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2015 Kayak & Gear Sales!

It’s time… Buy a kayak! 2015 Necky Kayaks for sale!

2015 Kayak & Gear Sales
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We’re a Necky Dealer…

But we can offer so much more than just a kayak!

  Is it time for you to own your own boat? Are return times and rental guidelines not your thing? Well – it’s time to take the plunge.  Buy a new 2015 Necky Kayak now and have it arrive in time for the Summer – orders are being collected and will be submitted on April 15th for a mid May target arrival date.  Any kayak Necky builds we can arrange to be shipped and delivered to Homer or Seward for you. Check it out!

Shipping prices get more reasonable with volume, so order more than one! Want a sporty new Composite Chattham or a workhorse Polymer Looksha T? No big deal! We can get it for you, be it Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, or Plastic, and get it here in time to explore the upcoming gorgeous Alaskan Summer.

We’re selling these boats WAY below the MSRP list prices, and shipping is at cost – we’re not marking anything up. 

Buy a Kayak and gear from Miller’s Landing and get 15% off any water taxi of your choice – including Northwestern Fjord and Aialik Bay taxis!

Getting a double for your family? Let us show them how to get back into that turkey when the smell of those nearby humpback spouts knock you sideways. All kayak purchases come with a 50% off 4 hour Kayak Lesson at Miller’s Landing, we’ll show you how to do it in your gear, the best way there is.

Already own a kayak? Then let us be your outfitter as well – We work closely with NRS – browse their website and build an order, send it to us and let us quote you on a package discount! We can provide huge savings on your entire kit – whether you just want a new paddle or an affordable pack raft or inflatable SUP – YES we can even get you discounts on clearance and sale items!


  The Necky Eliza is an award winning kayak – specially designed for women by women, read the fantastic write up HERE.

 The Necky Chattham comes in a 16′ or 17′ model – nail your rolls and drive ahead of the group with a bit more rocker and a hard chine – these boats fly! Check them out in Polymer, Fiberglass, or even a sleek Carbon Fiber build.

Have you always wanted to live in Outer Space? Unsure of how to put that message forward to your friends and family? These bomber dry suits from NRS are on the sale rack for $539.95 – we can get you one for $439.95! That’s $100 dollars in savings! 

Put the tin foil hat in the trash and Buzz Lightyear like a pro – build your order up with NRS and email us the quote, we’ll show you what we can do to save big across the board!

(You’ll also be waterproof, which is a plus among aliens)

 The Necky Looksha 17 is fantastic combination of Stability, Comfort, Cargo, and Speed.  With the largest hatch openings ever designed by Necky – bring on the kitchen!

  The Necky Looksha T is a workhorse. Replacing the Necky Amaruk, new plastic mixtures and molds put in place Summer 2014 create a hardcore boat capable of hauling it all and taking it all – this boat is finally built to last.

Need a rocket ship to go with that spaceman spiff suit? Check out these 11′ 4″ NRS Inflatable SUP – On clearance with NRS for $950.00, but wouldn’t you rather pay $750.00 and save $200 dollars? I thought so.  With all that savings, you could buy a carbon fiber paddle, or a life jacket, or dinner for your new tall blue alien friend with three arms (Just don’t challenge him to a race).

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