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Boat Rental





Skiffs are Bare Bones 16' aluminum with 19HP Outboard Motor Klamaths with no house/head. They have bench seats and seating for 4 adults. They come with Flares, First Aid Kit, laminated map of the area, oars, life jackets, flotational seat pads, anchor and landing nets (when available).

In short:

SIZE OF VESSEL: 16 foot skiff
SPEED: 16 Knots
IN CHARGE OF: Self Guided Fishing and Sightseeing Trips

And what can you do with Skiff?

Go Fishing for Salmon, Rockfish, and Halibut! (Licenses for sale in the Miller's camp store) or go on a self led sightseeing tour! There are Sea Lion, Sea Otters, Puffin, Porpoise and Whales seen right in Resurrection Bay!



Skiff Rental & Rates - $150 Deposit 4 Hour 8 Hour
16' Aluminum with 19HP Outboard Motor with full fuel tank $120 $195
Additional Fuel Tanks $35/ea $35/ea




Rentals over 8 hours are an additional $25 per hour, are required to take a 2nd tank of fuel, and must be approved by management!



For frequently asked questions about boat rentals click here.



  • First Come, First Served Basis- NO RESERVATIONS.
  • All Skiffs can be rented as early as 8:00AM and must return by 9:00PM.
  • Rentals are limited in range, and are not allowed for beach landings (except in case of emergency as a last resort only)..
  • No standing in the boat. 
  • No alcohol whatsoever.
  • Pre-departure familiarization of area hazards.
  • No overnight rental.
  • Communication device required (VHF or Cell Phone).
  • You are financially responsible for damage to the boat or the outboard propeller if incurred.  



                                                                                                                                                     Boat rental outer limits


Boat launch   

Boat Launching Guest Walk-In, Includes Parking
We Launch with Tractor $25 $35
You Launch* no charge* $25*
Private Kayak no charge $15

*If you want to launch your boat yourself you need a 4x4 vehicle.

We are NOT launching anything with a double axel (or bigger) trailer, the tractor cannot handle it.