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Kayaking FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions about kayaking trips, kayaking/camping overnight trips, supplies to take/pack

What to Wear:

When traveling around Alaska is best to layer your clothing. Synthetic fabrics or wool are best as they retain warmth when damp and are also breathable. A warm jacket is recommended. If you are traveling with rain gear, bring it along, as well as a cap and sunglasses. You might want to wear water proof hiking boots or rubber boots. An extra pair of socks always comes in handy. Dry bags are available for storing an extra layer, your camera, and binoculars while you are kayaking for a small additional charge.

 How Soon Should I Make Reservations for A Guided Trip?

Expeditions and local accommodations fill fast so reserve now to avoid disappointment! Our adventures can fill up many months in advance, however it is frequently possible to join a trip with just a couple of days notice. Call us at 866-541-5739 or email us at  to check on space.

 Are Gift Certificates Available?

Gift certificates are the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life! If you know a kayaker, outdoor enthusiast, or whale lover, you can give them a gift certificate for any of our expeditions or a specific dollar amount. You can reserve their space, or allow them to call us and make their own choice of dates later.

I am a big person or tall person.  Will I fit in a kayak?  What is the weight limit?

 A tandem (double)  Necky kayak has a maximum capacity of 575-625 lbs.   So if two people weighed 300 lbs they would still not exceed that limit.  The cockpits that one sits in are fairly large as well.  Single kayaks have a smaller weight limit. We have some kayaks that are geared for larger and taller people. 

What About Discounts?

Discounts are often offered for those making reservations online. We do offer discounts to larger groups this can be quoted on a case by case basis. Please send us an email for more information to

What About Payment?

You can pay with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
We will send you a written confirmation either by email or US Postal Service once we have successfully processed your reservation request.

 What Are the Age Limitations?

Kayaking trips are generally for ages 11 to 70 years and no experience is necessary. On custom or private trips we often allow younger aged children. To paddle in a tandem (two-person) kayak a child must be physically fit and weigh about 100 pounds. Smaller children will need to paddle with a parent or much older sibling. Parties that desire to include young children are encouraged to schedule custom trips or to participate in expeditions designed especially with families in mind. Call us and we can help match your group with another of similar interests and ages!

Tell Me About the Release of Liability:

Each participant is required to sign a Release of Liability before being allowed to participate in any trip. This document releases Millerís Landing from liability in the case of accident or injury for any reason. Minors must sign the Release of Liability and have their parents sign the document as well.

In regards to your travel arrangements, we are pleased to provide a water taxi service (included in the cost of your guided trip) to get you get to remote kayaking destinations. Millerís Landing is not responsible for expenses arising from the delay, extension, or cancellation of a trip due to weather, breakdowns, or other causes beyond our control. Millerís Landing strongly recommends trip insurance when taking multi day trips.

Fortunately for everyone, cancellations of a scheduled trip are an extremely rare occurrence. Nevertheless, we must reserve the right to cancel any trip prior to departure for any reason whatsoever, including insufficient sign-up or logistical problems. The refund of all payments received shall release Millerís Landing from any further liability, including expenses incurred by participants in preparation and travel for the trip.

Does Millerís Landing provide Medical Insurance?

Millerís Landing does not provide medical insurance. We advise you to examine your present insurance policy to make certain you possess adequate medical and personal injury coverage for travel in remote areas. All trips are led by guides with first-aid qualifications and communication equipment. However, Millerís Landing assumes no responsibility regarding provision of medical care or evacuation. You will receive a medical questionnaire that must be completed and returned before being allowed to participate in any multi day trip.

What Is the Cancellation /Refund Policy?

The Millerís Landing refund policy must be adhered to as a sizable portion of trip expenses are committed well in advance of scheduled departures. All cancellations must be received in writing, and the refund rates are based on the date of receipt.Please call when you send us your cancellation notice in case it is lost in the mail.

Cancellation Policy:

A $10 cancellation fee is imposed for all reservations cancelled.

