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Seward Hiking Trails

Miller’s Landing offers both guided and self-guided hikes. Check out our Trail Maps for some ideas on self- guided hikes.

Guided Hikes

Miller’s Landing has some great hiking areas for you to explore. The Caines Head 5 Mile Coastal Trail has been listed as one of the top ten hikes in Alaska and begins right next to Miller’s Landing.

Caines Head Costal Trail, hike what Backpacker Magazine has ranked one of the top ten costal hiking trails in North America. The trail starts just west of Miller’s. This tide-dependent walk follows the inter-tidal coastline to Caine’s Head State Marine Park where there’s plenty of trails, to South Beach, through the fort & around the area.

Once at Caines Head there are more trails and Fort McGilvray to explore. The fort was the strategic command center during World War II, use your headlamp or flash light to explore the underground maze of passages and rooms. You can also take the water taxi to Caine’s Head and just explore the hike up to the top to see Fort McGilvary and then back down to the south beach there for beachcombing.

Tonsina Beach is a good hike (3 miles round trip). There is a big beach there for beachcombing and a salmon stream. The trail there also starts near Miller’s Landing. Many people go there to watch the salmon spawn in the streams. Some go there to get a limit of salmon in the salt water (salmon are protected in Alaska in the streams in our areas because it’s their spawning grounds). It is an easy place to get a limit of salmon!

Thumb Cove is across the bay. You have to take the Miller’s Landing water taxi to get there. There are miles of beaches to explore, a salmon stream, great salmon fishing for pinks and chum salmon, and good berry picking too (in season).

Self-Guided Hikes on Seward Area Trails

View all our trails maps to navigate the area of Miller’s Landing and beyond.

Exit Glacier Trail you can walk to the face of the glacier or up to an overview of the glacier, a 2 to 4 mile round trip. The trails meander by the glacier run-off streams and are still a work in progress in places. Seward Highway Mile 3, then 8 miles up the road to the parking lot. First Lake/Two Lakes TrailFirst Lake is located behind AVTEC on 2nd Ave, access is thru the school parking lot. There is a trail around the lake that meanders to another Lake up higher then down the other side of First Lake, a fun hike. This is a salmon spawning lake, during the runs you can watch the salmon fighting up the creek to the lake. There’s a picnic area with tables (bring lunch) and a creek that feeds the lake. Iditarod Memorial & Waterfront Trail Founder’s Park – on east end of Railroad – is the start of this waterfront trail. The trail meanders from downtown thru the harbor area, around the Lagoon. This part of the trail is paved & you’ll share it with the bike traffic. You can continue (not well marked) north 1½ miles on Seward Highway to Nash Road & the original Iditarod Trail. The Iditarod Trail (original serum run) starts on north side of mile 2 Nash Road (look to the north of the road: there’s a monument at the trailhead). This goes 4 miles to Bear Lake, from there it’s being re-established – will eventually go to Girdwood! Lost Lake Trail The Lost Lake Trail: An excellent hike with beautiful scenery. Fish in the backcountry or camp off the trail near Lost Lake. In the winter the alpine area is an excellent place to ski, snowboard, or snowmobile.

Seward Highway Mile 5 at Lost Lake subdivision – up gravel road follow signs to parking. There is no trailhead yet. Other end of this trail is the Primrose Trail, access at Seward Highway Mile 17 – campground is 1.5 miles in. 5 to 7 hours from subdivision. Mount Marathon Race Trail or Jeep Trail The Race trail starts at the west end of Jefferson Street, loops up and around at the 3000 foot level and joins the trail to end where you started. Very steep, don’t stray off the trail, the pay-off is a stunning view of Resurrection Bay.  The Jeep trail is a little easier hike with access to alpine meadows & waterfalls up the northwest flank of Mount Marathon. The trail starts from 2nd Ave at Monroe and climbs up and around the mountain through some thick vegetation, then above tree-line & fantastic vistas. Further north are many short and long trails.