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Full Day Fishing & Sightseeing Combo

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Full Day Fishing & Sightseeing Combo

Full Day Fish & Sightseeing Combo Charter


suggested tip $29.00 to $43.00/person

Minimum - 4 to go

Full-Day Fishing & Sightseeing  $350/Person 
Wednesday Special Sightseeing + *Salmon & Rockfish  $285/Person 

A Combination Fishing and Sightseeing Charter is often the perfect trip for the family who want to see the Kenai Fjords National Park and do a fishing charter on the same day. We take the best of both trips and package them into one for a memorable Alaskan experience. You’ll have the opportunity to view whales, sea lions, and seabirds up close and at a casual pace on a small personalized tour with a maximum of six passengers aboard. If you have a group larger than 6 we can provide bookings for 43 foot boats taking 12 to 22 passengers. The limited amount of passengers makes for a private and personalized experience for excellent photo opportunities and relaxed fishing.

You’ll appreciate the personalized attention when your Captain stops for photo opportunities and answers your questions about wildlife as we encounter whales, sea lions, bird rookeries, glaciers, and other marine wildlife. Please remember that the fishing time will be cut down considerably on these types of charters due to the traveling time for sightseeing. As a result you should not expect to limit out in fish on the fishing and sightseeing combination charters... But what could be better than making a great day out of doing a little of both?

Sightseeing areas include the Kenai Fjords National Park and Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge area and will cover the same waters for sightseeing that the various Kenai Fjords Tour boats visit on their full day tours. We will go to the Chiswell Islands, famous for the many species of nesting seabirds and the Aialik/Holgate Glacier areas of the majestic Kenai Fjords. On your private cruise, you’ll see active calving glaciers flowing out of the vast Harding Icefield, bird rookeries alive with thousands of migratory waterfowl and beaches covered with barking Stellar sea lions. Whales are almost always seen on this beautiful cruise, as well as seals, Orcas, Dall porpoise, black bear, mountain goats, eagles, and other wildlife. Explore the mystical untouched fjords with awe-inspiring alpine, piedmont, and tidewater glaciers, cascading waterfalls, steep cliffs, tidewater caves and pristine beaches.

Fishing: We will be targeting halibut, ling cod (in season) and black bass or salmon (in season).

Pacific Halibut are the most desired and largest fish of Alaska’s sport fisheries. They are plentiful in our waters throughout our fishing season, May through September. Sport caught halibut usually range from 20 to 50 lbs. , although larger fish are not uncommon. Generally we fish between 100 and 450 feet, with an average of about 300 feet. It takes about an hour and a half to 2 hours to get to the best fishing grounds. We normally drift over our fishing areas and then pull up, move back over them and drift again. Although we do drop anchor sometimes, we don’t believe in anchoring and sitting on one spot all day.

Ling Cod season opens July 1st. Minimum legal size is 35 inches. These fish can grow to over 80 lbs. The limit is one fish per day per person. Lings can be caught at almost any depth but we catch most of them at 15 to 150 feet. Many people prefer the moist, succulent, white meat of ling cod to halibut.

Black Sea Bass are both easy and fun to catch. They are  the most prolific of the rockfish species and are found near shallow rocky areas.  Fishermen are limited to four black bass per day. These fish average about 4 to 5 pounds but range up to 12 pounds. We normally fish for them with medium weight spinning or bait casting gear, using hoochies and herring or shrimp lures. These fish are great fun for young and big kids alike as they hit fast and furious. Sea bass (black bass) are delicious to eat.

Red snapper (Yellow-eye Rockfish) are one of the tastiest fish we have and the limit is one per day. They are generally caught while fishing for halibut and ling cod. As you can see there are a good variety of fish to catch during a halibut charter, and all are delicious to eat.

Silver Salmon start their annual return to their fresh water streams in mid July and August but can be caught in outer coastal waters starting in late June. Silver salmon average 8 to 20 lbs and are a lot of fun to catch. State record is 26lbs. They put up a great fight on medium to light tackle and are exciting and fun to catch.

Depending upon the weather, tides, location, and time of year, we normally fish for salmon in water depths from a few feet near shore to 90 feet of water offshore. Usually “mooching” (drift fishing with bait) will provide the best results. Salmon are aggressive when feeding and provide some fast action. Captain Mike is an avid salmon fisherman with great knowledge and successful fishing techniques that he will share with you. His years of local knowledge of our area give him an edge on finding the right combination of techniques and location for finding salmon and getting them to bite.

*2016 Fishing Regulations Online - Full Sport Fishing Regulations for State of Alaska
Check out this link:


*2016 Fishing Regulations Online - Sport Fishing Regulations for Seward Area (North Gulf Coast):
Check out this link:

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