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Fishing FAQ






1. Does Miller’s Landing clean, freeze, process and ship the fish we catch?

If you are fishing with us we will clean and fillet your fish as part of your fishing charter. We will also provide complimentary fish freezing for one night for our customers. Processing, freezing and shipping can be done at Captain Jack’s or J-Dock in Seward. For more information click here.

2. Where do we go fishing?

If you are on a half day charter you will fish inside of the Resurrection Bay. On our full day charters we go outside of the Bay. The exact spot for fishing is captain’s decision as they are the masters in knowing where the fishes are.

3. Can we catch Halibut on a half day charter?

We don’t target Halibut on a half day charters. Halibut may be caught but are not retained on these charters. If you want to keep a Halibut, please see our Full Day charters.

4. When can Silver Salmon be caught?

The best period for catching Silver Salmon is mid July and August but can also be caught in outer coastal waters starting in late June.

5. Where can I get a fishing licence?

You can get it here in our store.

6. Should I tip?

Tipping isn’t mandatory, but it’s expected. Your captains and deckhands are very grateful for your tips. They indicate a job well done and are an important supplement to daily wages.

We consider that a tip should generally be at least 10% to 15% of the price of your trip.

The Alaskan summer season is short and intense; thank you for supporting our team's hard work!