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Employment at Miller's Landing

Thank you for applying for a position with Miller's Landing. The best time to apply is from November 1st through February.  *We allow through December 31st for returning employees to let us know if they are coming back and then begin to hire new hires afterward.  
A resume is also much appreciated.
Our season is May 15th to September 7th to 15th.  We do hire SOME staff before that or after that and we do allow SOME staff to leave early. We would not be able to consider applications for those not being able to work close to those dates.
We would need you to agree to the following conditions:
  • Working any schedule asked with knowledge that schedules can change at any time for any reason.
  • We do not hire persons who work two positions because our schedules can change.
  • We do not allow time off once the season begins as it is only a 4 month season. If you need time off for traveling, visitors, weddings, etc we would not be able to accommodate those requests.
  • We are not able to house family, friends, pets at Miller's Landing if you work here.
  • We have a limited amount of bunkhouse space and returning employees and employees with seniority are given first preference.  Bunkhouse space is $200 a month.  Bunkhouse rooms have 2 to 3 persons to a room.
  • We do have ample tent camping space for employees at $100 a month. We also have some "wall tents" for full time full season employees and once that runs out you would need to provide your own tent.
  • Miller's Landing does not provide any transportation or food for employees.
  • Employees MUST provide proof of a plane ticket (i.e. a copy of your plane itinerary) by no later than March 15th if hired. Miller's Landing reserves the opportunity to rehire for your position if you have not secured a plane ticket by May 15th and you do not live nearby.
  • The benefits of working at Miller's Landing are the best recreational benefits of anywhere in Alaska.  Our employees get excellent  in depth training for kayaking and deckhanding.  We also provide free fishing charters, free kayaking lessons, guided trips and rentals.  You will be allowed free wildlife and glacier tours, free dog mushing tours, free lodging at a wilderness hostel, and free water taxi services. Sometimes you are eligible for free flightseeing too.
Before filling out an application please agree that you have read the above information.

Thank you for applying!



I have read the above information, and would like to fill out an application