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King Salmon Charter

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King Salmon Charter

Rates for King Salmon Fishing for 2016 is $300, tax and fees included 

*Must also have a King Salmon Stamp

$3.50 per person port fee charged (non taxable)

7% sales tax


• 53' Boat  

• Experienced Captain 
• Kings are our specialty    
• 4 person minimum to go

    (*email us if you need help making a party of 4)
    * Additional fees may include 7% tax, $3.50 port fee

       and fuel surcharges

The Captain of the "Florette C" is Dianne M. Dubuc, lifelong Alaskan and licensed USCG master. Diane is well known in the Seward area for her uncanny talent in catching King Salmon and Silvers. She does not fish for anything else, and fishes for Kings year round. You will not find a better Captain for this fishery…! 

Dianne has extensive experience in many of Alaska's maritime trades including 9 years spent plying Alaska's waters as a Merchant Marine. She has just upgraded her Standards for Training, Certification, and Watch Keeping endorsement as required by the US Coast Guard for high tonnage licenses.The STCW is an international convention designed to insure that mariners holding this rating practice the highest safety standards. She has fished commercially for halibut, bottom fish and ran the “Florette C.” as a commercial salmon troll vessel before shifting her focus to Sportfishing and starting her own charter business. 

Dianne helped pioneer the feeder king fishery in Homer and now has single-handedly used her extensive knowledge to develop a viable feeder fishery in Resurrection Bay. She is also a key member of the Fish Advisory Board for our area. Dianne loves nothing more than seeing her guests enjoy the feel of a king on the end of their rod and she will give 100% to see that her guests have the best possible experience on the absolute best vessel in the fleet. She loves catching fish more than her guests!     

The vessel you will be fishing on is the F/V Florette C., a 53' x 17' professional salmon trolling vessel with spacious accommodations for up to six passengers. The Florette C. utilizes state-of-the-art fish finding and navigational equipment:

     • American Pioneer sonar & bottom sounders
     • Nobletec electronic plotting chart system with Northstar GPS
     • Furuno 7040D 48 mile ranger radar
     • A wide assortment of VHF, CB, & SSB radios
     • Furuno weather fax 

     Our safety gear far exceeds charter industry standards. Upkeep of the Florette C. is continuous and the vessel is exceptionally clean and attractive throughout. We have a full bathroom and laundry facilities. The vessel is well insulated & our guests stay comfortably warm.
      The "Florette C" offers top-of-the-line custom, hand-built rods and tournament grade tackle for our guests. Fish are bled as soon as they are caught and immediately placed in slush ice to preserve their fine quality. Dianne provides free fish cleaning. Fish packaging and freezing is available from nearby businesses. For your convenience, hunting licenses, Sportfishing licenses and king salmon stamps are available for purchase onboard.


The "Florette C" holds these tournament records:
    1999 ~ First Place - Elk's Winter King Salmon Derby
    1998 ~ Second Place - Anchor Point Saltwater King Salmon
              ~ Third Place in the Silver/King Tournament
     1997 ~ Second & Third place - Silver/King Tournament; 
              ~ 8th place - Winter King Salmon Derby.
     1996 ~ Second and Third - Winter King Salmon Derby 
             ~ Third - Anchor Point Saltwater King Salmon Tournament

      Alaska salmon thrive in the most pristine environment on earth. Your fish leaves the water in prime condition. One of our jobs is to make sure that your fish retains the best possible quality. Capt. Dianne comes from a commercial fishing background. She knows how to handle fish and take pride in the way your fish is treated onboard. She applies stringent quality control standards so your fish will taste super fresh when you enjoy it at home. Following is how her crew handles your fish:

     The first step is to remove the fish from the water gently. Once the fish is landed it is not allowed to hit the deck. Fish flopping on the deck will cause the meat to bruise. They hit the fish on the head to dispatch it quickly. They always lift a fish by the head, never the tail. Lifting or hanging fish by the tail stretches the backbone, breaking blood vessels along the spine and flesh quality is lost. Beware of charter companies that photograph fish hanging by the tail!

     Next, they make a cut in the gills to insure that the fish bleeds out sufficiently when it is put into the circulating saltwater bleed out tank. It is important to get the blood out of a fish as quickly as possible. This is a critical factor as blood can seep into the surrounding tissue and form a bruise that cannot be seen until the salmon is filleted or split. Once the fish is bled, we rinse the gill area once again to remove any excess blood. Your fish is then put into a saltwater slush ice tank to chill rapidly.

