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Miller’s Landing and the Bearded Beach Boy


It sounds like the title of a Harry Potter novel, but in fact it’s just a poor play on words: Meet J.R, a guy whose real name is like a sealbomb: tossing it out around fish can have shocking results. A local beach fishing addict, J.R keeps his finger on the scaley nuances of area action so you don’t have to. He can be found knee deep in south beach plying the water with a swivel and a bare – barbless hook, showing off as he lays in to dolly varden after dolly varden. I’m just left thinking: “What’s wrong with my Mepps?” as I pull sea lettuce off my treble, he chuckles and plays with his food.
Fishing from shore can be rewarding and affordable, a good way to escape seasickness (if you’re inclined), and just plain peaceful. The trick is going with a good guide who cares, and can fit the trip to your goals. J.R. is that guy, just follow the beard.
Come check him out, have a cup of coffee, and try to figure out what’s hiding in that beard (I’m fairly sure it won’t bite, unless that’s where the dollys live, in which case: CHEATER!).

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