Cancellations must be received by email only  to   The cancellation notice date is the date the email was received at   Phone cancellations will not be accepted.

Cancellations received by email  30 days prior to the first day of the reservation are charged a $10 cancellation fee and you will receive a refund of 90% of the total amount of the reservation.

Cancellations received by email 15 to 29  days prior to the first day of the reservation are  charged a $10 cancellation charge and you  will receive a 75% refund. of the total amount of the reservation. 

Cancellations received by email 14 days to zero days prior to arrival are charged a $10 cancellation fee and you will receive a 50% refund only if we are able to rebook  your camping, cabin, fishing, kayaking, watertaxi, shuttle, lunch, or  activity.   If we are not able to rebook your reservation then no refunds will be issued and you will also be charged a $10 cancellation fee to your credit card.

In some situations a raincheck worth 75% of your reservation may be issued at the discretion of Miller's Landing management instead of the applicable cancellation charge.  If this option appeals to you please suggest this at the time of cancellation. . Rainchecks are good for one year and may be used for activites, camping or lodging owned by Miller's Landing or towards the cost of hats, tee shirts, gifts, etc. sold in the Miller's Landing store or items sold online.  For items purchased online the customer is expected to pay for the cost of postage. Rainchecks may NOT be transferred to another person.

A 100% refund will be issued for any activity that was cancelled due to weather by Miller's Landing. Miller's Landing reserves the right to determine weather cancellations. Rain does not constitute cancellations.
Please note:  Miller's Landing encourages only guaranteed prepaid reservations. Unlike many other states, Alaska has  a very short tourist season which can make it  difficult for us to rebook when we have cancellations without ample notice. 

If you are booking a charter and lodging and your charter , water taxi or kayaking is cancelled due to weather you are still responsible for the lodging or camping reservations and the normal cancellation policy applies. All of our activities are possible during rain, so rain does not constitute a cancellation.  Miller's Landing is not responsible for vehicle break downs, personal emergencies, flight delays,  health issues or other unforseen hardships.  We will try very hard to work with you but the cancellation policy will need to be applied  if we cannot issue a raincheck or find an alternative solution that appeals to both parties.

Please understand that Miller's Landing also incurs a hefty financial  merchant fee from our bank  for the cost of charging your credit card and again for the cost of refunding it, and there is also a cost involved for the time involved in processing and refunding your reservation in employee costs. Our goal when taking your reservation is to have a solid, guaranteed prepaid reservation. We strongly discourage the practice of making reservations without having an airline ticket or making tentative reservations.  Thank you for your understanding.

If the lesson, rental or kayak trip is cancelled by Millerís Landing due to weather, the guest has the choice of a full refund or raincheck for another day.

We recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance, available through any travel agent, to protect your vacation investment.

What is provided on a Millerís Landing Guided Kayaking Trip?

Millerís Landing will provide friendly and informative, trained kayak guides and all necessary sea kayak equipment, safety gear, cooking gear, dry bags, utensils, and tents (on multi-day trips). On most multi-day trips we include expertly prepared delicious food for the duration of the tour (except breakfast on the first day) unless you opt to bring your own food and camp gear (for a discounted rate) and do your own cooking.

General Information

Best Kayaking Prices in Seward!
**If you find a better kayaking rate than ours we will match it**

Millerís Landing offers you the sea kayak as an exciting way to discover Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park with its abundant marine wildlife, glaciers and breathtaking beauty.

Our single and double plastic expedition sea kayaks are very stable, comfortable and easy to paddle for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. We will begin tours with basic paddling and safety instruction as needed.

We offer a number of stimulating tours of varying duration and interests from our oceanfront Lowell Point base and other points of departure along the Kenai Fjords coast. Our selection of trips and tours can accommodate nearly any skill level, schedule, and budget. For trip descriptions follow our various links.

Millerís Landing kayak guides pride themselves in providing you with a safe, educational and stimulating trip. In addition to promoting safety, our guides respect our fragile coastal environment by teaching our guests about the areaís wildlife with minimal disturbance and by using low impact camping techniques. Our priorities are to keep you safe on the water, to teach you about local and natural history of the area, and to ensure that you have a fantastic experience on your sea kayak tour.

