marine wildlife, lagoons, waterfalls, rock gardens and beautiful rocky beaches on this kayaking excursion from Seward.

The Locations

Humpy Cove

This is where the trip will begin, located closer to the mouth of Resurrection Bay, Humpy Cove is truly unique from cliffs that become coated in waterfalls in the rain and crystal clear water, to rock gardens and migrating sea jellies looking for their next snack. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in Humpy Cove scouring the cliffs in search of sea urchins or paddling under a waterfall after a good rain.

Fox Island

Fox Island is one of three barrier islands in Resurrection Bay. It has everything: temperate rain forest, sculpted cliffs, sea stacks, and a long pebbled spit. If you find yourself kayaking along Fox Island, keep your eyes peeled for adorable river otters, oystercatchers protecting their nests or sea lions. Be sure to ask about the Island’s unique history!

Thumb Cove

This cove is sheltered from the wind and waves and braced by three gorgeous Alpine Glaciers, hanging in the mountains. Bald eagles, sea lions, and sea otters hunt prey; experience berry picking in the fall and more! This is a great introductory kayaking location with the benefit of sightseeing and getting away from the wind and chop — it’s generally very calm!

Why let the guide choose?

This trip has two potential plans: the first trip is between Fox Island and Humpy cove and the other is between Humpy Cove to Thumb Cove. Depending on the weather, tides, season, or recent wildlife activity, each destination has time to shine. We have our guides choose the plan to help ensure the best experience for this all-day trip.

Meeting Time
Ending Time
Meeting Place
7 am and 11 am
Plan to arrive at 7 or 11 am to check in, pack up, and meet your guide. The taxi will depart at 7:30 or 11:30 sharp to the other side of the bay.
7 am Trip: Expect to be back at Miller’s landing between 12:45 and 1:30 pm
11 am Trip: Expect to be back at Millers Landing between 4:45 and 5 pm
Meet at the main office, 13880 Beach Drive Seward, AK. Check in early to meet your guide and even enjoy a cup of coffee on our porch that overlooks the water
Age Requirements
What to Bring
We require a minimum age of 12 years old to take this trip This kayak trip takes place on calm waters in a protected bay, so it’s good for newer paddlers, be ready spend 4 hours on the water paddling Warm synthetic/wool layers
Rain gear
Water bottle

More Information

  • The price includes approximately one hour of water taxi time watching for wildlife!
  • On this trip, you will either see Thumb Cove or Fox Island
  • Visit calm, serene, pristine emerald-green coves protected from the wind. This is a great trip for beginner paddlers who want extra time on the water
  • All kayaking gear and instructions provided
  • Gratuities are not included in the original sale price. A suggested 20% guide tip is greatly appreciated! (Suggested tip $15 to $25/person)
  • Please note: All participants paddle tandem kayaks. This paddle is appropriate for children aged 12 and over. This paddle is approximately three and a half to four hours in length.

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