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Seward Alaska  -  About Miller's Landing

Located in a small secluded community just 2½ miles south of Seward. It has very special unique Alaskan charm, and is truly the “end of the road”- where the road ends and the Kenai Fjords begins. The panoramic view is unsurpassed and includes Resurrection Bay, Mount Alice, and Fox Island. You will be surrounded by the awesome beauty of the ocean and marine wildlife, where eagles soar, salmon are leaping , sea otters play happily, and will be taken in by the friendly Alaskan charm of our small oceanfront community.

Lowell Point is not crowded, nor commercialized, and has all the charm of a quaint Alaskan fishing and kayaking community. It was originally two homesteads; one being the “Miller’s Family homestead”, founded in the territorial days of the 1950’s by the Miller family. Today, the majority of the Miller’s Family homestead remains intact, and with it, the charm of a true Alaskan homesteader’s fishing and kayaking resort on the oceanfront. 

Grandma Penny raised chickens and geese on the homestead’s farm and sold fresh eggs at the campground’s store. Two generations of Alaskan homesteaders are your hosts at Miller’s Landing. Come and experience our Alaskan homestead hospitality. Captain Mike grew up in a family of commercial fishermen. After a flood damaged their home in 1957 the family spent five years on the remote island of LaTouche where he and 5 other children were home schooled by their mother, Penny. Returning to the homestead in the early 60's, they weathered a fire in 1963, losing their home.

In the earthquake of 1964 the rebuilt home survived, but both commercial fishing vessels were a total loss. In the summer of '64 the family started a campground and boat rental business to make ends meet. Though the business was only open for four years, it made such an impression on young Mike that in 1982 he started Miller's Landing.  

Fishing is a labor of love for Mike and today he is considered one of the local experts. Our clients enjoy fishing with Captain Mike while he shows them the waters and land he knows so well. Sherrie (Mike's wife) is also a licensed Captain, and helps out with the water taxi services. 

The Miller's two sons (Chance and Tommy) both grew up on the homestead too, and are also good fishermen. They deckhanded for their father on the charter boats and learned the fishing trade (which is handed down through experience).  Now Captains Mike, Sherry, Tommy, and Chance have a collective expertise that they love to share and pass on to visitors and the community.

At Miller’s Landing, “what you see is what you get” and what you get is truly 100 percent Alaskan.