No matter what your skill level or interests, we will be glad to direct you to the tour that suits your needs. Millerís Landing specializes in educational and fun wildlife and glacier tours in a more remote area than other kayak companies can provide. We use our 32 foot 14-passenger 5-star safety rated water taxi to take you to the destinations that the other companies only go occasionally. We will design adventure learning trips for groups, camps, schools, and families interested in the marine environments of the Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords areas. Custom trips can be tailored to a groupís specific interests and length of time available for the trip.

Safety Policy

As experienced paddlers and a fully insure sea kayaking outfitter with trained licensed guides, we have first hand experience with the risks associated with paddling in the cold waters of Alaska. Together, the water temperature and quickly changing weather patterns create the greatest risk for paddling here, hypothermia. As a result, we are constantly monitoring the weather and sea conditions and changing our trip itinerary as needed to ensure your safety.

Millerís Landing uses only top quality equipment, including plastic single and double expedition sea kayaks with sealed bulkheads and rudders. Equipment for every guided trip includes a wilderness first aid kit, flare/signal kit, VHF/weather radio, tow ropes, extra paddle and clothing, and a bilge pump and paddle float for each boat. Our goal is to be prepared with the proper equipment and a skilled guide with the concern and professionalism to provide you with a safe, informative, and enjoyable sea kayak adventure.

Wilderness Ethics

In addition to safety, we have the added responsibility of taking care of the fragile coastal environment in the mid-coast area. To this end, we teach and emulate the best low impact camping techniques available. We keep our group size small (eight person maximum on multi-day trips) and multiple sites (both public and private) to minimize the impact on the natural environments of our area.

Many of the Millerís Landing kayaking staff have active volunteer roles in land trusts and local environmental organization, which help to educate the public and protect and preserve this special part of the Maine coast. One of our goals is that the fun of a sea kayak tour creates an awareness of the beauty and fragility of our marine environments.

We hope to educate you about the local history and culture and the diversity of the wildlife living here. In addition, we want to help you slow down and reconnect to nature in an environmentally friendly manner through healthy exercise in a beautiful place.

Please treat yourself, and come join Millerís Landing on a rewarding sea kayak adventure in Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park soon!
 Sea Kayaking Overnight Trips Forms and Information
Overnight Trip Forms (MS Word format for printing)
       ē  Health Form
       ē  Customer Contact Form

Overnight Trip Information (MS Word format for printing)
       ē  Bear Safety
       ē  Leave No Trace Procedures/Practices
       ē  Hypothermia
       ē  Wind-Weather-Waves

What should you bring?  Day Trips & Guided Kayak Overnight Trips

For Day Trips
 Dress - 2 or 3 Under-Layers & an Over-Layer
 Sneakers are ok, but rain boots or crocs are better
 Hat for sun cover
 Wind shell
 Fleece top or equivalent (wool sweater)
 Rain gear (hat, jacket, pants)

  Water bottle (full!)
  Waterproof sunscreen
  Chap stick with sunscreen
  Sunglasses with strap
  Favorite high energy snack
  For full day trips, please bring a hearty lunch

Recommended Kayak Day Trips & Guided Overnight Check List
AVOID COTTON. We suggest the following clothing and other items so that you can be safe and comfortable and thoroughly enjoy your sea kayak adventure with us. Anything you need can be rented from nearby outfitters.

For all Kayak Day Trips Additional items for multi-day trips

 Rain boots or crocs
 Hat for sun cover
 Wind shell
 Fleece top or equivalent (wool sweater)
 Rain gear (hat, jacket, pants)
 Paddling jacket or windbreaker
 Quick drying shorts
 T-shirt (synthetic material)
 Bathing suit
 Hat for warmth (fleece or wool)
 Fleece pants
 Polypro long underwear (top and bottom)
 Lightweight polypro/fleece gloves

 Water bottle (full!)
 Waterproof sunscreen
 Chap stick with sunscreen
 Sunglasses with strap
 Favorite high energy snack
 For full day trips, please bring a hearty lunch
(*unless going on our Ultimate Aialik Day Trip, where we will provide the lunch 
and snacks).

