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2017 Was an Amazing Season – Thank You!

Posted on: October 15th, 2017 by Miller's Landing

2017 was FULL of Fishing, Kayaking, Camping and Alaskan Wilderness Adventure!


Now that we’ve slowed down a bit and gotten close to weatherproofing most of our equipment, said goodbye to the last of our summer staff, and had a chance to breathe, it’s time to reflect back on all the excitement the season brought!

We explored, tested, and put into service some amazing new Fishing & Kayaking products and assets this season –
Check them out!

  • Custom Thrasher fishing rods on our fishing boats rocked! At least 50% lighter than our previous gear and just as tough, landing tons of huge fish this season

         We want to thank you for all of your support and patronage this season.
    We are already taking bookings for 2018 and are currently honoring 2017 rates, if there’s any interest in visiting next summer, now is a great time to talk about it and get some plans in at a savings!

    We are looking at starting our Halibut charters as early as April next year, so give us a call!

The Halibut Of the Season Award (we just made up) goes to:

Izzy, the unsuspecting 14 year old girl in the photo, managed the best fishing story of the year with her 240 lb Halibut.  After limiting on both Salmon and Rockfish by 9AM, it was decided to set up on a risky but potentially productive spot for big fish (for reference, the halibut to the left of the big one is 80lbs!)
Izzy stepped inside for a moment, and her rod tripled down behind her in the rod holder. She bolted back to the spot and got to work! The fish ran 5 times before surfacing, running from the just below the boat clear to the bottom effortlessly – we didn’t lay eyes on it until it met the harpoon. It’s a good thing halibut don’t have good hearing, because the stream of expletives from the crew when it was sighted may have scared the fish down for a sixth.
Both her and the halibut fought until the end, and it should be known that there wasn’t a single moment during the endeavor that the young lady complained, raised issue, or asked for help – it was her fish, she earned it, and she fought it fair and square.
When the fish was close, we harpooned and gaffed her, and dispatched her with the bat on board (not Izzy, her halibut). There’s a really important moment where all of this takes place if you don’t shoot your fish, and it all has to happen perfectly. We were ready, and fortunate to pull it all off without issue.
It’s a mystery as to whether or not Izzy will ever fish again, as she may be ruined for life – however, there’s one thing for sure: Miller’s Landing has a special spot in our hearts (and our GPS) for the girl that didn’t give up on truly the fish of a lifetime.
Good Job Izzy!

Sport fishing projects for the long Alaskan winter:

We started pouring our own soft baits! We make ’em out of clay, and then pour a special silicon molding material around them.  it’s allowed us to build some really fun (and productive) stuff and we’re excited to go into the winter with an open mind and plan for more! Check out our fishing gear section on the website for updates and information on our tackle lineup!

We thank you for your business, and we hope to see you again on another fantastic adventure!

Want to visit during 2018? Check out some of the cool stuff to do in Seward!

Lounge near the glaciers in Aialik Bay

Check out the trips to the Kenai Fjords National Park going in 2018! Wildlife and icebergs abound!

Take the new boat for a spin!

There’s nothing else like it! An amazing ride all summer long in all manner of weather – and a productive stable fishing platform!

Book your adventure!

Book a lodging right on the waterfront or in the woods just across the street! Instant access to activities like Kayaking, Hikes, Water Taxi, Fishing Charters, Sightseeing Tours, Dog Sledding, Helicopter & Flightseeing tours, Transportation, and so much more! Contact us and let us help plan your adventure!

Find Amazing Lodging Options!

We are proud to work with the local lodgings to provide the best possible outfit for you or your group – many of our accommodations book exclusively through us, and aren’t available anywhere else! Let us help you find the perfect place to stay during your Alaskan Getaway! Options available at all price points!

Taxi to the Adventure of a lifetime!

We have trips departing daily to all locations! Resurrection Bay & the national Park

Go kayaking!

There are so many fantastic paddling options in the area, from a few hours to overnight excursion.  Whichever tour you desire, know that we can help you find it, outfit it, guide it, or provide local knowledge so you can plan it yourself. Just let us know! We rent boats and provide a plethora of trips to choose from!

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