     Temperature is the single most important factor affecting the 'keeping' quality of fish. The rate of bacterial growth, and therefore the speed at which fish spoil, depends on temperature. The lower the temperature, the slower the process occurs. The rate of bacterial growth and spoilage can be significantly reduced by keeping fish chilled to temperatures as close to freezing as possible. Chilled sea water (CSW) is a type of cooling system, sometimes referred to as "slush ice,"which uses a mixture of sea water and ice for chilling and holding chilled fish. Our saltwater slush ice chills your fish rapidly to 33 degrees

*Buying Fishing Licenses and King Salmon Stamps Online:
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*Reservations & Refund Policy:  Four person minimum. (*If you have less than four call us because we may already have a few wanting to go…) When you book your charter, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your dates. Full payment is required 30 days before the charter. You may pay with personal check, travelers checks or money orders. We do not take credit cards for this charter. If you should decide to cancel for whatever reason, a refund will only be granted if we can rebook your dates. If your charter is cancelled at the dock due to weather, we will issue a full refund. Or, if you prefer, we will reschedule your trip.

*Buying Fishing Licenses and King Salmon Stamps Online:
Buy your fishing and hunting license online at:

*2016 Fishing Regulations Online - Full Sport Fishing Regulations for State of Alaska
Check out this link:

*2016 Fishing Regulations Online - Sport Fishing Regulations for Seward Area (North Gulf Coast):
Check out this link:



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Cancellation Policy:

  • A $10 cancellation fee is imposed for all reservations cancelled.
  • Cancellations must be received by email only to The cancellation notice date is the date the email was received at  Phone cancellations will not be accepted.
  • Cancellations received by email 30 days prior to the first day of the reservation are charged a $10 cancellation fee and you will receive a refund of 90% of the total amount of the reservation.
  • Cancellations received by email 15 to 29  days prior to the first day of the reservation are charged a $10 cancellation charge and you will receive a 75% refund. of the total amount of the reservation.  
  • Cancellations received by email 14 days to zero days prior to arrival are charged a $10 cancellation fee and you will receive a 50% refund only if we are able to rebook  your camping, cabin, fishing, kayaking, watertaxi, shuttle, lunch, or activity. If we are not able to rebook your reservation then no refunds will be issued and. You must call or e-mail Miller's Landing post date of cancelled stay in order for us to research whether or not your site booked. Sites that were booked of course qualify for the 50% refund, sites that were not unfortunately do not. 
  • In some situations a raincheck worth 75% of your reservation may be issued at the discretion of Miller's Landing management instead of the applicable cancellation charge. If this option appeals to you please suggest this at the time of cancellation. Rainchecks are good for one year and may be used for activities, camping or lodging owned by Miller's Landing or towards the cost of hats, tee shirts, gifts, etc. sold in the Miller's Landing store or items sold online. For items purchased online the customer is expected to pay for the cost of postage. Rainchecks may NOT be transferred to another person.
  • A 100% refund will be issued for any activity that was cancelled due to weather by Miller's Landing. Miller's Landing reserves the right to determine weather cancellations. Rain does not constitute cancellations.

Please note:  Miller's Landing encourages only guaranteed prepaid reservations. Unlike many other states, Alaska has  a very short tourist season which can make it  difficult for us to rebook when we have cancellations without ample notice.  

If you are booking a charter and lodging and your charter , water taxi or kayaking is cancelled due to weather you are still responsible for the lodging or camping reservations and the normal cancellation policy applies. All of our activities are possible during rain, so rain does not constitute a cancellation.  Miller's Landing is not responsible for vehicle break downs, personal emergencies, flight delays,  health issues or other unforeseen hardships.  We will try very hard to work with you but the cancellation policy will need to be applied  if we cannot issue a raincheck or find an alternative solution that appeals to both parties.

Please understand that Miller's Landing also incurs a hefty financial merchant fee from our bank  for the cost of charging your credit card and again for the cost of refunding it, and there is also a cost involved for the time involved in processing and refunding your reservation in employee costs. Our goal when taking your reservation is to have a solid, guaranteed prepaid reservation. We strongly discourage the practice of making reservations without having an airline ticket or making tentative reservations.  Thank you for your understanding.