  2 pairs polypro or wool socks
  2 pairs polypro long underwear 
               (tops and bottoms)
  Quick dry pants and top

  Small flashlight/headlamp (with extra batteries)
  Personal toiletry items
  Bug repellent

  Dry bags if you have some

Camping Gear:
  Sleeping bag - down or fiberfill, not cotton
  Sleeping pad - 3/4 Thermarestģ recommended

  Binoculars with waterproof storage
  Camera with waterproof storage/batteries
                (or disposable waterproof camera)
  Paddling gloves
  Fanny pack
  Journal, book, pens/pencils
                (in reclosable plastic storage bags)
  Extra reclosable plastic storage bags
             to keep things dry

*NOTE:  All gear for day or overnight trips should fit into circular kayak hatches so bulky gear or backpacks should be avoided as they will not fit into a kayak.

 Required prescription medications and their uses must be noted on the enclosed Registration, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form.  Bring double the amount needed with directions/doses written on an unbreakable, waterproof container.

 You will not need much, if any, money during your trip. We suggest you bring $40-$50 to cover incidental expenses. Tipping guides is customary.  Leave excess cash and valuables at home.

What should you bring?  Self Guided Kayak/Camping/Boating/Fishing Overnight Trips

Recommended for Self Guided kayaking/camping/boating/fishing Overnight Trip Check List

The items in the below list will be helpful in making your camping trip more enjoyable.
For those taking the water taxi: Please have your day pack ready to go, all of your gear packed into dry bags
Please do not pack your gear into your kayak

Camping Gear
 Sleeping bag 
 Foam pad 
 Stove & fuel 
 Cook set
 Fry pan, spatula, spoons
 Plate, cup
 Knife, fork, spoon

 Sneakers or other light shoes for 
            dry land/island exploration
 Footwear that can get wet
 Hiking shoes/boots
 Wool socks
 Cotton socks
 Long pants: cotton/poly or light weight wool
            (no 100% cotton)
 Long underwear
 Hat with brim/visor for sun & rain
 Wool hat
 Light weight wool gloves
 Rain gear: preferably 2-piece jacket & pants
 Wind shell
 Long sleeve shirt
 Wool shirt or sweater
 Swim wear
 Sport sandals/wet shoes
 Biodegradable soap
 Comb or brush
 Toilet paper
Canoe & Repair Gear
 Paddles & spare
 Waterproof box/bag
 Duct tape
 Repair materials (canoe, stove, packs) Canoe or kayak

Pocket Items & Optional Accessories
 Water bottles/canteen
 Insect repellant
 Sunscreen/lip salve
 Camera film/batteries (if appropriate)
 Binoculars with waterproof storage
 Camera with waterproof storage
                (or disposable waterproof camera)
 Field guide
 Fishing gear/license
 First aid kit
 Permits (where necessary)
 Medical needs
 Water filter/purification
 Maps/guidebooks (See Mail Order)

Kayak Accessories
 Spray skirt
 Portage wheels or strap
 Extra foot brace pins
 Paddle keeper 

Optional Items
 Pack Towel (Wet Wipes Work Well)
 Sewing Kit
 Fold Out Camp Chair
 Rubber Boots/Neoprene Booties
 Pogies/Rubber or Neoprene Gloves

*NOTE:  All gear for day or overnight trips should fit into circular kayak hatches so bulky gear or backpacks should be avoided as they will not fit into a kayak.

 Required prescription medications and their uses must be noted on the enclosed Registration, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form.  Bring double the amount needed with directions/doses written on an unbreakable, waterproof container.

 You will not need much, if any, money during your trip. We suggest you bring $40-$50 to cover incidental expenses. Tipping guides is customary.  Leave excess cash and valuables at home.